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May  2020   Issue Vol. 52  No. 5 

Breaking Down The Buzz Around Quantum Computing
Quantum computing helps scientists and researchers in solving problems above a certain complexity. Quantum computers derive their power by utilising quantum mechanics and marvels such as superposition and entanglement, which allows them to perform a variety of computational tasks exponentially faster than classical computers

National Supercomputing Mission, India

How 3D Printing Is Transforming Businesses
3D printing has become an integral part of several sectors such as healthcare, aerospace, architecture, automotive and industrial goods. It has led to increase in the productivity and efficiency of the different sectors, and surely has a bright future for industries worldwide
Solar-Powered Charging For Electric Vehicles
Electric vehicles (EVs) have become the latest trend in the modern world, but power should be generated only through renewable energies like solar, considering the global warming issue around the globe. The introduction of solar charging stations at various places has made it easy for the public to charge their vehicles and reduce range anxiety
Do Space Rovers Promise A Better Future For Space Technology?
In the rapidly transforming technological world, India is currently focusing its attention on emerging technologies. Though not by design, space rover technology is still an emerging sector in India
Design Your Own Electric Vehicle Battery Charging Solutions
The application note below should help designers make their own electric vehicle battery charging solutions. If required, help is available from the company
Electronics With Lithium-Ion Batteries
Lithium battery packs are particularly sensitive to faults caused by external shorts, runaway charging conditions and abusive overcharging, which can cause potentially damaging over-current and over-temperature conditions. Hence, there is a need to enforce safety regulations and established test requirements for lithium-ion and lithium-polymer packs to demonstrate their resilience to both short-circuit and overcharge events
Neural Network Preceptors: How Deep Learning Can Help Solve AI Problems
This article, using an example, shows how deep learning mechanism can help solve an artificial intelligence (AI) problem. It gives a good insight on how layers in training data can be formed
Touch The Future Together With Multi-Touch Technology
We not only see touch technology in science fiction movies, but also in real life across thousands of businesses that focus on customer engagement
Growth Of Edge And Cloud Computing In Business
With the introduction of edge computing and cloud computing, companies have reached a different level in terms of growth and productivity. These technologies provide several benefits such as cost reduction, data analysis, enhanced security and more, which in turn has led to development of businesses all over the globe
India’s Imports And Exports Of Telecom Equipment From April 2018 To March 2019

“We Help Startups In Every Possible Way During The Incubation Period” — Sanjeev Chopra, chief executive officer, Electropreneur Park
A brainchild of the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), Electropreneur Park helps electronics startups through the processes of incubation, acceleration and pitching to VCs. Sanjeev Chopra, chief executive officer, Electropreneur Park, in an exclusive conversation with Mukul Yudhveer Singh, sheds light on how the organisation is helping India based startups incubate, accelerate and pitch ideas to VCs
Enjoy This Wireless 3D Mouse And Keyboard
We have seen different types of human interface devices (HID), such as mouse and keyboard. In older versions of the mouse, optical sensors were used to detect movement relative to a surface, thus they required a smooth surface to function properly. They could work in only two coordinates. With advancements in technology, we are now talking about 3D user interfaces (3D UI). So, let us make a 3D HID device which has the capability to work in all three coordinates
Download source code
This IR Remote Can Control Up To Eight Devices
This project based on an 8-bit ATmega328P microcontroller (MCU) can control up to eight devices connected to its electromagnetic relays. The article also describes how to program an MCU to accept infrared (IR) remote control signals for controlling the relays
Download source code
High-Performance Smart Water Meters
Consumption of different forms of energy including electricity, gas, and water by residential, commercial and industrial establishments is measured using meters. As water becomes scarce in many areas, smart water meters are finding widespread use worldwide due to such features as accurate and precise reading, communication control, automatic fault detection and more. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the past decade, sensors and mobile apps are getting more commonly employed to automate remote monitoring of consumption levels and billing in real time. Ultrasonic and magnetic flow meters are the most common choices for measuring water usage
Leveraging Trapped-Ion Technology For Quantum Computing
Quantum computing is considered an efficient and precise way of solving complex problems which may not get easily solved by even the largest supercomputers in fields like chemistry, medicine, finance, and logistics. In comparison to the rest of the modern computing methods, it consumes less power and speed of computation is remarkably high
Present Status Of Quantum Based Superfast Computer
This article is a review of the present status of quantum computers, which can solve certain problems much faster than a classical computer. Their future is now much more exciting and awaited
Industry News: Industry Updates
• Production linked incentive scheme for electronics manufacturing
• Assistance for modified electronics manufacturing clusters
• Incentives for electronic components and semiconductors manufacture
• Opportune time for India as companies shift base from China
Quantum Dots Transforming The Medical Field
Quantum dots (QDs), popularly used as QLED displays in TVs, are now playing a crucial role in the development and transformation of the medical field. QDs are now being used in advanced and intelligent applications like bio-imaging, drug delivery, sensing, and therapy
We Lost The Tail, Is The Brain Next?
Million years ago, humans lost the tail, would the brain be the next, thanks to artificial intelligence?
Ten AI Trends Revolutionising Manufacturing Industry
Artificial intelligence (AI) has been playing a crucial role in the growth of manufacturing industries by boosting productivity and efficiency. The article below explores some of the trends that AI technology is bringing in the modern manufacturing industries like smart factories, 3D printing and blockchain. These trends ensure more flexibility and improve speed and quality of products
Emerging Wireless Standards For Next-Gen IoT Applications
This article is based on a talk by Rittu Sachdev, RF engineer, Texas Instruments, at India Electronics Week 2019 organised by EFY Group. She explains how communication standards that started off with non-IoT (Internet of Things) applications are now evolving to help the IoT
Performance Evaluation Of Upgraded Data Centre Infrastructure
The demands on data centres have increased tremendously with the introduction of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and now autonomous vehicles. Besides, video, cloud computing, and other bandwidth-intensive applications are forcing operators to rapidly increase network capacity. So network equipment manufacturers now need best-in-class test equipment to support them
“Autonomous And Connected Car Technologies Are Making The Vehicles Safe, Intelligent, And Efficient” — Alexander Klotz, head of Technical Center India, Continental Automotive
With a focus on safety and economic growth, connected and autonomous vehicles are the future of mobility in smart cities. Alexander Klotz, head of Technical Center India, Continental Automotive, explains what needs to be done to achieve various capabilities of such vehicles and their benefits, in an interaction with Ayushee Sharma
Making This Versatile Arduino-Based Frequency Generator Is Simple
This is a simple function generator that works in the audio frequency range. It can be useful for amplifier testing, experimentation in digital signal processing (DSP) and electronics labs
Download source code
Arduino Based Liquid Vending Machine
This is an automatic liquid vending machine based on radio-frequency identification (RFID) system. A fixed amount of liquid can be dispensed by swiping an RFID tag across the RFID reader. An alphanumeric LCD is used to display the operation and instructions for users to follow while dispensing the liquid. This machine could be implemented in organisations like hospitals and colleges (medical, engineering, etc) to provide 24-hour service to customers with no humans involved
Download source code
A Robot For People With Spinal Disabilities
Industry 4.0 technologies like robotics and machine learning find numerous uses in the medical field that directly or indirectly improve the lives of affected people. Capitalising on this potential, Bulgarian startup IRise Mechanics 357 is developing innovative robotic mobility devices for people with lower limb disabilities
Preventing Machine Failure Using Predictive Maintenance
When a major machinery breaks down because of electrical issues or component failure, you lose money every hour! This requires scalable, sustainable, and cost-effective monitoring to maximise runtime productivity and reduce expense on maintenance. Industry 4.0 is revolutionising manufacture and maintenance with the help of sensor-based technology that can help save time, prevent costly downtime, and increase profits
The IoT And Drones For Digitally Transforming Industries
Machinery and structures like pipelines, stacks, chimneys, and tanks used in several industries need regular monitoring and inspection to ensure reliability and accuracy in results. When done manually, this can be a tedious, risky and expensive task. This becomes especially challenging when the structures are at high temperatures. IIT Madras incubated startup Detect Technologies was founded in 2016 to automate such inspection processes through their suite of patented products such as Gumps (Guided Ultrasonic Monitoring Pipelines System), Noctua, T-pulse and Apis
DIGITAL: Smart Pen: A Smart Thing To Enhance Note-Taking Skills
High-tech gadgets have been speedily replacing or getting rid of the traditional models of many items. However, pen and paper are still retaining their place amid the technological changes that are taking place. For those who still prefer the feel of holding a pen in hand and writing on a paper, smart pens are a great option. No doubt, the process of taking notes on the paper and then typing them on the computer later, is time-consuming as well as a monotonous task to do
Tech News: Technology Updates
• Remote health monitoring system to combat Covid-19
• VersaTouch brings touch localisation and force sensing to everyday surfaces
• OmniTact: A high-resolution tactile sensor for robotics applications
• New scavenger technology allows robots to eat metal for energy
• Intel launches 10th generation of Intel Core H-series chipsets
Scopes And Impact Of Cloud Computing On Banking
With the introduction of cloud computing, things have become easier and much accessible in banking and financial sectors. Cloud computing is a hybrid technology that helps in storing and recovering huge data of the banks, besides cost reduction and better customer services
FIRST LOOK: Some New Gadgets
• Wireless headphone
• Smart vacuum cleaner
• Earbuds
• Wi-Fi routers
• Fitness tracker
• Smartphone
This Gauss Meter Is Simple To Make
Presented here is the design of a low-cost Gauss meter using a linear Hall effect sensor and a standard alkaline battery. A Gauss meter is used to measure the strength of a magnetic field. Here, in order to make sure that the meter readings are stable over the life of the battery, a low-drop fixed voltage regulator is used, which supplies a steady DC power source to the Hall effect sensor
BUYERS' GUIDE: Top Smartwatches With Cutting-Edge Features Under Rs 10,000
Technology has become an important aspect of our lives and has changed our daily schedules in various ways. Most importantly, technology has become smart these days. As an example people can switch off their lights using their smartphones. Not only that, people can even command their speakers to listen to their favourite music via AI-enabled smart assistants such as Siri, Cortana and Alexa. Mobile phones are one of the first gadgets that turned smart and subsequently, other gadgets followed equipped with the Internet of Things (IoT)
Software and Apps
• Software Tools For Quantum Computing
• Mobile Apps For Quantum Computing
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June 2020
Issue Vol. 52 No. 6

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