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May  2024   Issue Vol. 56  No. 5 

GROWTH: Automotive Electronics Industry Growth Prospects And Strategies
From electric vehicles (EVs) to autonomous vehicles, discover the challenges, key players, and market segments driving a $136 billion industry revolutionising vehicles and the transportation landscape

Startups & Innovators
• TeleObservance And TelePresence Through ToTo Robot
• Pune Startup Gives Birth To New Two-Wheeler Form Factor
• upliance.ai’s ChefGPT Is Here To Up Your Culinary Skills
POLICY: How East-West Power Corridor Can Extend Time For Solar-PV And Wind Power Generation
Embracing innovative solutions like a dedicated east-west HVDC corridor for combined solar-PV and wind power transmission can pave the way for a more sustainable energy future, blending efficiency with environmental stewardship
INTERVIEW: Pros And Cons: Boult’s Varun Gupta On Contract Electronics Manufacturing
While contract electronics manufacturing is not a new concept in India, it has lately picked up a pace never seen before. But what has it enabled for one of India’s leading wearables and hearables brand, Boult? The company’s Co-founder, Varun Gupta, shares with EFY’s Mukul Yudhveer Singh
TRENDS: Digital Arms Race: The Code And Consequences Of State-Sponsored Malware
From Stuxnet to WannaCry—the critical analysis of state-sponsored malware and its implications for global cyber stability
TECHNOLOGY: Designing Safer And Better Electric Car Batteries
As technology advances, batteries evolve. From aerogels to CTP designs, what are the latest breakthroughs in battery safety and performance?
BUSINESS: India’s World Automotive Leadership Relies On Semiconductor
As India accelerates towards automotive excellence, semiconductor innovation fuels the journey, promising a future where Indian-made chips drive the wheels of progress worldwide
CIRCUIT: Interesting Reference Designs Of Fans

BASICS: The Evolution And Importance Of Intermediate Frequency
Ever wondered why the intermediate frequency (IF) in radios is fixed at 455kHz? The concept of IF is not only fascinating but highly relevant till date. To truly grasp how wireless communication has evolved and where it is headed, understanding the importance of IF is essential
AUTOMOTIVE: New Smarter And Faster Ways Of Car Manufacturting
Curious about the smarter side of car manufacturing? New tech like virtual tests and digital twins are shaping the way to smarter and faster car production techniques, thus transforming the way cars are built for improved efficiency and speed
CIRCUIT IDEA: Digital Thermometer
Thermometers have been useful for temperature measurement since a long time. A digital thermometer is an electronic device used for accurate temperature measurement. Unlike traditional analogue thermometers, which use mercury or other liquids, digital thermometers utilise electronic sensors to detect and display temperature readings
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
New Products
• Components & Modules
• Embedded
• Manufacturing Equipment
• Test & Measurement
INTERVIEW: “AIC-T-Hub Aims To Grow Startups So More Indian Unicorns Can Contribute To The GDP” — Rajesh Adla, CEO, AIC-T-Hub
T-Hub has collaborated with Atal Incubation Centre (AIC), initiated by the Atal Innovation Mission to incubate semiconductor startups, fostering innovation for India’s advancement in entrepreneurship, contributing to GDP and employment opportunities. In a conversation with EFY’s Yashasvini Razdan, AIC-T-Hub’s CEO, Rajesh Adla, reveals what sets apart AIC-T-Hub from other incubators
FUTURE: Energy Storage Solution Enters Iron Age (Part 1)
In this series we shall be just scratching the surface of the iron-air battery saga. Their promise sparks a crucial question: Can this unassuming metal redefine our energy landscape?
PROJECT: ChatGPT Terminal That Talks Using Google TTS
This project takes the ChatGPT terminal introduced in November 2023 issue to the next level where it now speaks like a VoiceGPT. In this new design, the function of speaking out the questions and answers has been added by incorporating an I2S sound module like the MAX98357A and a 4-ohm loudspeaker. The output power is impressive and distortion-free; it must be heard to be believed
Industry News: Industry Updates
• Electronics becomes India’s fifth largest export category
• Tamil Nadu exports highest number of electronics goods in 2023
• India, US, South Korea to collaborate in technology sector
• HPE partners with VVDN for servers manufactured in India
PROJECT: Batteryless E-paper Display
As technology advances, various energy harvesting methods have emerged, leading to a new era of batteryless sensors. The batteryless E-paper display proposed here is one such design. (Electronic paper, also known as electronic ink (e-ink) or intelligent paper, is a display device that mimics the appearance of ordinary ink on paper.) It might be surprising, but it is no longer considered rocket science or science fiction
CIRCUIT IDEA: Light Cum Room Freshener Module With Two Options
This light cum room freshener module offers two choices. In the first choice, the room freshener spray and a small LED light get activated for three to five seconds. In the second choice, where a switch is employed, the spray stops (after three to five seconds), but the LED continues to glow. The second choice can double up as a night bedside lamp cum room freshener with your favourite choice of scent
Truly Innovative Electronics
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Electronics
Research & Innovation Updates
• Analogue chips to offer digital precision with analogue efficiency and speed
• New tech turns cars into mobile health diagnostics centres for drivers
• New material can reduce lithium in EV batteries up to 70%
• Bifacial solar panels harvest energy from both sides and are 70% cheaper
• Salt-grain size wireless chips can help monitor internal body health
PROJECT: Smart Timer For Liquid Mosquito Repellents
As the hazards of mosquitoes are increasing day by day, the usage of liquid (electric) mosquito repellents is on the rise as well. These devices are widely employed for ensuring a good night’s sleep and are also commonly found in offices to enhance work environments. Most liquid mosquito repellents are ruggedly constructed and operate continuously once activated. But the continuous operation of these mosquito repellents causes the vapour content in the room to exponentially increase over time, which can cause harmful breathing effects and allergic reactions
Electroons 2.0
Some stunning cartoons
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May 2024
Issue Vol. 56 No. 5

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