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October  2023   Issue Vol. 55  No. 10 

FUTURE: The Electrifying Landscape Of EV Charging Systems
Wireless charging, swappable charging, robotic charging—many different approaches have emerged to charge EVs. Why? How are they faring? Which ones will lead?

TRENDS: Private Wireless Networks: Reshaping Industry Connectivity And Efficiency
Explore how private wireless technology is transforming real-world industrial scenarios by overcoming operational challenges and ushering in a new era of connectivity, efficiency, and resilience through innovative solutions
TRENDS: Hyper-Real Platforms: Making The Metaverse More Real
As hyper-real platforms continue to push the boundaries of immersion and interaction in the metaverse, we are on the brink of a future where the line between the real and virtual worlds blurs, opening up infinite possibilities for how we live, work, and play
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
New Products
• Components & Chips
• Test & Measurement
• Boards
Industry News: Industry Updates
• US, India approve $1B collaborative fund for renewable energy infrastructure in India
• TATA Group to invest Rs 2 billion in chip test and packaging facility in Kolar
• Foxconn, Vedanta submit separate proposals for chip manufacturing in India
• Nvidia, Reliance Jio Infocomm partner to create AI infra for India
• Hira Group to invest Rs 1.5 billion in subsidiary Godawari’s EVs
TRENDS: Exploring Open Source Metaverse Platforms: Unlocking Virtual Creativity
Open source metaverse platforms hold the key to a future world of infinite possibilities. These platforms are inclusive, easily accessible, community driven, and encourage innovation. We take a quick look at some of them
INTERVIEW: “Projectors Are Gaining Momentum As An Alternative To TVs Or Home Theatre Systems” — Muneer Ahmed, Vice President, ViewSonic India
How is the market for projectors evolving? With the expanding screen sizes of TVs, are projectors losing out? Or is there some new technology or applications enabling them to survive and grow? These were our doubts which we sought to clarify during a discussion with Muneer Ahmed, Vice President of ViewSonic India. Read on to find out more...
INTERVIEW: Unveiling Innovations In Electronics Manufacturing: A Conversation With Shigenori Yuki Of DJK India
With a global presence spanning 18 countries, Daiichi Jitsugyo India Pvt Ltd (DJK), has been making waves in the electronics manufacturing industry. In a recent interview, Rahul Chopra and Sharad Bhowmick from EFY sat down with Shigenori Yuki, the Managing Director of DJK India, to delve into the strategies employed by DJK to navigate this dynamic landscape, tackle market fluctuations, and address customer demands. Furthermore, Yuki shares insights into preferred manufacturing equipment in the Indian market, challenges, and advancements in electronics manufacturing
COST: Is Costly Certification A Barrier In Kickstarting An Electronics Startup?
With smart choices, you can beat certification hurdles and bring your startup dreams to life, minus the crippling costs
GROWTH: When Brand Becomes An Asset
In the business world, character always outshines credentials. From philosophy to identity and associations, there is a process to build a standout brand. In his ongoing series on business asset management, next the author takes on how your brand can become your greatest asset. Your brand’s character holds the key
PROJECT: Advanced Alcohol Breath Analyser
In today’s world, the devastating consequences of accidents caused by drunk driving continue to make headlines. Drawing inspiration from real-life data, this remarkable advanced alcohol breath analyser has been developed
PROJECT: Wheat Germination Monitoring System
The present project was crafted to support farmers and wheat producers in effectively managing temperature and humidity for optimum production
CIRCUIT IDEA: Quiz Competition Buzzer For Eight Players/Teams
This is a comprehensive guide to a circuit that can be used for eight players/teams to participate in quiz competitions organised by schools or colleges. Normally, quiz circuits are designed with microcontrollers, but this simple circuit does not use any microcontroller. The heart of this circuit is a priority encoder, 74LS373
PROJECT: Remote Controlled Stereo FM Radio With RDS Using ESP-01
In this article, we will explore a straightforward method to create an IR remote-controlled FM radio with RDS (radio data system) using the ESP-01 module. We will utilise the Arduino IDE for software development and implementation. Our primary goal is to design an affordable, compact, lightweight, and portable battery-operated FM radio with RDS message display, complete with IR remote control for user-friendly operation
PROJECT: Implementing Doppler Radar In ADAS
In previous issues of EFY, we explored the ADAS (advanced driver assistance system), which used lidar, camera, and ROS for creation of the map. Now we are adding an important safety system for ADAS so that you can check the relative speed of moving vehicles. Also, it detects the lane and marks the safe distance from the front vehicle in real time using the radar
IT INFRA: Microservices Architecture, Containers, And Serverless Computing: Modern Tech For Digital Transformation
Microservices architecture, containers, and serverless computing are enabling businesses to build more resilient, scalable, and efficient applications. Let’s see how these technologies became so popular and the benefits they offer
FUTURE: Beyond The Basics: Designing Products For Future Expansion
Building on our series, we journey from axiomatic designs to future-proof product design strategies. In a world of evolving preferences, crafting winning products that command loyalty and premium value hinges on quality, customer affection, and lasting engagement
Startups and Innovators
• Transforming Agriculture With AI-Powered Smart Camera Pesticide Sprayers
• This Startup’s 2kW Batteries Can Be Charged 20% To 80% In 20 Minutes
• Altigreen To Be The First To Introduce Passenger Electric Three-Wheelers In Semi-Urban Areas
Truly Innovative Electronics
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Electronics
Research & Innovation Updates
• Elevated 3D object tracking through invisible tagging
• Revolutionising chip design with advanced EDA tools
• Brain-like chips and future technology innovations
• Collecting clean water from fog
• The superconducting diode effect in coupled Josephson junctions
• Dual-arm robot learns bimanual tasks from simulation
CIRCUIT: Interesting Reference Designs Of Remote Control

CIRCUIT IDEA: Password-Based Electrical Appliance Control
In today’s technologically advanced world, simplicity and security are paramount. Password-based electrical appliance control is a cost-effective solution that combines both these aspects. This project introduces a novel way to operate electrical appliances, such as lights or fans, using a secure password as the key. In this article, we delve into the concept, circuitry, working principle, and potential applications of this innovative system
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June 2024
Issue Vol. 56 No. 6

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