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December  2021   Issue Vol. 53  No. 12 

TRENDS: Recent Advancements In Laptop Processors
The latest processors are improving every aspect of performance and efficiency. As much as they are getting faster, they are also more energy-efficient and reliable. They are now capable of machine learning and deep learning, ensuring reliability and efficient operation—regardless of the workload

TRENDS: An Open Source Ecosystem For 5G And Telecom Networks
As communications providers prepare to deliver high-speed connectivity to support new services and use cases, the demand for low-latency, high-bandwidth, scalable networks continues to grow. This may lead to software-defined infrastructure and cloud native approaches to meet 5G requirements. Here’s a look at what Linux Foundation (LF) is working on to create an open source ecosystem for the same
TRENDS: Is Your Data Storage Resilient Or Prone To Disaster?
Resiliency is the ability of a server, network, storage system, or an entire data centre to recover quickly and continue operations even after an equipment failure, power outage, or any other disruption such as a cyberattack, data theft, disaster, or human error. It is a planned part in storage solutions associated with disaster planning and recovery considerations
CIRCUITS: Using GaN Transistors In Power Converters
The basic requirements for power semiconductors are efficiency, reliability, controllability, and cost-effectiveness. Breakthroughs in wide-bandgap semiconductors, especially in gallium nitride (GaN), have enabled devices with high conductivity and hyper-fast switching, with a silicon-like cost structure and fundamental operating mechanism. This article discusses some design aspects for implementing GaN transistors in power converters
CIRCUITS: Latest Innovations In Power Management ICs
With increasing product specifications, power management solutions are also upgrading. The article discusses major innovations seen in power management ICs in last one year
SYSTEMS: Human Centric Lighting: How Lighting Can Impact Health
When regular rhythm is disturbed due to issues like jet lag or bright light, the circadian rhythm throws us out of gear. Also, our circadian rhythm changes as we grow old. By paying attention to the circadian rhythm and its impact on us we can ensure a better health
CIRCUITS: Design Aspects Of Low-Power Energy Harvesting Circuits
Energy harvesting devices such as piezoelectric elements and antennas capture ambient energy, but this energy has to be converted to DC for load and energy storage devices. For this high-efficiency power harvesting circuits are required. This article discusses important design aspects of energy harvesting circuits and their implementation
STRATEGY: Manufacturing Is Not Just Soldering Or Assembly
Most MSMEs and startups consider designing and manufacturing as two separate processes, which is not correct as these are interdependent. There are many aspects to be considered in manufacturing and it cannot be left to assembly houses who neither have the proper equipment nor the capacity. Good EMS partners can ensure fulfilment, where the EMS partner does everything from components procurement to delivery of the finished product to customers
STARTUP: Pandemic Pains: Building A Startup In The Post-Covid World
The Covid-19 pandemic has upset the world in unimaginable ways, making the norms of business turn topsy-turvy. Now the question arises, Is it good time to take the plunge and build your own startup? Has setting up a startup changed with the advent of the ‘new normal?’
OPPORTUNITIES: Battery Technologies, Manufacture And Use: Challenges And Opportunities
Battery technologies have emerged significantly, and batteries are now used in diverse applications such as portable electronic devices to electric vehicles. The article is based on a panel discussion at the Battery Tech Show 2021 among the panelists Savio Monteiro, Senior Vice President, Energy, Oil & Gas and Utilities, Praxis Global Alliance; Ashwin Shankar, CEO, BatteryPool; Shreyas Shibulal, Founder and Director, Micelio Mobility; and Naresh Neelkantan, Senior Architect, Sasken Technologies
MY STORY: “Fun Is The Formula That Amplifies Success And Happiness” — Venkata Simhadri, CEO & MD, MosChip
There are hundreds of fabless semiconductor design companies in the world, and probably a hundred in India alone. But like Neil Armstrong was the first human to set foot on the moon, do you know the name of the first fabless semiconductor product company to originate from India? This story is about a man and his dream to make India a global brand in the field of semiconductors. This individual is known for his problem-solving skills in the semiconductor industry, one who quit his PhD in mid to pursue his dream in Silicon Valley and is now making Moschip, the first fabless company from India, a global brand. He is the man behind designing a curriculum that has helped thousands of students get into chip design in India and abroad. This is Venkata Simhadri’s story as told to Electronics For You’s Business Editor Mukul Yudhveer Singh!
Contactless Smart Bin
This smart bin can help maintain clean and hygienic environment as garbage can be thrown into it without touching it. The bin has a motor attached to its lid and uses an HC-SR04 sensor to detect hands approaching it. The bin could be useful in crowded places like malls, offices, schools, colleges, and hospitals
Automatic School Bell That Also Announces Alert Messages
As the coronavirus pandemic continues, and could affect school-going children as well, the importance of smart devices has increased. This automatic school bell announces a recorded coronavirus alert after every school period. Due to its repetition several times a day, children are likely to imbibe the message and start practicing the hygiene as per the message. The system is simple and uses low-cost devices
Automatic Certificate Generation Using Python
Automation projects are nowadays highly appreciated due to the availability of cloud computing resources. This article is in continuation to the ‘Automatic Certificate Generation Using MATLAB’ DIY article published earlier and also available at https://www.electronicsforu.com/electronics-projects/automatic-certificate-generation-matlab, which garnered much attention because of the code’s readability and scalability. Several academicians, especially students, contacted us regarding the project and its future scope. This motivated us to create a similar project using Python
Control TV With Alexa IoT TV Controller
In a smart home electronic appliances can be controlled through voice or gesture, including a TV set. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in most TVs. To use such a feature, a Fire TV stick is needed, but it gives only limited TV access
Taxi Fare Meter
A taxi meter in cabs and autorickshaws calculates the fare based on the distance travelled. Here is a circuit that calculates the trip fare based on the rate per km and displays the distance travelled and the total fare
Use Your Smartphone As A Smart Remote For TV And Set-top Box
Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives but when it comes to watching our favourite TV shows, we have to look for the TV and set-top box remotes. Why not build the functionality of a TV and a set-top box remote in your smartphone? This project explores the possibility
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
Truly Innovative Tech
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Tech
Tech News: Technology Updates
• Better, safer batteries with material derived from trees
• Nanoscale computer that controls human cell behaviour
• Flexible LEDs created with inkjet printer
• Carbon nanotubes to protect electronics in outer space
• Ultra-stable semiconductors made of inexpensive materials
Industry News: Industry Updates
• India’s electronics manufacturing sector could reach $300 billion by 2025
• India’s engineering goods exports crossed $9 billion in September
• Centre launches E-Amrit portal for electric vehicles
• Electric vehicles to cost the same as petrol vehicles soon
• India’s smartwatch market saw record shipments in Q3 2021
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December 2021
Issue Vol. 53 No. 12

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