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March  2021   Issue Vol. 53  No. 3 

TRENDS: Blockchain To The Rescue: Eliminating Fraud In Food Supply Chain
Food fraud is a persistent problem in our globalised food supply chain. Driven by the complexity of today’s global food system, food fraud continues to thrive. So, the need to prevent it is becoming increasingly compelling, not only from the standpoint of public health but also from legal and financial concerns

CHALLENGE: Need For Legal Compliance For Safe Solar Energy Waste Disposal
Strong legislative laws need to be framed by government authorities for mandatory recycling of solar energy system waste instead of landfilling, considering the massive 75,00,000 tons of waste that is likely to be generated until 2050. Solar module recycling is not yet commercially viable and is a net cost for the industry
TRENDS: Role Of Information Technology In Covid-19 Research
Currently, our entire planet is grappling with a calamity of a magnitude never ever experienced before—the deadly and highly infectious Covid-19 pandemic. It is a ‘black swan event’ comparable with the World War II catastrophe that adversely affected every aspect of human life
THE FUTURE: Hacking Humans: 21st Century Prophecy
How to live in a world where human beings can be hacked? How to protect democracy and the very meaning of human life when a computer algorithm can know us better than our mothers do? That is the most intricate challenge for our future generations
RESEARCH: Cybersecurity Perspective In Quantum Computing
Along with the immense promise of quantum computing come the enhanced security threats too. This has opened up a whole new field known as post quantum security
TRENDS: Magnificent Spiral Speakers Shaped Like Nautilus
We come across speakers in various shapes and sizes in our daily life. These are made to give the best performance possible within the size and price constraints. But what if we did not have any constraint, and wanted to produce the best possible speakers? Nature has solution to most problems, including this. Read on to find out, how
TRENDS: Implementing Blockchain For Large Enterprise Solutions
Blockchain consortia are creating a massive hype in the market. Many enterprises are highly interested in this type of network and willing to join consortia to gain optimal benefits of blockchain technology. However, there are still lots of unknown facts regarding how a consortium works and how it is governed, etc
SYSTEMS: Open Source Platforms And Suites For Robotic Simulations
The free and open source robotics development frameworks are widely used for industrial, social, corporate, military, and related applications. These are programmable libraries with support to customise as per the requirements of the domain in which to implement
Dashboard: Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business

Truly Innovative Tech
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Tech
Tech News: Technology Updates
• Light based 3D printing improves efficiency
• Device that uses body heat to power wearables
• AI helps curb Covid-19 mutations
• Sensors aboard Mars rover collect atmospheric data
• Photonic D-A converter developed for next-gen hardware
• Electronic displays that are biodegradable
Rotating-Wheel LED Lights For Decoration At Functions
This circuit produces a rotating-wheel like LED lights pattern, which can be used to decorate public halls during parties, festivals, and marriage functions. The concept is based on persistence of vision
SMART WORLD: How Blockchain Is Transforming The Travel And Hospitality Industry
Blockchain is proving its potential in and changing the travel industry’s status quo by playing a major role in keeping the network secure, protected, and trusted. Hundreds of blockchain developers are working in India
INTERVIEW: “We Aim To Work With Centres Of Excellence And Help Them Pragmatically” — Harshad Mehta, Visicon Power
Harshad Mehta and his team at Visicon Power are on the verge of setting up India’s first manufacturing plant for Silicon Carbide (SiC) components! The team has already partnered with leading research and academic institutions to ensure that they have access to India’s cutting-edge talent, labs, and resources! Here are some interesting excerpts from our interaction with him...
The Forgotten Crystal Radio – Revisited
You may be wondering about this article on a crystal radio in an era of digital broadcasting and digital audio. Crystal radios were quite popular and played an important role in communication from 1920s to 1940s. The number of people using crystal radio substantially reduced after transistor radios came into the market in 1960s. Even though the crystal radio is a hundred years old, it is still living as a hobby in several countries where medium wave (MW) and short wave (SW) amplitude modulated (AM) transmission are available on air
Simple 5W Stereo Amplifier For Noise-Free Music
This simple stereo audio amplifier is based on a 12-pin TA8207K IC, which is inexpensive and easily available. In addition, it requires only a few resistors and electrolytic and ceramic capacitors. You can get output power of about 4.6W for each (left and right) channel using a 12V DC supply
Fast-Moving Drone For Public Announcements
Racing drones are fast and can therefore cover long distances quickly. We can use racing drones for other applications as well such as public announcement as described in this article. The KK.2.2 flight controller used in ‘Make Your Own Quadcopter Drone’ DIY project in January issue had some problem with setup and stabilisation of the drone. But we can make a smart public announcement drone using QAV250 frame and CC3D OpenPilot hardware
Download source code
Dual Sharing Of Real Time Clock – An Example
I have an old window AC in my lab, which is at the terrace. The AC needs to be run intermittently, especially when I am out of station and the lab PC needs to be kept cool during noon time when the temperature shoots to 35+ degree centigrade, irrespective of summer or winter. Of course, the AC’s thermostat works, but it needs to be adjusted continuously—else it will keep running for prolonged periods during summers, which I want to avoid
Download source code
Group Messenger
Often, we communicate within a known group of office or friends using short key words or phrases. This group messenger can be useful to such small groups for whom a keyword is sufficient to understand the message. The display shows current date and time by default when there is no message and serves as a decorative piece on worktable
Download source code
SYSTEMS: Challenges And Solutions For Next-Gen Automotives
Recent advancements in state-of-the-art technologies have increased the popularity of intelligent self-driving cars and electric vehicles. Yet their ability to face several demanding factors while on the road is fraught with complications that need to be resolved
STRATEGY: Nothing Happens For Decades, Then...
A large number of consumers are more open and ready to test new products or ideas. Businesses must use this opportunity to innovate and test them; the time could not be more conducive than now
POLICIES: Budget 2021: Carrying On With PLI Schemes And Call For Manufacturing Locally In India
Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister of Finance, government of India, in her budget speech has made it clear that the government wants to encourage local manufacturers in every way possible. Basic customs duty has been revised on various sectors including mobile phones, LED lights, and lithium-ion batteries
Industry News: Industry Updates
• PLI scheme for telecom and networking approved by Union Cabinet
• eRickshaw market in India to hit a million units
• EV charging stations likely to increase over 46% annually until 2027
• UL now ready to test and certify civilian drones in India
• Flexible PCBs market likely to reach $26.8 billion by 2025 end
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March 2021
Issue Vol. 53 No. 3

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