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May  2021   Issue Vol. 53  No. 5 

CIRCUITS: How To Overcome The Challenges To Designing Cutting-Edge Wearables
Since their introduction, wearables have taken over our lives by storm, helping us monitor daily activities in our busy schedules. And although many hurdles lie ahead for developing high-end devices, there are feasible solutions as well. They just need meticulous implementation

EMBEDDED: Designing With Protection Against EMC, EMI And ESD
The effects of electrostatic discharge and interference is often ignored by designers, which results in their rejection, especially in global markets. The designers need to take care of such international standards as FCC, CE, and VCCI if they want their products to succeed in international markets. This article explains the causes of failure as well as the remedies
INNOVATION: Radar Absorbing Materials – Key To Stealth
Radar absorbing materials are a special kind of polymer that convert radar energy into some other form of energy, such as heat, thus improving the stealth of a military aircraft. But there is a vast variety of such materials, each having its own characteristics and thus application
INNOVATION: Emergence Of Sodium-Ion Batteries
When scarcity of lithium required for lithium-ion batteries is affecting large-scale production of these batteries, the emergence of alternatives such as sodium-ion batteries is gaining importance. But will these be able to replace the lithium-ion batteries soon enough and prove better in the long run?
RESEARCH: How Nature’s Language Is Being Translated In Biomimetic Technology
A product designed using biomimetic technology is not only innovative but also potentially sustainable. Nature works as a system that gives effective and sustainable outcomes
INTERVIEW: “The Opportunity Is Tremendous For Engineers And Entrepreneurs Getting Into The Field Of Chip Design” — Venkata Sudhakar Simhadri, MD & CEO, MosChip
Electronics and semiconductors are occupying headlines across the globe. What are the learnings for our industry? What are the key opportunities opening for India? To find out answers to such questions we spoke to industry veteran Venkata Sudhakar Simhadri, MD & CEO of MosChip. Here are some extracts of our discussion
INNOVATION: When It Comes To Innovation, Data Is Useless
While hypothesis testing is the key to generate new and relevant data, experimentation culture and discipline are essential to see that through its full lifecycle. Experimentation culture is difficult to build. But once it is there, it goes a long way in the innovation journey
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
Truly Innovative Tech
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Tech
Industry News: Industry Updates
• Billion dollars incentive for making semiconductor chips in India
• PLI scheme for mobile manufacture showing good results
• PLI scheme for solar PV modules manufacture approved
• Cabinet approves PLI scheme for white goods
• India to become top EV maker in the world: Nitin Gadkari
INTERVIEW: “We’ve Realised That If Any Country Can Beat China In Robotics, It’s India” — Sangeet Kumar, Co-founder & CEO, Addverb Technologies
Due to fierce competition from Chinese companies, it is a big risk starting a robotics manufacturing facility in India. But Sangeet Kumar, CEO, Addverb Technologies and his four co-founders took calculated risk and believed they could emerge successful. They were backed by Jalaj Dani, co-promoter of the Asian Paints. Excerpts from the conversation with Sangeet Kumar follow below
STRATEGY: Are You Waiting For Another Pandemic To Have A Digital Strategy?
The year 2020 was one of the biggest—if not the biggest—in terms of challenges that industries and businesses faced worldwide. Among these, the hardest hit were the manufacturing industries and all the other verticals of businesses that require people to be present on the work-floor
POLICIES: Capex Vs Opex Approach Of The PLI For IT Hardware Manufacture
The government, while announcing the production linked incentive (PLI) scheme for IT hardware manufacture, did not shy away from admitting that the IT hardware manufacturing capability and capacity in the country has progressively declined and many units have either ceased operation or are operating at low capacity. It now aims to encourage the ‘champions’ to set shop in India. But is this new Opex based PLI scheme good enough?
Tech News: Technology Updates
• Next-gen transparent electronics for applications of the future
• Long lasting, power lithium batteries
• Wearable devices powered with energy harvested from radio waves
• Impressive ultra-thin sensor suitable for health monitoring
• Nanotransistors that stay cool even at high voltages
Milliamp Meter For 1mA To 100mA
Low-current measurements are generally not reliable due to resolution of the measurement devices, which are mainly meant for measuring a current of a few hundreds of milliamps to a few amps. This circuit can measure currents of the order of 1mA with better accuracy, and therefore can be useful for DIY projects
Download source code
Simple Air-Quality And Gas Monitor With Notifications On Phone And Email
The Internet of Things (IoT) is commonly used in homes and industries for monitoring sensor values. In this project, the Blynk IoT platform is used to get notifications through smartphone and email when the air-quality sensor detects a value that exceeds the user-defined limit. It can also be used as a gas leakage monitor
Download source code
Rail Track Temperature Monitoring System
All Indian Railway Permanent Way offices monitor rail tracks to record their maximum and minimum temperature of the day at hourly intervals. It is done to check the metal shrinkage during winters and expansion during hot weather. This is required for track maintenance activities such as hot or cold weather patrolling, packing of gaps found in the tracks, checking long welded rail (LWR) tracks, and other issues that could cause derailment and mishaps
Download source code
SYSTEMS: Understanding Bluetooth Internet Gateways For IoT Solutions
Based on some work carried out by the Bluetooth SIG relating to the integration of Bluetooth devices with the Internet and IoT architecture, here are some interesting results
Simple 5W Mono Audio Amplifier
This mono AF amplifier uses a single 5-pin LA4425A IC to deliver 5-watt output through a 4-ohm, 5-watt loudspeaker. The datasheet of LA4425A recommends a 13.2V power supply to get 5-watt output. A suitable heat-sink may be used for the IC for protection, especially if a higher voltage supply is used
Crystal-Controlled Shortwave Transmitter
A shortwave transmitter can be built with IC CD4049, which is used as an oscillator and a buffer amplifier. The transmitter can be crystal controlled to work at a frequency of 3MHz to 5MHz, which includes the ham radio bands of 3.5MHz to 3.7MHz and 3.89MHz to 3.9MHz
SYSTEMS: TensorFlow Lite: An Open Source Deep Learning Framework For Handheld Devices
This article talks about the use of machine learning and deep learning models on handheld devices like mobile phones, Raspberry Pi, and microcontrollers
SYSTEMS: Autopilot Applications For Autonomous Vehicles
The article describes how various autopilot applications have evolved and are now helping in making autinomous vehicles that are safe enough to be driven even by the physically challenged and visually impaired people
MY STORY: “Forced Out Of His Home In Childhood, He Is The President Of India’s Most Promising Smartphone Brand Today” — Sunil Raina, president and business head, Lava International
What are the chances of you agreeing to do an interaction with your team, or with somebody from the media, on the day you are expecting to get a Covid-19 test done? Or what are the chances of you getting the coronavirus test done in the middle of a conversation with someone from the media?
This happens to be Sunil Raina, president and business head, Lava International. With Lava now manufacturing under the Performance Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme for smartphones, he is one of the busiest guys on the circuit today. When the team at Electronics For You magazine approached Lava International, it was made clear that finding more than fifteen minutes of Sunil Raina’s time would be difficult. But with the success stories of Lava doing the rounds, we were keen to deep dive into the lives and traits of people who are the pillars behind such success. One of those being Sunil Raina, the man who was forced out of his home in his childhood, the one who came from an Urdu educational background and had to learn how to read and write everything in English, one who slept in gurudwaras and dharamshalas while job hunting. This is Sunil Raina’s story!
On/Off Remote Control For Two Appliances
This project will enable remote control of two electrical appliances. It makes use of a TV or DVD remote that uses modulated infrared (IR) pulse train operating at 38kHz frequency
Arduino Album That Shows Photographs One By One Automatically
Normally, we keep the photographs we take in a photo album to view or show to our friends or family later. This Arduino album can display those digital photographs one by one, sequentially, on TFT LCD colour display. The digital photographs are read from the SD card containing the photographs by Arduino and then displayed on a colour TFT LCD screen
Download source code
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May 2021
Issue Vol. 53 No. 5

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