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September  2020   Issue Vol. 52  No. 9 

Ten Humanoid Robots Likely To Revolutionise The Robotics Industry
Creating a human-like or humanoid robot is difficult because it is quite a complex process. And yet, people continue to develop humanoid robots because these are used in numerous applications such as personal assistance, scientific research, entertainment, hospitals, etc. This article covers ten humanoid robots that would potentially revolutionise the robotics industry

Smart Education To Improve Skillsets Of Students
Smart education is playing an important role in the education sector. It has helped in improving the skillsets of students and made learning more interactive and engaging
Batteries For Powering Sustainable Development
Over the years, lithium-ion (li-ion) rechargeable batteries have become immensely popular, but their production process incurs large carbon footprints. Hence, there is an urgent need to find alternatives to these batteries
Going Into Renewable Energy Era With AI
The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) has helped utilities as well as other energy companies in forecasting renewable energy production and electricity demand. AI also helps in actively delivering infrastructure maintenance and predicting equipment failure. Thus with AI, there has been better integration of large-scale renewable energy systems
AI-Driven Cobots In Logistics And Beyond
With the advancements in technology, traditional robotic systems are now getting replaced by collaborative robots (cobots). Cobots are specifically designed to operate and simultaneously collaborate with human workers safely in the same workspace. These mainly cater to the manufacturing and logistics industries
Do We Need To Worry About Radiation Emitting Devices In Common Use?
Digitalisation of resources has made the use of devices like phones and laptops extremely frequent. However, the excess use of such devices can cause harmful effects since these also emit electromagnetic radiations. So, it’s important for consumers to take necessary steps to ensure that they are not exposed to radiations round the clock
Egg-Based Electronics To Save The Environment
Organic electronic devices have recently attracted great attention because these offer several advantages such as simple device structure, potentially low cost, and low power consumption. Researchers are currently working on egg white to build organic electronics as it is easy to process, readily accessible, and available at a lower cost
Five Mistakes To Avoid When Training Your AI
A sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) system usually follows a two-stage learning mechanism—training and feedback. However, during the process of AI training, one should be aware of the mistakes they might make in order to achieve better performance and accuracy
Digital Transformation: A Must To Be Smart, Smarter, Smartest
While there are different methods to be adopted for a digital-savvy enterprise, how digital transformation can be used to develop a bankable innovation is discussed in this article
Overcurrent Fault Detector
The overcurrent fault detector presented here is a general-purpose current-consumption sensor circuit that raises an alert when the flow of current through the system exceeds a certain limit. This simple circuit is based on ACS712 Hall Effect-based linear current sensor chip
Simple Triple Sine Wave Generator
This generator produces audible signals to test microphones and codecs used in audio amplifier equipment. This simple triple sine wave generator can also be used for testing other audio systems, including VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) equipment
How Testing Of Satellites Has Evolved Over The Years
A satellite has to operate in very harsh conditions after launch. Also, building a good satellite requires billions of dollars. Therefore it’s crucial to test each satellite properly before it enters space to ensure good performance and safety. This article covers the various types of satellites testing and challenges that may occur during the process
The Role Of Open Source Software In Engineering Education
Open source software can play a vital role in education, especially when it comes to the engineering domain. As engineering involves complex tools and processes to deliver solutions, OSS ensures lower costs and more robust code built on open standards that can be continually peer-reviewed. This helps in effective teaching and the management of academics
“An FPGA Is A Reconfigurable Integrated Circuit Used To Implement Complex Logic Functions” — Apurva Peri, senior engineer, product marketing, FPGA Business Unit, Microchip Technology Inc.
The ability of FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays) to be reprogrammed to achieve the desired application or functionality after manufacturing makes them ideal for today’s constantly evolving applications that impose strict restrictions on power and latency while requiring high compute capabilities. Apurva Peri, senior engineer, product marketing, FPGA Business Unit, Microchip Technology Inc., shares tips for FPGA designers and beginners in an interaction with Ayushee Sharma
Software and Apps
• Software For Robotics
• Mobile Apps For Robotics
Tech News: Technology Updates
• Biomimetic robotic finger created using 3D printing
• Google Lens to assist students with homework
• Smart gaming glove that puts control in your hands
• New AI-based technology to speed up MRI scans
• Tesla’s new sensor can detect child left in hot cars
The Benefits Of Robotics Outweigh The Challenges
Robotics is playing a huge role in the growth of businesses worldwide. It not only contributes to the smooth running of the business but also eases scalability. This growing technology also reduces the cost of operations. This article covers the growth of robotics in India and globally along with its advantages in various sectors
Using Plastic To Substitute Conventional Fuels
When the use of plastic began in the last century, it was seen as a way to protect and preserve goods. Its insulating property, durability, and ability to take different shapes made it quite popular for daily use. But now the world is facing the repercussions of its boom. According to a recent United Nations Environment Programme report, around 400 million tonnes of single-use plastic waste is produced annually all over the world. It is certain that recycling plastic waste is creating more jobs, yet currently, only about nine per cent of the plastic is recycled worldwide
Turn Your Phone Into A Contactless Thermometer
Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, it has become important to check the body temperature of people without any contact with them to prevent spreading of the disease. There are many contactless thermometers available in the market, but here is a simple solution that will add a thermal screening feature to your smartphone. That is, it will turn your phone into a contactless thermometer using an MLX90614 infrared (IR) sensor module
Download source code
HEALTHCARE: How Wearable Tech Can Help In Combating Covid-19
The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the global economy, businesses, and normal life hard. The number of Covid-19 cases is increasing with each passing day worldwide. Even then, there are a few countries who have been hailed as a role model in handling the pandemic effectively. However, this intelligent virus is very tricky in nature and can spread again in a more unexpected manner
Green IT And Electronics: A Need Of The Hour
Green information technology (IT) aims at designing and manufacturing such communication devices and electronic products that are environment friendly and support energy conservation. This article covers various aspects of green IT, including key components and recent findings, to create a better understanding among people
How To Build An Automated Test Jig To Check PCBs
Printed circuit board testing is an important task for test engineers. However, with increase in complexity of the circuit, it has become difficult to test it. So, nowadays, most of the industries are using a fully automatic test jig that can run the test and make an automated test report
How Exoskeletons Help Reclaim Mobility
The introduction of exoskeletons has given hope to people with physical or neurological disorders by enabling them to walk, sit, or stand without any help. Exoskeletons are built to enhance the performance of humans working in fields where excessive human labour is needed. This article covers the role of exoskeletons in the healthcare industry and rising demand among people
Industrial Robotics Standards For Safety And Efficiency
There have been significant changes in industrial safety standards for robotics. Safety managers, plant managers, and others need to keep pace with the latest codes and regulations. According to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), ‘machine guarding’ that pertains to machines’ general requirements and general industry (29 CFR 1910.212) consistently falls in the top ten most frequently cited OSHA standards violated in any given year. Thanks to the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) R15.06-2013 standard, proper risk assessments are no longer just a best practice; they are mandatory
“IoT Is All About Data And How It Is Being Used Effectively For Running A Business” — Karen Ravindranath, director, WebNMS
The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about data and how it is being used effectively for running a business. Data from various operations can yield valuable insights that can drive new business models and customer-driven products and help business owners make critical financial and investment decisions. In an interaction with Nijhum Rudra, Karen Ravindranath, director, WebNMS, explains how IoT is turning infrastructure into hubs of innovation and the role of fleet telematics and IoT in supply chain efficiency
Bringing Automation To The Kitchen With Robotics
Globally, more than enough food is produced to feed the entire human population, but world hunger is still an appalling problem in the modern world. One of the main reasons behind this is the wastage of food after harvest due to causes like improper packaging of meals or inadequate food storage systems. Overproduction of food is done to compensate for the wastage. But this requires more water and land, which leads to an excessive carbon footprint
Waterless Solar Panels Cleaning Robots
Solar panels are known to sustain themselves for a long time without requiring much maintenance and effort. However, this is only applicable to areas receiving adequate rainfall throughout the year. Due to their inclined installation, rainfall washes most of the dirt, bird droppings, and dust settlement. But in dusty regions, or where the panels have stood for a long time, cleaning by rainfall is no longer enough
A Connected Sports Bike Redefining The Indian EV Ecosystem
With awareness regarding the benefits of electric mobility in maintaining a clean and green environment, it has gained drastic importance in India over the last few years. Now with the goal of self-reliance for reviving the country’s economy, fostering Made in India technologies and replacing conventional fuel become far more crucial
14-Watt Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier Using TDA2030A
Here is a simple mono audio amplifier using a single 5-pin IC TDA2030A. This IC is inexpensive and easily available in the market
Simulink Model For Real-Time Logging Of Process Data In MATLAB Workspace
In this project, temperature data is logged in real time in MATLAB workspace by building a model using Arduino IO Library in Simulink. Process parameter measurement carried out for experimental research and analytical testing generally needs to be saved in real time in order to conduct further analysis
Download source code
Sound Based Computer Automation Using Python
This project is used to control computer such applications as slideshow, music, or video with a finger snap or a clap. It aims at understanding the automation of computer functions through microphone without using microcontroller boards
Download source code
Buyers’ Guide: Mid-Range AI-Enabled Voice Assistant Smart Speakers
In the past few years, technology has not only improved but has also become smarter and made things easier and trouble-free in our lives. In the field of technology, smartphones are considered to be one of the biggest innovations. However, with the advancements in technology, we have started witnessing the evolution of other new products. One such innovation is smart speakers. These are not only wireless and Bluetooth-enabled but now also feature AI-enabled voice assistants and sophisticated design to enhance customer experience
First Look: Some New Gadgets
• Laptop
• Smartwatch
• Mouse
• Media Streamer
• Earbuds
• Feature Phone
Industry News: Industry Updates
• UP government announces new electronics manufacturing policy to attract investors
• Government allows registration, sale of EVs without pre-fitted battery
• Compound semiconductor market to reach $212.95 billion by 2027
• Defence production to reach Rs 1,750 billion by 2025
• Delhi government announces new EV policy to curb air pollution
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September 2020
Issue Vol. 52 No. 9

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