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July  2021   Issue Vol. 53  No. 7 

TRENDS: Can UV Devices Help Defeat Coronavirus?
Can UV devices be the solution we seek to protect ourselves from the raging pandemic? Can they guarantee safety from coronavirus in our offices, restaurants, hotels, and even hospitals?

CAREER: Why Hiring Just 3 Engineers Is Harder Than Hiring 300
Simply because someone has hired hundreds of engineers in the last job means nothing if you need to hire just a handful of them. On the contrary, it might be a disqualification
STRATEGY: High-Speed Innovation With Distributed Leadership
It is uncommon, rather impossible, that one person has all the skills and talent to create success. Chances of success often increase with diverse perspectives and expertise of many. But the selection of person is also crucial
Solar Pooja Lamp That Runs Nonstop
The oil in lamps that are traditionally lit in a pooja room has to be topped up from time to time. The solar lamp described here can provide light nonstop for many years without any intervention
Smart Door Camera With Facial Recognition And Thermal Screening
In these times of Covid-19, thermal screening has become essential for checking one’s body temperature before allowing entry to premises like an office. However, it is a tiring process as it involves measuring body temperature of all the people, one at a time. At the same time, those who carry out thermal screening have to stand for long hours every day to check each and every person. This takes a lot of time and effort
Download source code
CHIPS: A Peep Into The Lesser-Known World Of FPGAs And ASICs
FPGAs and ASICs are widely used nowadays, especially in electronics equipment such as laptops, smartphones, and television sets. The components have their strengths and weaknesses. Their suitability depends on the type of application. With time, it is hoped that FPGAs and ASICs will undergo new advancements and efficiently meet customer needs
MY STORY: “Leadership Needs No Title, It Needs Attitude, A Certain Attribute” — Dr Sreeram Srinivasan, CEO, Syrma Technology
The saying ‘Work Hard, Party Harder’ is of special significance to those students who succeed in getting admission to prestigious institutes after years of hard work and sacrifices. They complete their education at top institutes in India and land a good job in a foreign country such as the USA and start enjoying the life of their dreams.
This story is about an individual who graduated from IIT Madras, went on to get his Master’s and PhD degrees from the North Carolina State University in the United States, and landed a job as researcher with two premium research institutions—The Los Alamos National Lab and The Oak Ridge National Labs. But instead of going out on weekends and enjoying life in the States, he spent his time in finding a Vedas’ teacher and learnt to recite the Vedas with all the proper intonations. The individual is today the CEO of Syrma Technology.
Hailing from a famous temple-town in Tamil Nadu and growing up mostly in the North and in Vizag (known as Visakhapatnam today), Sreeram Srinivasan decided to leave the United States and fly back to India in the early 1990s to be with his parents, just when his career was starting to take off in the dream land of the USA. Sreeram got a job with Sundaram Fasteners as senior manager, and everything that happened afterwards never made him want to go back to the States. This is Sreeram’s Story!
OPPORTUNITIES: Wide-Band-Gap Semiconductors Manufacturing: A Great Opportunity For India?
The SiC and GaN semiconductor industry in India has seen a positive growth trend in the past couple of years. Many companies have shown their interest in investing in projects related to WBG semiconductor production in India, mainly due to increased market acceptance of WBG chips. WBG semiconductors can give an edge to the final system design of various power applications
RESEARCH: New Approaches To Building Quantum Computers
There are lots of ways to construct qubits. Collaboration between academia and industry is going to play a major role in how this shapes out. Depending on each of their strengths, academic labs can focus on supplying the core expertise necessary to get a quantum computer going while the industry can provide the engineering muscle to build such an intricate machine
TELECOM: Reasons Why Narrowband IoT Offers Great Telecom Prospect
Due to an increase in connectivity demand, Narrowband IoT holds great potential for the upcoming market. IoT is therefore gradually shifting from wireless to narrowband
EMBEDDED: Essential Embedded Hardware Design Strategy To Keep In Mind
Hardware development is more than just PCB design. One has to be mindful of different compliances, optimal power consumption, memory requirements, and other electronics considerations
INTERVIEW: “EESL Is Now Targeting To Bring Entrepreneurs Who Can Sell Energy-Saving Solutions To Corporates” — Rajat Sud, Managing Director, Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL)
Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) has been on the forefront of procuring and delivering energy efficient appliances and electronics in India. Not only have the programms it runs helped save energy, the same have also presented tons of business opportunities for individuals and institutions in the country. EESL recently announced the Success Fee Model where it is looking to empanel corporate sales agencies, direct sales agencies, dealers and retailers, and other demand aggregators including ESCOs for institutional (B2B) sales.
Rajat Sud, MD, EESL, in a conversation with Electronics For You’s Mukul Yudhveer Singh, shed light on the screening process of channel partners and the support EESL offers to them. He is of view that a committed channel partner can easily earn three to four million rupees from institutional sales. Here are some excerpts from the interaction
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
Industry News: Industry Updates
• PLI guidelines announced for ACs and LEDs
• MeitY to formulate action plan for e-waste around circular economy
• Several companies interested in Li-ion batteries manufacture
• India trying to lead in 6G, having lagged in 5G
• Government planning to solarise agricultural feeders
Temperature And Humidity Monitoring With Email And SMS Alerts
In this project ESP-12E WeMos D1 Wi-Fi Uno based ESP8266 shield for Arduino-compatible board and Ubidots website platform are used for sending email or SMS alerts for temperature and humidity monitoring applications. The WeMos D1 uploads the temperature data received from a temperature sensor and continuously sends to Ubidots IoT platform. If the temperature exceeds the set value, an email message is instantaneously sent to the field manager
Download source code
Remote Wireless Display Of Sensor Data
Remote wireless display of sensor data is required in many industrial and consumer applications. Sensor data like light, temperature, accelerometer and strain gauge data, etc can be communicated through Wi-Fi and displayed on a mobile phone, laptop, or desktop PC depending on application and convenience
Download source code
CHIPS: Introduction To CNTFET Technology For Reducing Transistor Count And Power Requirement Of ICs
This article introduces a mixed logic design method that uses CNTFET technology combining the basic transmission gate logic, the pass transistor dual-value logic, and base CMOS logic. 14T and 15T configurations have been studied and analysed—14T for 2 to 4 decoder with low transistor count benefit and 15T for high performance in terms of power and delay using 15 transistors. The results are quite encouraging
POLICIES: The Best Time To Be In The Field Of Electronics In India Is Now!
The government of India has announced various production linked incentive schemes, in addition to the several schemes that are already running, to make India ‘atmanirbhar’ for manufacture of various electronic goods and components. So, this is the best time to invest in India for the MSMEs and startups, besides the MNCs
STRATEGY: Is Selling Solution Better Than Selling Products?
Deciding whether to sell a product or offer it as a service depends on what the end customer wants. But there are some basics that you need to keep in mind before taking a call. Here are some of them
Tech News: Technology Updates
• ‘Magic’ material that enables development of quantum electronic devices
• Neuromorphic chip that precisely detects high-frequency oscillations
• Google’s AI tech that can accomplish chip design within a few hours
• Self-sustaining, intelligent electronic microsystems made using green tech
• Transparent electrodes that boost solar efficiency
Truly Innovative Tech
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Tech
Digital Modulation Techniques Simulation Using MATLAB
Different types of modulation techniques are used in telecommunication for transmitting and receiving radio frequency (RF) signals. With MATLAB tools we can analyse the modulation techniques used for these signals along with their mathematical representation. We can analyse carrier frequency parameters like amplitude, phase, and the frequency. Simulation with MATLAB tools helps us obtain the real-world characteristics
Download source code
Bluetooth Operated LED Desk Lamp
This LED desk lamp can be switched on or off from a distance using Bluetooth. You can even regulate the lamp’s brightness through a slider on the screen of your Android smartphone. The key hardware required for this little project is an Arduino Uno microcontroller board that enables you to control the lamp
Download source code
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August 2021
Issue Vol. 53 No. 8

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