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August  2021   Issue Vol. 53  No. 8 

STARTUP: The Science Of Fundraising For Electronics Startups
Finding the right investors that genuinely see the value of your startup is an absolute halo moment. It is like finding the right pair of shoes. It may take time, but the effort is absolutely worth it. We try to make the process a little easier for you by breaking down the investor’s psychology, which investors to look at, and how you can shine in the eyes of an investor

OPPORTUNITIES: Semiconductor Industry Is Hot, The Hottest It Has Ever Been
The top five international semiconductor stocks recorded an average return on investment (RoI) of 100.59 percent between 28th June 2020 and 28th June 2021. Experts are of the view that Covid-19 might have accentuated the peak of the semiconductor industry. But there seem to be many more factors
STRATEGY: One Parent Different Brands: Its Advantages And Disadvantages
Ever wondered why a company launches products under different brands sometimes? Yes, there are benefits of being able to differentiate between target audiences, but it does not stop there. There’s more you can achieve by having different brands working under the same umbrella, working towards fulfilling the same goal
INTERVIEW: “I Am Grateful That We Have Been Able To Create An End-To-End ODM Story In India” — Puneet Agarwal, CEO and Co-founder, VVDN Technologies
Original design manufacturing, referred to as ODM, gets fierce competition from countries like China and Taiwan in Asia. However, VVDN Technologies, an ODM headquartered in Gurugram, has proved that nothing is impossible when approached with the right mindset. Puneet Agarwal, CEO and Co-founder, VVDN Technologies in a discussion with Mukul Yudhveer Singh sheds light on how VVDN overcame the obstacles
STRATEGY: Importance Of Special-Purpose Teams In Innovation
There are some good strategies adopted by the defence forces which can be useful in the corporate sector too. Agility and mission based approach are two things, for instance, that can be of great help to the companies. Read on to find out how these can help
MY STORY: “If We Were Not There Yesterday Does Not Mean We Can’t Be There Today Or Tomorrow” — Rahul Singh, Co-founder, Ideaforge
An alumnus of IIT Bombay, he had not heard about IIT, till his friends from the 11th standard told him they were preparing for it. An avid rider, he went on a non-stop Bombay to Bangalore road trip to enjoy the company of a friend who was leaving for Germany. But, the adventure nearly cost him his life.
It’s good that he was keen on working on product development, else we might not have known what we call Ideaforge today—the startup that is shaping the drone industry day and night. He is Rahul Singh, one of the co-founders of Ideaforge, and this is his story as told to Mukul Yudhveer Singh
OPPORTUNITIES: Automotive Industry’s New Dawn Beginning With Two-Wheelers
Projections for electric two-wheelers are estimated to rise consistently, grabbing about 20 percent of the total market by 2026. By 2030, this number is expected to go as high as 60 to 70 percent
OPPORTUNITIES: Is It E-Waste Or Gold, Silver, And Platinum Waste?
As only 17.4 percent of e-waste was collected and recycled in 2019, it resulted in a loss of nearly $47 billion in recoverable materials including gold, silver, platinum, and other high-value materials
TRENDS: Precision Agriculture Enabling Farming Drones
We all have heard that drones can be used for agriculture. But how many of us are aware of the exact drones available for the purpose and their characteristics? And which drone would be the best for a particular application? Read on to find out what nobody may have told you so far
TRENDS: Emergence Of GaAs Devices As A Substitute To Silicon
Less power consumption and more efficiency offered by GaAs wafers are attracting the market players to adopt them, thereby increasing the demand for GaAs wafers. Previously, the optoelectronic devices were broadly used in short-range optical communications and computer peripherals but now these are in demand for some emerging applications such as lidar, augmented reality, and face recognition as well
INTERVIEW: “Patents Are The By-Products Of The Improvements You Strive To Make” — Dr Manish Kothari, Head - Wireless Development Centre, Silicon Labs India
IIT Madras. MIT. 100 patents. 3 keywords that provide a hint of Dr Manish Kothari’s professional journey. Possessing more than 20 years of technology management experience, Dr Kothari has recently taken up the challenge to head Silicon Labs’ wireless development centre in India. Electronics For You connected with him to find out his plans to take on the leadership role, how he maintains a work-life balance, and his vision for Silicon Labs India team
TIPS: Behind Every Successful Product There Is A Well-Designed Architecture
In his series of articles for hardware startups, in this edition the author covers the importance of hardware architecture design and how not doing a proper architecture design will lead to trouble. To make the issue clear he has used a real-life example, which he handled recently, for better understanding
CIRCUITS: Ignored Aspects Of SMPS Design That Need Immediate Attention
When it comes to designing SMPS for electronic devices, big or small, wattages do affect as the components, layout, and topology change. As a result, the aspects to consider will also change. Paying attention to the upkeep of capacitors and related components along with resolving issues on electromagnetic interferences go a long way in tackling challenges filled with erroneous circuit challenges
SYSTEMS: The Role Of IoT & AI In Battery Management Of Electric Vehicles
A good battery gives an electric vehicle the power to traverse long distances without any tension. But when upgraded with next-gen technology such as IoT and AI the the entire system is bound to become even more enhanced
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
Tech News: Technology Updates
• Robot combines touch and vision to navigate
• Plant patch monitors crop diseases
• Fingertip sweat powered electronic device
• Technology restores sense of touch in damaged nerves
• Biodegradable EV battery from crop waste
Industry News: Industry Updates
• Congress suspects scam behind removal of Ravi Shankar Prasad from MeitY
• Telecom PLI attracts investment options worth 45 billion rupees
• IT hardware PLI: Indian companies prepare two billion rupees push
• Reliance forays into Green Energy space
• Electronics exports reach a new peak in March
Truly Innovative Tech
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Tech
Your Suggestions
Things You Wanted To Know!
New Products
Recent electronics new products launched
Single-Channel Audio Amplifier
Here is a simple single-channel audio amplifier that can be made using IC LM380N. As per the datasheet, LM380N delivers an output of 2.5 watts with an 18V power supply and an 8-ohm speaker. This project was tested using a 12V DC power supply
Collect Speed Samples Data In Excel Format Using MATLAB
You can now get samples of real-time speed of a DC motor in MS Excel format using a MATLAB Graphical User Interface (GUI). The variations in motor’s speed are also plotted automatically at the end of data acquisition. The GUI communicates with an Arduino that is interfaced with the speed sensor
Nonstandard GPS Receiver Using ESP32
Sometimes things do not fall in place and we curse ourselves for taking the wrong turn or making the wrong choice. But in P.B. Shelly’s words, when the realisation later dawns on us we feel like as described below by the poet
Condensed Water Atomiser For Air-conditioners
As the world gets hot due to global warming, air-conditioners are becoming a necessity to keep cool at home and workplaces. But at times it becomes difficult to provide proper drainage for the water condensed from air by the air-conditioners. It is not unusual, in absence of proper drainage, to collect the condensed water in buckets and throw it from time to time. This project aims to solve the problem
Digital Flow Meter For Water Pipes
Water meters installed in supply lines are common at residential, commercial, and industrial sites. These measure the volume of water flowing through the pipes generally in cubic metres. Presented here is a circuit that measures the amount of water in litres
Smart Glass That Can Read Books
We have seen many smart glasses to detect the distance between objects or help visually challenged persons to recognise people’s faces. Here we extend it to the next level using optical character recognition (OCR). Expanding the DIY project to its next version, we are now giving details to make a smart glass that can read text using OCR and computer vision. A camera mounted on the front of the glass for OCR and computer vision will thus allow visually challenged people also to read
Voice Activated Home Automation System For Bedridden Patients
This project can make life easier for bedridden patients and older people as their voice command can trigger the control section that adjusts their bed’s position. It can even control home appliances like lights, fan, AC, and TV, based on the command. Even children can operate the lights at night using voice commands without their parents’ assistance

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August 2021
Issue Vol. 53 No. 8

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