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September  2021   Issue Vol. 53  No. 9 

THE FUTURE: Why We Aren’t Using Self-Driving Cars Yet
The term ‘self-driving cars’ or ‘autonomous vehicles’ have been making rounds in the industry for quite some time now. We have even seen a few of them in action on the roads. It is almost a consensus that self-driving cars are the future of the automobile industry. Then why is it taking so long for this future to arrive? In this article, we discuss the need for self-driving car, the current predicaments that it faces, and what the future holds for this amazing AI-powered technology

INTERVIEW: “Our Vision Is To Build A More Affordable And Safer Future of Mobility For Emerging Markets And Driverless Taxis” — Gagandeep Reehal and Gursimran Kalra, Co-founders, Minus Zero
The mobility landscape in India has been increasingly dynamic. But while most are focusing on electric mobility, a young engineering student is pioneering to build the first-ever fully autonomous vehicle in the country. Rahul Chopra and Siddha Dhar spoke to Gagandeep Reehal, co-founder of Minus Zero, who along with co-founder Gursimran Kalra is striving to develop self-driving technology for the unruly Indian roads. Here’s what we learnt
CAREER: How To Build Your Career Amidst The Automotive Revolution
The automotive industry has changed a lot in last few decades but is changing at a much faster rate now with the introduction of new technologies and the advent of electric and autonomous vehicles. Naturally, the industry seems to offer very lucrative job opportunities. But how does one prepare for an entry into this field and what kind of opportunities are available? Read on to find out
INTERVIEW: “Autonomous Driving Tech Is A Binary Problem, Solving 99.9 Percent Means That The Problem Has Not Been Solved” — Dr Rahul Kala, IIIT, Allahabad
Autonomous driving, commonly referred to as self-driving tech, is not a new concept at all. Though it might have started gaining traction in India during the last couple of years, deep tech has been in focus for a lot of companies and institutions for more than two decades now. This is also probably a feature that adds a USP to the vehicles sold by Tesla and other electric vehicle brands all over the world. We at Electronics For You Network got in touch with a man who has dedicated his life to the development of cybernetics and autonomous driving tech.
On the board of various startups into robotics, drones, and self-driving, Dr Rahul Kala is also associated with Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad. He is of the view that conducting research on self-driving tech in India is undertaking research that is not done anywhere else in the world.
In his words, “Autonomous tech is a binary problem and solving 99.9 percent means that the problem has not been solved.” Here is his take on autonomous tech keeping India in consideration as conveyed to Mukul Yudhveer Singh
TRENDS: Making Sense Of The Image Sensors Of The Future
Despite the wide-scale use of conventional CMOS detectors, a possibility exists for the development of image sensors that offer enhanced capabilities regarding increased temporal resolution, better dynamic range, reduced influence of scattering, and more
TIPS: Components Are Key For Designers
An electronic product comprises components and, nowadays, some software as well. But components still form a major part of the product’s cost in most cases. What if the components fail early and thus adversely affect the reputation of a brand? Not only will this bring a disrepute to the company, it may also affect their sales and their future. So, how do we ensure that this does not happen? Read on to find out
CIRCUITS: Selecting The Right Motor For Your Design
With so many kinds of motors available in the market, often it becomes difficult to select the most appropriate for an application. So, in such situations, the designers go for anything that comes to their mind as a suitable motor—without looking at the other options that could be better. Here is an introduction to all the motors that are available to choose from, and depending on the application designers can now select the most suitable one for an application
STRATEGY: Business As A Platform To Enable Innovation
While several emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, blockchain, and others enable significant economic changes, the time is ripe to make transformative changes. Hence the business as a platform!
OPPORTUNITIES: Opportunities Offered By PLI Scheme For Air-conditioners And LED Lights
In April, the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) notified the PLI scheme for white goods (air-conditioners and LED lights) to be implemented over five years with a budgetary outlay of 62,380 million rupees. What are the opportunities hidden in this news for components manufacturing? Let us find out
INTERVIEW: “This Portal Is Going To Help Everyone In The Industry Trying To Build New Innovative Products” — Dr Sanjeev Kumar Shrivastava, COO and National Coordinator, I-STEM
India has been ramping up its efforts to emerge as a leading contributor to the global electronics ecosystem. The government of India has announced a slew of policies and initiatives to make India self-reliant in the field of electronics. One of such initiatives is called I-STEM, which aims to support and accelerate the growth of tech startups. The Electronics For You team spoke to Dr Sanjeev Kumar Shrivastava, COO and National Coordinator at I-STEM, to understand how he and his team at I-STEM are trying to create a game-changer for electronics and tech startups. Here’s what we discovered
MY STORY: “Networking And Connecting Are Two Arts That Every Leader Should Master” — Sanjeev Keskar, Arvind Consultancy
Belonging to a middle-class family, Sanjeev Keskar learnt to be content in whatever was on the plate. However, his passion for knowledge always kept him on top of his game. Missing out on an engineering seat and working with a small firm has been the greatest lessons of his life. He has led not one but many American companies in India.
Helping startups in their journey with an early retirement from an active career, he helped the likes of National Semiconductor, Freescale Semiconductor, and AMD root their origins in India, the man who became the Chair of IESA and MD of Arrow Electronics. This is Sanjeev Keskar’s story!
Auto Water Dispenser For Pets
A pet is loved like a baby in a family and needs lots of attention and care. But sometimes due to our busy schedule we forget to take care of the pet’s daily needs. This device will help in providing clean and fresh drinking water to the pet automatically when needed
4-Channel Touchless Switchboard For The Post Covid World
As Covid-19 is still rampant we need to be cautious. Wearing mask, social distancing, and washing or sanitising our hands properly from time to time is absolutely necessary to avoid it. As a precaution, we should also avoid touching any item including the electrical switches as far as possible. In public places, schools, and offices the electrical switchboards are touched by one and all, and so can pass on the virus from one person to many
Automatic LiFePO4 Cell Charger
Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cell is a type of lithium-ion cell that has higher storage capacity and can deliver higher power as compared to a lead-acid cell in a lead-acid battery. LiFePO4 batteries have long life due to their extremely robust crystal structures of the iron phosphates and have high voltage tolerances during charging and discharging
Handheld Heart Rate Monitor
Handheld devices play an essential role in the healthcare industry. With the sensors becoming smaller and compact, making a handheld device is also becoming easier and affordable. Heart rate measurement systems, or HR machines, are now available almost everywhere, as a feature in smartwatches to full-size stand-alone machines. Here is a simple handheld measurement system that can display a persons’s heart rate on an OLED display
Talking LED Alarm Clock Using TM1637 LED Module
Every microcontroller project needs a display. An LCD display with one or two rows for characters is a good choice but it needs several wire connections to make it work. There are seven segment LEDs which are either common-anode or common-cathode type. Earlier, these LEDs were used for number displays which had their pros and cons
Measurement Of Low DC Voltages Using Laptop
We generally measure voltages with a multimeter or a voltmeter. But you can also measure low-value DC voltages up to 5V that are generally found in electronics circuits with this laptometer and see their value on laptop monitor
First Animal/Bird Language Translator Enabling You To Talk With Nature
All living beings, be they flora or fauna, have a unique way of communicating and expressing their emotions using various sounds and signals. We humans are blessed with the capability to observe, learn, and speak many languages. We also possess an innate curiosity to know more about our ecosystem and the world around us. It is our wish to understand nature’s feelings. At the same time, we also want to share our feelings
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
Truly Innovative Tech
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Tech
Tech News: Technology Updates
• Sensor that monitors firefighters’ protective gear for safety
• Batteryless cardiac pacemaker powered by heart’s kinetic energy
• Liquid metal sensors for prosthetic arms
• Soft skin patch to monitor blood flow continuously
• Smartphone screens that can sense soil or water contamination
Industry News: Industry Updates
• India’s solar equipment imports and exports return to pre-Covid levels
• Indian EV players have secured investments worth $519 million
• India now exporting mobiles worth $3 billion: PM Modi
• Two more South Korean electronics companies setting up plants in Noida
• India to call bids for 13GWh battery storage system in Ladakh
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September 2021
Issue Vol. 53 No. 9

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