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January  2020   Issue Vol. 52  No. 1 

Mapping The Growth Of R&D In India
Smart, new-generation technologies, such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), predictive analytics and smart automation is evolving the way we function. This change is expected to influence an extensive array of functions such as R&D, manufacturing and business support

Smart Home, Smart City And Smart Nation
Technology plays a crucial role in empowering smart citizens, strengthening smart societies, building smart cities and, ultimately, becoming smart nations
Fighting World Hunger With Solar Energy
Although carbon-neutral initiatives are increasing, without effective implementation, the world target of reaching zero hunger by 2030 will not be possible
Bringing Advanced Precision To Laser Marking Systems
In addition to saving time, laser technology improves safety and results by utilising miniature optical encoders with high resolution and accuracy to focus exactly on the target spot in surgeries usually done on the human eye, giving it an edge over traditional methods
Smart Ticketing Easing The Way We Travel
Smart ticketing is changing the way we travel, providing greater convenience and security to travellers and transport operators
AI-Powered Drones Come To The Rescue
A number of companies are manufacturing new-generation smart drones that use disruptive technologies to offer intelligent solutions in law enforcement, rescue and military operations, and provide their services for professional use in various countries
Data Migration To Cloud: Security And Other Key Elements
Cloud providers are responsible for security of their own infrastructure; however, security of application is left up to cloud users
The Perils Of Trivialising The IoT Security
This article is based on a talk by Sumanth Naropanth at India Electronics Week 2019 organised by EFY Group, where he talked about whose responsibility it is to secure data
Edge And Fog Computing: Their Practical Uses
This article is based on a talk by Chetan Kumar S. at India Electronics Week 2019, organised by EFY Group, where he informed how Edge and Fog computing can be used to solve the problem of latency
How Smart Consumers Are Driving Smart Industries
To integrate systems and enable data sharing across them, well-defined standards and protocols are required. Global manufacturers must be aware of legal compliances in different countries where they operate while implementing changes
How To Test The Quality Of An Electronic System
An electronic system’s quality test engineer is required to work on different electronic products of different technologies and applications throughout his or her career. This article describes the methodology to be followed by an electronics engineer, when he or she is required to test and certify a new system or product, whose technology and application is unknown to him or her. The methodology is given as a series of steps and can be implemented by anybody
Creating A Chat Bot With Recast.AI
According to a Gartner report from February 2018, “25 per cent of customer service and support operations will integrate virtual customer assistant (VCA) or chatbot technology across engagement channels by 2020, up from less than 2 per cent in 2017.” In the light of this, readers will find this tutorial on how the open source Recast.AI bot-creating platform works, helpful
Chips Off The New Block For Changing Times
In India, developing microprocessors and microcontrollers indigenously is essential to reduce the dependence on imports and make the nation an electronics design and manufacturing hub. As technology continues to evolve, designers need to stay updated to reduce cost, board space and design time for their projects
Digital Transformation With Industry 4.0
Digitisation in the industrial manufacturing segment is about using capacity and a properly-calibrated information-driven solution to solve problems and reduce pain-points in the enterprise
Build A Clap- And Gesture-Controlled Robot
This is a two-in-one project to control a robot in four directions (forwards, backwards, right and left) either by clapping or through simple gestures. It basically explains how a robot can be controlled using sound or gesture
Download source code
Extend Transmission Range Of 433MHz RF Transmitter Module
433MHz radio frequency (RF) modules are widely used in different wireless projects and products. Normal range of most RF transmitter and receiver modules is below fifty metres. This circuit can increase the range of operation to almost double the normal range, depending on make of the RF module and antenna used
Make A Digital Distance Meter With Arduino
This is a very simple digital distance meter, which you can add to your water-level indicator circuit to show water level in a tank, or use it for a school/college project
Download source code
Decode An IR Remote For Home Automation
This article describes how to decode a remote controller and use it for home automation, along with Arduino. An infrared (IR) remote controller used in TVs, music players and the like uses IR rays for sending information or data signals to the device
Download source code
Sustainable Water Treatment With CDI
Water supports life of all organisms on Earth, and it is essential to drink safe water for healthy living. Drinking contaminated water causes a host of diseases such as typhoid, dysentery and cholera, which can be life-threatening. InnoDI (Innovative De-ionisation) Water Technologies, an IIT-Madras incubated startup, was founded as a joint venture between Milano-based Idropan Dell’Orto Depuratori and Bengaluru-based AquaSphere Greentech Solutions in 2016. Their aim is to globally deploy Capacitive Deionisation (CDI) technology for economical and sustainable water treatment by decreasing water and energy wastage (with DC power) when compared to traditional RO systems
FIRST LOOK: Some New Gadgets
• Smart TV
• Portable smart speaker
• Headphones
• Air quality monitors
• Laptop
• Home security camera
Industry News: Industry Updates
• Enough spectrum available to start 5G services: Ravi Shankar Prasad
• Government planning national-level blockchain framework
• Tamil Nadu government to set up Electronics Manufacturing Promotion Fund
Can Solar Cells Provide Both Power And Drinking Water?
Energy shortage and clean water scarcity are two key challenges for global sustainable development. The concept of simultaneous production of clean water and electricity by solar energy has been recently investigated by several groups
Exports And Imports Of Principal Commodities

Build A Model Of Satellite Dish Antenna Angle Controller
Presented here is an Arduino-based dish antenna controller to align the position of a satellite dish antenna by setting azimuth and elevation angles. The dish antenna should always point to a specific satellite in space to receive maximum signal. Even a slight deviation from the point may reduce signal strength
Download source code
Holograms For Driver Navigation
Once photography was considered to be the best means of recording visual information, but with development of holography, the perception about 2D images changed. Holography is a technique that creates a 3D photograph known as a hologram. A hologram has three dimensions: height, width and depth, whereas a photograph shows only height and width
Drive To The Sky With SkyDrive
Mobility has expanded people’s ability to move and enriched their lives by providing them with the joy of going farther and manipulating their own way. However, roads are necessary for cars, buses and trains, and airports and runways are required for aeroplanes. But infrastructure maintenance requires a large investment. In emerging countries where population explosion is expected in the future, a lack of transportation infrastructure may hinder growth
An Automated Burger-Making Robot
Robots entering the field of food production is inevitable to save time and space, as well as improve safety and cleanliness. Creator is the first to build a 4.27-metre-(14-feet)-long machine that makes the burger from start to finish, in about five minutes without any human assistance. The entire process is visible through a glass display case, starring every ingredient that goes into or on the burger. An app that lets people customise and order the exact ratios of ingredients unlocks many permutations for taste
The Electronics Of Paranormal Manifestations
In future, will possible use of electromagnetic waves in the electromagnetic radiation spectrum allow supernatural forces to travel through optical fibres, coaxial cables used in TVs, and electrical and phone lines, which will make it easier to understand paranormal occurrences and then to sense, image and even talk to them?
“Data is the lifeblood of all organisations” — Manoj Sharma, HR director, NetApp India
With cloud adaption growing at a massive speed today, staying updated with latest technologies is the need of the hour. Manoj Sharma, HR director, NetApp India, talks about why developers should upskill themselves, skillsets in demand today, open source opportunities, hiring, academic and internship programs at NetApp with Ankita KS
DIGITAL: The Pros And Cons Of E-Books
It was in 2012 that the electronic book, or e-book, made its foray into the Indian market. Amazon introduced its reading device Kindle in India a few years after its launch in the US in November 2007. But the origin goes back much further. The wave of the e-book was originally initiated by Project Gutenberg founder Michael S. Hart, who created the first ever e-book in 1971
BUYERS' GUIDE: Powerful But Affordable Laptops Under Rs 25,000
Smartphones and tablets have become more prominent than laptops and PCs in the last five to six years. People can now do a lot more on mobile devices, including watching movies and small chunks of official work. In spite of this, working professionals and students cannot ignore the importance of laptops and PCs. Specialised work, such as software coding and hardware programming, design and layout, sound testing and so on, cannot be done on cellphones or tablets. Even the experience of watching a movie is better on a laptop or another large screen as compared to a mobile device
Tech News: Technology Updates
• Intelligent camera that can automatically detect road-side bombs
• Researchers find potential solution to overheating cellphones
• Kochi startup builds India’s first commercial underwater drone
• IIIT Hyderabad and Intel trying to help drivers avoid potholes
• Alphabet is using AI to create robots that can learn on their own
Control Light Animations Using Android App
In this project, an Android application is developed to control light animations using six different LED chasing patterns. Additionally, blinking speed of LEDs is also controlled from the smartphone using fast, moderate and slow buttons on the app
Download source code
“Software tools are quite sophisticated, but they assume a lot of things to simplify the design” — Amit Bhardwaj, group chairman and managing director, Polar Instruments Asia-Pacific, and Sanket Roy, country manager, Polar Instruments India
High-speed PCB circuits have wide-ranging applications from medical equipment to network communication. Amit Bhardwaj, group chairman and managing director, Polar Instruments Asia-Pacific, and Sanket Roy, country manager, Polar Instruments India, discuss the design challenges and specific considerations necessary for such circuits at high frequency, in an interaction with Ayushee Sharma
“Renting is the new buying” — Ajay Gulati, head - sales and marketing, Electro Rent India
An important challenge is testing the wireless connectivity of devices for access points and their connectivity performance under cluttered environments. Ajay Gulati, head - sales and marketing, Electro Rent India, explains to Deepshikha Shukla why global chipmakers, engineering service organisations and semiconductor-based companies are choosing to rent for critical test requirements
Software and Apps
Scan the QR codes to download the apps based on the operating system of your device
An AI Companion For Kids
Traditionally, joint families have been a part of Indian culture. But in today’s fast-growing society, disintegration of the joint family system has paved the way for nuclear families. It is no hidden fact that parents tend to spend less time with children due to their busy lifestyles. So how do children get the much-needed attention in their growing years and parents do not miss out on their lives?
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June 2020
Issue Vol. 52 No. 6

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