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November  2019   Issue Vol. 51  No. 11 

Collaboration Becoming Imperative for Electronics Manufacturing Services
The electronics manufacturing services (EMS) market in India will be highly dynamic in the coming year since India promises to emerge as a hotspot for electronics manufacturing among south-Asian nations, owing to such benefits as low operating costs and low competition, which provide ample potential for penetration by OEMs and EMS providers across different sets of verticals

E-Waste Management Leading to Lower Greenhouse Emissions
The government of India has notified E-Waste (Management) Rules in 2016 and E-Waste (Management) Amendment Rules in 2018 for eco-friendly recycling and reducing e-waste
Smart Fabrics Can Help Boost Smart Wearable Industry
Smart fabrics were initially developed for performance-enhancing purpose for professional athletes, but now their applications are expanding across various industries
Robotic Process Automation Helping Businesses
Moving forward, we will see mass adoption of tools like chatbots, straight-through processing and robotic process automation (RPA) for routine, repetitive processes
Could Electrical Wave Blaster Provide a New Way to Extinguish Fires?
Recently, researchers have discovered that application of large alternating current (AC)-producing oscillating electric fields can be used to suppress flames rapidly
Bluetooth Mesh: Putting the Smartness in Smart Buildings
This article is a part of the speech Martin Woolley delivered at India Electronics Week 2018, held in Bengaluru. Using his wit and humour, he explains the intricacies of the latest Bluetooth technology and its applicability for lighting and other purposes
Why You Should Use a Backup Solution to Protect Your Cloud Data
Many organisations believe once their data is in the cloud their worries are over. The author, however, gives convincing reasons for organisations to invest in a cloud backup solution to create a fool-proof situation around their data
How Thinking Version of the IoT Can Make Buildings Smart
This article is an extract from a speech delivered by Sattwati Kundu, data scientist, IoT IBM Software Labs, at IOTSHOW.IN 2019. Kundu has a demonstrated history of working in the IT and upstream oil and energy industries. On her LinkedIn profile, she describes herself as a “strong engineering professional skilled in petroleum science, reservoir management, data analysis and predictive modelling”
How 5G and LTE IoT Can Revolutionise Industrial Internet of Things
This article has been curated based on a speech given by Uday Dodla, director - product marketing, Qualcomm India, at IOTSHOW.IN 2019, held in Bengaluru. Dodla discusses Long Term Evolution Internet of Things (LTE IoT), how useful it is and how 5G can power the Industrial IoT (IIoT) in the near future
AI in Aviation: Are You Ready to Fly Without a Human Pilot?
As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve and expand, companies are seeing huge changes in the field of aviation. Big brands are investing in AI technology to enhance their products and services to better serve their customers
Make a Smart Presentation IR Pointer Using Arduino
Smart presentation pointers are readily available in the market but are expensive. Here is a simple, easy-to-build, inexpensive and infrared (IR)-based smart slide pointer using Arduino Leonardo
Download source code
HEALTH: The Popularity of Fitness Apps
Daily routines and schedules have become extremely hectic and, hence, it is important to maintain proper diet and physical fitness. Perfect fitness can help people get rid of mental stress, but to maintain that by hitting the gym or yoga classes on a daily basis is a difficult task for many
Industry News: Industry Updates
• India could become a solar power battery hub: PM Modi
• MeitY to push for more incentives to attract electronics manufacturers
• ISRO spectrum demand likely to hit
5G rollout in India
Tech News: Technology Updates
• Indian Oil developing batteries from indigenous metals to power EVs
• A smart artificial hand for amputees merges user and robotic control
• Researchers develop an ultrathin, artificial muscle for soft robotics
Smart Inhalers Enabling Better Respiratory Care
Smart inhalers can be used to administer the correct dose of medicine and track patient health when connected to an app that can gather data
How Nanogenerator Band Can Heal Wounds Faster
The triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) is a fascinating technology that dramatically speeds up healing. It reduces healing time to one-fourth of the normal healing process. It can heal even nasty wounds of a diabetic patient. Moreover, the bio-degradable triboelectric nanogenerator (BD-TENG) is, as the name suggests, biodegradable. This means there is no need to open up the patient’s body for taking out the implant
How Robots and Drones Can Help Improve Services and Security
With growing need to address security threats across organisations, their security teams are becoming more focused, replacements are sought for repeatable tasks of detecting and monitoring. Such technology solutions as robots and drones are increasingly becoming capable of meeting these replacement needs
Parking Management Made Smarter
One of the consequences of urbanisation has been increased vehicle population leading to heavy traffic on roads every day. Even after reaching the venue, improper parking often results in inability to find a parking space. Due to this, a lot of time and fuel gets wasted. After facing such issues themselves, Tridib Konwar and Mriganka Deka founded ParkingRhino in 2015 to digitise parking management for easy detection and booking of available parking space on-demand
“Narrowing down to a particular ML algorithm is largely centred on business decisions” — Sudeshna Datta, co-founder and executive vice president, Absolutdata
With artificial intelligence (AI) businesses can identify and unearth hidden revenue streams, run highly personalised campaigns at a large scale and garner many meaningful insights unlike traditional methods. Sudeshna Datta, co-founder and executive vice president, Absolutdata, explains to Deepshikha Shukla how AI can eliminate the need for manual intervention, while enhancing productivity and giving businesses access to massive data sets in real time
Make a Battery-Operated Portable Temperature Measurement System
This project presents a K-type thermocouple-based temperature measurement system using MSP430G2553 microcontroller (MCU). The MCU reads sensor data and updates it on a four-digit, seven-segment display, and also sends it to a smartphone through Bluetooth module
Download source code
Make Your Own FM Transmitter for Broadcasting
This is one of the simplest FM transmitters that can be built. It does not require any tuning, and transmit frequency is crystal locked to 90MHz. It eliminates frequency drift common to LC-based FM transmitters. This design is best suited for broadcasting voice or music up to a distance of fifty metres depending on the antenna used
Wireless Communication Keeping Pace with Next-Gen Technologies
To keep pace with the new technologies like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and 5G spectrum, the wireless technologies are also getting upgraded. Here is a peek at what’s happening in the areas of short-range as well as long-range communication
Drastic Changes Happening in T&M With Arrival of 5G
To ensure safety of travellers, aerospace and marine applications need high-end testing of every component in every possible condition
New Tech Makes Drone Flights Stable and Safer
To operate in space, safety is a paramount challenge when it comes to drones. Drone designing is creating new markets and jobs, and changing social infrastructure and airspace policies
Satellite Data Enabling Better Decision-Making
Use of satellite data helps governments and industries make better decisions at the right time and provide new services. ICEYE has developed its synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) sensor technologies suitable for satellites weighing under hundred kilograms. It has launched a small satellite SAR imaging constellation, which is customised for high revisit rate and frequent delivery of high-resolution imagery
Build a Real-Time USB Data Logging System
Presented here is a USB-based real-time data logging system using PIC18F452 microcontroller (MCU), VNC1L-1A USB host controller chip, DS1302 RTC chip and LCD. The system has the flexibility to set time and duration of data measurement
Download source code
7 Best Practices for Securing the Public Cloud
The author explains the seven most important steps in securing the public cloud that every organisation can follow
Using Low Dropout Regulators for Consumer Electronics
To keep up with recent demands for linear regulators in consumer electronic equipment, overall performance of low dropout regulators (LDO) regulators, such as power conversion performance, additional functions to adapt themselves into consumer electronics easily and reliability are being closely examined and proven
“The PCB design ecosystem in India is not supported adequately by hardware prototyping” — C. Krishna Rao, chairman; Dr V. Venkata Ramani, director - business development; and S. Rambabu, general manager - commercial and technical, Sulakshana Circuits Ltd, Hyderabad
With the increasing role of electronics in everyday life, the need for a reliable PCB supplier is critical. C. Krishna Rao, chairman; Dr V. Venkata Ramani, director - business development; and S. Rambabu, general manager - commercial and technical, Sulakshana Circuits Ltd, Hyderabad, throw light on the same, in an interaction with Baishakhi Dutta
Build Your Own Miniature VAW Meter
The circuit presented here can measure voltage (V), current (A) and wattage (W) on an OLED. It is actually voltmeter, ammeter and wattmeter circuits combined in one unit. It is a useful tool for testing circuits, desktop power supplies, battery chargers, mini inverters and so on
Download source code
Build a Smart Touch-Controlled Multi-Doorbell System
Technology is advancing daily and everything is turning smarter. A number of traditional devices that we use in our homes are becoming smarter now, including doorbells that are evolving with new features and styles. Today you will find many fancy doorbells in the market with touch switch system, but these are very costly to set up and everybody cannot afford them
Download source code
Software and Apps
• Software For aviation
• Mobile Apps For Aviation
“Cyber-crime is becoming more sophisticated as well as lucrative” — Krishna Raj Sharma, director and chief executive officer, iValue InfoSolutions
In today’s digital world, data privacy is a concern for everyone, which makes it mandatory to follow proper security measures for data protection. Krishna Raj Sharma, director and chief executive officer, iValue InfoSolutions, discusses the importance of security for enterprises and how integrated security solutions can protect data from threats, in an interaction with Ayushee Sharma
Use MQTT Protocol in Smartphones and Raspberry Pi
The article demonstrates the use of Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol in smartphones and Raspberry Pi
A Travel Tool That Solves Luggage Woes
Travelling is one of the most fun things to do as it gives us memories to cherish forever. But often, we find that luggage becomes the worst part of the process. VAGO, founded by Leon, came up with an on-the-go compression device in April 2016 to solve the luggage issues—it was a successfully-backed Kickstarter project
Augmented Reality Revolutionising Sports
Technology has changed the lifestyle of people as well as dramatically altered the way businesses work. While in the sports market many new ideas have come up, the nature of physical sports remains the same even now. Changing this scenario, augmented reality (AR) makes it possible to use technology beyond generic video games
Convert 12V DC to 9V DC Using IC LM2576
You may already have on hand a 12V AC/DC adaptor or 12V from your PC or 12V battery, but you need a 9V, 2.5A DC power supply for your embedded system. Certainly, you will need a DC-to-DC converter for the same. You can use a linear regulator but that requires a large heat-sink. Here is a better solution to convert 12V DC to 9V DC using a five-lead TO-220 package IC LM2576
FIRST LOOK: Some New Gadgets
• Android TV
• Pocket camera
• Smartphone
• Laptop
• Smartband
• Gaming headphones
BUYERS' GUIDE: Automate Your Home With AI/ML-Based Smart Speakers
Gone are the days when a speaker was just used for playing music. Today, you can command such smart home devices as smart plugs, smart bulbs/switches, smart locks and door cameras without even getting up, using a smart speaker. From streaming your favourite music and entertainment content on the speaker or compatible TV to activities like getting news updates, setting daily reminders and voice messaging, most speakers enable multiple actions with routine and hands-free control
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April 2020
Issue Vol. 52 No. 4

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