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June  2020   Issue Vol. 52  No. 6 

You Can Travel In Drones And Eat Them Too
With the introduction of artificial intelligence and hybrid technologies, the future of drones is not just limited to taking great live aerial photos and videos, now these can also be used for personal transportation and commercial aviation, and even as food in case of emergency

Smart Water Meter To Help Control Water Wastage
This project is of a smart water meter that measures our daily water usage and feeds live data on our phone that is connected to a database, which can be accessed by the concerned authorities through a web browser
Basic Installation Of Access Control System
This article describes the basic installation of an RFID and password-based access control system. Access control systems allow only the authorised persons to enter or exit the premises. An access control system may include locks, turnstiles, biometric readers, face recognition readers, RFID readers, boom barriers, etc
Drone Deliveries Thriving Amid Covid-19
As India continues to tackle the ongoing crisis, drones have been playing a key role in combating the novel coronavirus. Drone startups in India are working alongside authorities to provide services such as disinfecting contaminated areas, managing crowds and delivering medical supplies
Aerial Revolution In Construction Sector
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones are playing an important role in the construction industry. In recent years, they have become an ideal choice for land surveying, building inspections, security surveillance, marketing, monitoring on-site activities, and so on
Latest Technology In Space Race: Satellite IoT
The Internet of Things (IoT) is now globally proliferating to intelligently connect devices in order to meet increasing consumer demands as well as improve productivity. IoT further helps to increase the accuracy of data-based forecasts and trends
What Impact Will 5G Have On Healthcare?
With the introduction of 5G network in healthcare sector, more patients are being treated at the same time. 5G helps providers in giving improved care to patients outside hospitals and clinics through high-quality real-time video
The Case For Responsible AI
Artificial Intelligence is becoming quite popular nowadays as it gives us significant technological power. However, it is important to use it with more responsibility to overcome its disruptive impacts such as loss of privacy, and increased biases in decision-making. Responsible AI would ensure ethical and transparent use of AI technologies
Kitchen Appliances Get A Technology Makeover
Over the years, touch screens and the Internet of Things (IoT) have become immensely popular as the cost of producing them has decreased. The touch buttons, sliders, and wheels used in kitchen appliances have become a good substitute for mechanical buttons and knobs, as they are more reliable and also reduce the overall cost of the system
Digital Twin And Its Applications In The Internet World
Digital twin is a cloud-based virtual model of a process, product or service. Billions of things will be represented by digital twins in the next five years, showing the tremendous potential of this technology
How Special Robots Can Train Children With Autism
Autism is increasing at a tremendous rate among children in India. Children with autism suffer from varied deficiencies in skills and learning disabilities. It’s important to detect it at early stages, or else, children might suffer for the rest of their lives
Challenges In Running AI On Embedded Computers
This is an extract from a speech presented by Nikhil Bhaskaran, Founder, Shunya OS, at iotshow.in 2019. Shunya OS is an operating system that optimises AI libraries for embedded systems, to enable developers to build AI on edge solution very fast and at a very low cost. In the next five years, AI is going to be inside everything; and edge analytics is going to be the next big thing for AI
Top Five Open Source Alternatives To Microsoft Office
Office suites have become common organisational and productivity tools. While Microsoft Office is the most popular suite today, there is a growing demand for more affordable alternatives. Numerous open source office suites have hit the market. Here is a selection of the top five that users can explore and use
Emerging Trends In The Design Of Cognitive IoTs
This is an extract from a speech presented by Dr Manjunath Iyer, principal consultant, Wipro, at iotshow.in 2019. It describes the emerging trends in the design of cognitive Internet of Things (IoT). Rather than just capturing data, these cognitive IoT devices can think, understand and accordingly provide data to the user
“India’s Tech Ecosystem Encompassing IoT Deployment Is At Curious Crossroads” — Eric Zhou, executive vice president, UNISOC
UNISOC is a fabless semiconductor company committed to R&D of core chipsets in mobile communications and AIoT. Its products cover mobile chipset platforms supporting 2G/3G/4G/5G communication standards and various chipset solutions in the field of IoT, RFFE, wireless connection, TV, etc. Eric Zhou, executive vice president, UNISOC, throws light on the ways India based IoT firms can scale-up deployment and results
“Conversational AI Can Help Communications Scale Up Tremendously” — Chaitanya Chokkareddy, chief innovation officer, Ozonetel
There is a growing use of cloud communication due to the ease of remote working, besides high efficiency and reduced complexity through the integration of real-time capabilities in communication. Chaitanya Chokkareddy, chief innovation officer, Ozonetel discusses how cloud communication and artificial intelligence (AI) can revolutionise traditional approach in businesses, in an exclusive interaction with Ayushee Sharma
An Autonomous AI Companion Robot
Robots, though initially used for purposes like manufacturing in factories, are slowly finding their way more often in workplaces and homes for day-to-day work. After realising how troublesome it can be for older people to perform basic tasks with their own hands, Yossi Wolf, co-founder of Roboteam, designed the autonomous personal artificial intelligence (AI) assistant robot Temi that offers high performance with minimal power consumption
Intelligent Logistics
With the coronavirus pandemic causing a lockdown, our reliance on doorstep delivery has surged and, naturally, companies that are delivering essential items are now facing major stress on their supply chain. Technology can be a great enabler to navigate through these tough times. It ensures that deliveries reach us, while we work safely from our homes
3D Bioprinting For Organ Transplantation
The medical world has been able to find remedies for most issues that were once life-threatening for mankind in the past century and some of it, if not all, could be truly possible due to rapid advancements in technology. Since the first-ever successful organ transplant, great improvements have been made to increase the success rate of transplants. But the problem is that organ supply is not enough to suffice the demand, causing deaths from vital organ failure. 3D printing is being seen as the solution to this issue by researchers across the globe
Contact-Free IoT Biosensors For Patient Monitoring
It is often seen that late diagnosis of many diseases leads to loss of patients’ lives. In most cases, monitoring key parameters like respiration and heart rates, and hence early prevention as a response to warning signs can lead to better patient care, reduced hospital stays, and lower costs
A Solution To Fight The Mosquito Menace
When we think about the deadliest animals and insects in the world, snakes, sharks, crocodiles, spiders top our list of answers. Contrary to these beliefs, mosquitoes are the vectors for diseases like malaria, Zika, dengue, chikungunya, and yellow fever that are responsible for the largest number of human deaths every year. WHO reported 438,000 deaths caused by malaria alone in 2015. On World Mosquito Day 2018, Bill Gates mentioned that mosquitoes kill more people in a day than sharks do in a century
Artificial Intelligence For Upgraded Surveillance And Better Security
Artificial Intelligence has been playing a key role in surveillance and achieving better security by preventing dangerous situations. AI cameras make real-time monitoring and intelligent analysis of the footage possible that can prevent occurring of events such as theft
Drone Based Measurement And Drones’ Certification
The deployment of drones/unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has made the job easier, faster, and safer for surveyors. Some drones are specifically designed for data acquisition and surveying professionals, and are equipped with a high-resolution digital camera
Vick Aggarwala, president and CEO, Supreme Components International (SCI)

Sheer determination and ambition kept him going even through challenging times. Vick Aggarwala, president and CEO of Supreme Components International (SCI), talks to Baishakhi Dutta about his career path that has taken him across the globe
Drones Market Still Nascent But Rapid Growth Likely
Drones/unmanned aerial vehicles are now being used in several commercial applications such as news coverage, delivery of goods and environmental monitoring. Amidst the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of drone technology has increased in government organisations such as defence and police force, but their demand can increase exponentially for e-commerce and logistics
Do’s and Don’ts Regarding Operation Of Drones
Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)/Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS), commonly known as drone/UAV, is a new addition to the aviation sector. This technology has a promising effect on the economic growth of India; both manufacturing and service industries. As more people enter the commercial and recreational hobby drone scenes, the prospects for drone accidents/incidents also multiply. This applies not just to newcomers/amateurs but even to professionals. As per the regulation, there are five categories of RPAS categorised by weight, namely, nano, micro, small, medium, and large. Here are some operational safety tips to ensure that you have better and safer flying experience, not just for yourself but for the people around you
Guidelines For Manufacturing Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems In India
Although Manufacturers/OEMs of remotely piloted aircraft system(s) (RPAS) are not regulated through the Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) Section 3, Series X, Part I, being a responsible entity, a manufacturer is expected to follow the procedure specified hereunder
Make This Automatic LED Staircase Light
Going up or down a staircase can be a challenging task at night, especially for kids and elderly people. This circuit lights up two LEDs, one at each end of the staircase, for a couple of minutes. The LEDs switch off automatically thereafter. The lights can be switched on from either end
Surround Yourself With Sound From Three-Channel Audio Amplifier
This article presents a simple, low-cost audio amplifier with three channels built around two TEA2025 ICs. The amplifier works from an AC or a DC power supply in the range of 3V to 12V (max. 15V)
ATmega328 Analogue I/O Port Expander Using I2C Bus
This project explains the interfacing of PCF8591 converter (slave) with ATmega328 microcontroller (master) using I2C bus to get direct multiple analogue inputs and outputs. ATmega328 microcontroller (MCU) on the Arduino Uno board consists of only six analogue inputs, which are not enough for some projects that need more analogue inputs. This circuit provides twenty analogue inputs, five analogue outputs and an LCD for display
Configure Arduino Uno As Square Wave Generator
In this project, the Arduino Uno is configured as a square wave generator with user-selectable control of the frequency and duty cycle. The operating range of the system is up to 10kHz. The desired frequency and duty cycle of the generated square wave can be produced using a matrix keyboard that is interfaced with digital pins of the Arduino
Buyers’ Guide: Some Affordable Drones Available
The concept of drones/unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has been constantly developing with technology getting more advanced these days. Earlier, this technology was utilised only for military purposes but for the past few decades, drones have become easily available to businesses across all sectors and to regular people, too. Technologists have been continuously contributing to the development of drone technology, and drone manufacturers are finding ways to make it more cost-effective
APPS: Some Useful Apps In The Times Of Covid-19
The deadly Covid-19 pandemic has taken the world by surprise with the way it continues to spread like wildfire in every corner of the world. With no vaccine in sight, social distancing and stringent lockdown restrictions are the only reliable tools to battle the virus at the moment. These practices have helped to bring the virus under control to a great extent. But still, there is no surety if these can wipe out the coronavirus pandemic completely
First Look: Some New Gadgets
• Versatile laptops
• Smart speakers
• Fitness band
• Streaming device
• Wireless earphones
• Smartphone
Software and Apps
• Software For Drones and Quadcopters
• Mobile Apps For Drones And Quadcopters
Industry News: Industry Updates
• MSMEs hit by Covid-19 pandemic to get additional assistance
• Fingerprint-on-display sensors to reach 400 million units in 2020
• Battery technology market to reach $194 billion by 2027
• EV market to reach 40.6 million units by 2026
• India’s clean air programs fuelling environmental sensors market
• PEDA announces tender for 19,000 LED solar streetlights
Tech News: Technology Updates
• RAIL-BOT robot to assist hospital staff in Covid-19 patient care
• Beware of phishing attacks in the name of Aarogya Setu app
• Microsoft offers free online course on Internet of Things
• Google AI to predict eye condition behind vision loss
• Implantable biosensor that operates without batteries

Insurance for Artificial Intelligence Becoming Necessary

Present Development Status of Quantum Computers

Role of Electronics in Education and Skill Development

Online Learning Necessitated By Covid-19 Crisis

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June 2020
Issue Vol. 52 No. 6

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