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June  2021   Issue Vol. 53  No. 6 

STARTUP: Electronics Start-ups And India: The Time Is Now
The government has announced schemes that are promising tens of billions of rupees as incentives for manufacturing electronics within India. The big and small companies, as they start operations in the country, will need a lot of support from the local companies, and these support-providing companies will have a lot of opportunities to establish themselves as big names in the world of start-ups

STARTUP: Tips For Getting Investors For Your Start-up
Are you working hard but still not getting investors for your start-up? Here’s how you can systematically raise your start-up’s value to the stars!
STARTUP: Hardware Product Planning Essentials For Start-ups And SMEs
Most start-ups and SMEs assume the prototype can be quickly converted to a regular product, with little effort, which is a fallacy. Converting a prototype or an early-stage version to a manufacturable product takes lots of effort, time, and money
STARTUP: Sourcing Hints That Start-ups And MSMEs Can’t Afford To Neglect
When should a start-up start planning sourcing of the components for their products, and how can they ensure that they get the components that they need on a regular basis, without any break, and at the right price? These are some of the things that are important for any manufacturer, but more so for a new start-up or MSME
STARTUP: How You Can Market Your Brilliant Product Without Spending Fortune
There is, undoubtedly, nothing bigger than creating a good product which, after all, is the crown jewel of a start-up. But just creating a brilliant product without making its existence known to the world defeats its purpose
STARTUP: Feeling Lost While Building Your Start-up? Consider Taking A Mentor’s Help
There is a popular saying: A ship without a rudder drifts at the mercy of the winds. Young entrepreneurs often find themselves going adrift while on the journey to create a successful start-up. A mentor can act as a rudder for them to give a proper direction to their efforts
MY STORY: “The Most Important Lesson In Life Is Learning To Lose Gracefully” — Saurabh Kumar, Executive Vice Chairperson, Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL)
It takes a lot of guts to seek a warrant to conduct income tax raid on a person who is the 150th most wealthy person in the world, and the guts need to be super strong when you know that this person has very influential connections in the political circles of India. Saurabh Kumar, Executive Vice Chairperson, Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), during his tenure as an Indian Revenue Services officer, did not think twice before seeking such a warrant, and despite a lot of influential people warning him against doing so, he went ahead and conducted the raid.
Later, he went on to draw on paper what EESL would look like. Despite being one of the brains behind EESL, he decided not to take a position in the same as CEO, as some would call it a selfish move. Today, he is making sure that EESL delivers on saving the environment, and at the same is helping entrepreneurs in their business. This is Saurabh Kumar’s story!
POLICIES: New Chip Import Monitoring System And Its Impact On PLI Schemes
The government of India has made amendments to the rules that govern chip imports in the country and made it mandatory for the importers to feed data to the new system. Subsequently, the government is trying to make India ‘atmanirbhar’ (self-dependent) for the manufacture of electronic goods in India. Will the new rules help or hinder? EFY tries to find out
INNOVATION: Want To Innovate? Stop Focusing On Customer Problems
To innovate, you do not need to focus on customers’ problems. Instead, focus on their intent
THE FUTURE: Digital Twin Benefits From Collaboration With IoT
Digital Twin is an upcoming technology that is considered to be the next big innovation. However, there is more to Digital Twin than simply providing simulation
INNOVATION: Amazing Flying Warehouse For Delivery From The Sky
This article covers some technologies being considered for the logistics involved in quick delivery of the goods through future drone delivery systems, including a flying warehouse up in the sky
ANTI-COVID: Some Open Source DIY Oxygen Concentrators
If you have been wondering why do-it-yourself (DIY) and open source communities are not proposing any solution for the oxygen concentrators that are in great demand due to the ill effects of Covid-19, here are some of the best open source DIY designs that have been recently introduced by them for setting up or manufacturing oxygen concentrators
ANTI-COVID: Some Open Source Anti-Covid Solutions
The second wave of Covid-19 outbreak has created a critical situation for us all. Thankfully, the open source community and several groups of enthusiastic techies have taken up the challenge and are offering some excellent solutions for combating the coronavirus. The open source community is also providing a low-cost design for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing. The entire device can be made for about 50 dollars (approx. 3,700 rupees) only. EFY team has reviewed and shortlisted some of the open source products. Hope you will find the information useful in these difficult times
TRENDS: How HMI Technologies Are Enhancing Safety And In-Vehicle Experience
As we are moving towards smart, connected, and autonomous mobility, the interaction between the vehicle and the human has also evolved. The HMI solutions of today not only enhance the in-vehicle experience and convenience but also deliver personalised experiences. Only the information that is critical at a particular moment is communicated to the driver
CIRCUITS: Effective Power Management For Wearable Devices
A smart wearable whose battery runs out in a few hours is not desired by anyone. But by identifying the associated problems and carefully designing the power circuitry, this battery issue can be avoided
SYSTEMS: Python: The Super Champ For Machine Learning
Machine Learning (ML) is a technology used to make any software process improve through experience with the help of algorithms. It is a part of artificial intelligence (AI) and uses training data to improve decisions and predictions, without the need for any explicit programming. ML was first conceived by Arthur Samuel of IBM in 1952. This article highlights Python as the best language for ML
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
Truly Innovative Tech
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Tech
Tech News: Technology Updates
• Wearable devices could now be powered by your sweat
• Tiny injectable chips to monitor body parameters
• Wi-Fi signals to power small electronics
• Ultra-high energy zinc-air pouch battery cells
• Multiplexer using optical tunneling for ultra-high-speed transmission
Industry News: Industry Updates
• DGFT makes registration compulsory for import of ICs
• Amendments made in IGCR rules by CBIC
• Companies including Dell and Lava apply for IT hardware PLI
• As electronics repair hub India can earn $20 billion revenue annually by 2025
• 1.3% of vehicles sold in India during FY 20-21 were electric
Fun Stuff: A Few Facts About Deep Learning In A Web Browser
Data privacy has given an impetus to browser based deep learning, as it helps data remain in the vicinity of a device. Another factor driving its demand is quicker page loading
DC Motor Bidirectional Control With TV Remote
This project describes how a DC motor can be moved in forward or reverse direction using a TV or DVD remote control. The goal is to construct a simple bi-directional motor driver that uses modulated infrared (IR) 38kHz pulse train for the purpose without using any microcontroller or programming
Simple Millivolt Meter Using Arduino
Most multimeters make voltage measurements starting from one volt and some start from 200 millivolts. With such devices lower-value measurement becomes difficult, especially for DIY projects. Here is a circuit that can measure low voltages, starting one millivolt onwards, with better resolution
DC Motor RPM Display On Smartphone Using Arduino
This project presents an Arduino based speed monitoring system where the RPM (revolutions per minute) of a DC motor is continuously displayed on a smartphone using Bluetooth communication
LED Light For Bikes To Improve Visibility
Opting for an LED bike headlight is quite cost-efficient when it comes to improving your visibility on the road. It makes your presence known to the others and provides you with a clear visibility so that you can avoid dangers and pay attention to the road
Tricolour LED Nameplate With Arduino
Nameplates are generally made of wood, acrylic sheet, or a metal and fixed on a wall or kept on desk. The author’s prototype of an acrylic nameplate that can display the name of 2a person, designation, the department in office, or house number, etc, in tricolour is shown here
Animal Classification With RPi Camera For Survey And Monitoring
Hunting continues to make many animal species extinct, and the governments are unable to do much except introducing some laws and conducting regular surveys. But conducting a survey is not an easy task, especially without the help of technology
GPS Based Dot-Matrix Display Clock
Presented here is an LED based 2D matrix display clock. There are a number of technologies used to create various displays in use today. The basic display systems we know are segment displays, 2D displays, 3D displays, and also mechanical displays. The LED display is a flat panel display which uses an array of LEDs as pixels. This project is for making a GPS based LED dot-matrix clock

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June 2021
Issue Vol. 53 No. 6

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