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August  2020   Issue Vol. 52  No. 8 

Technologies Reforming Education And
Skill Development
With the availability of new technologies such as robotics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), there has been tremendous growth in the education and skill development sector. These new technologies help in collecting data related to several parameters such as the academic performance of students, skills of teachers, and the like

Electronics Coming To The Aid Of Failing Human Body Parts
With the advances in science and technology, there has been a phenomenal growth in the use of electronic devices in the medical field. At present, various electrical devices are being engineered that could help patients recover from illness by replacing almost any disabled body part
3D-Printed Prosthetics Transforming Lives
The introduction of 3D-printed prosthetics in healthcare sector has transformed the lives of many people. It has the potential to even save lives, with applications ranging from 3D-printed hearts to prosthetic limbs. 3D printers, along with some basic tools, allow anyone to design and print custom design parts
Understanding Cryptocurrency
Like any other currency, cryptocurrencies can also be used to buy goods and services. You can also trade them for profit. Based on the technology of ‘blockchain,’ their decentralised nature makes them theoretically immune to the old ways of government control and interference
Get Ready For The Quantum Computers Coming This Year
At least three companies are expected to introduce their quantum computers in 2020, while some more may be working secretly on them. In India, the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research has undertaken to lead this national mission
Quantum Computing In 2020
Many companies are now working on quantum computers and their applications. Here is a brief introduction to what some of them are doing
Electromagnetic Interference And Compatibility: Indian Scenario
Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a disturbance caused by radiation fields created by electronic devices such as cellular phones or laptops. EMI causes unacceptable degradation of systems or equipment performance. Therefore it’s important to develop an effective shielding material to protect the environment and workplace from EMI
“Based On The Stage Of Evolution, Every Company Can Be An Analytics Consumer” — Magesh Rajaram, associate vice president, analytics, Indium Software
Data analytics has the potential to be the industry’s game-changer by providing useful insights and necessary to understand future business opportunities. Magesh Rajaram, AVP, analytics, Indium Software, discusses the potential of text analytics, a subset of data analytics, in different sectors and ways to improve its efficient use in a conversation with Ayushee Sharma
Portable Solar Lantern Cum Bedlight
This portable solar-powered lantern with auto bedlight for everyday use can be made with easily available components
Wearable For Early Detection Of Covid-19 Symptoms
Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people go about in their day-to-day lives. During this time, the focus has widely been on making daily tasks as unchallenging as possible while maintaining new norms like social distancing
Becoming Ready For Future Jobs With 3D Printing
It is well known that the current curriculum lags behind the rapid pace of the evolution of advanced technologies. The present era demands a dynamic solution for nurturing young minds who are going to be future innovators and entrepreneurs
First Look: Some New Gadgets
• Smartphone
• Earbuds
• Laptop
• Camera
• Soundbar
• Headphones
Bad Users Can Fail A Good AI System
A good artificial intelligence (AI) solution in the hands of bad users can be disastrous, while an average AI solution in the hands of good users can be a great success. Hence, it’s important to educate the users to extract maximum positive value out of it
Is eSIM Going To Replace The Plain Old sim Card?
The introduction of eSIM (embedded SIM) has helped in the growth and transformation of the Internet of Things (IoT) based devices to a large extent by allowing manufacturers to build a new range of products for global deployment. eSIMs have brought a new experience and advantages over ordinary SIM cards. However, there’s still a lot to explore and cover in this field to tap the maximum benefits
Make A 9V Battery Adaptor For Arduino Board
Arduino board requires a USB cable connected to a laptop/PC or an external AC/DC adaptor for power supply. If you want a portable Arduino based project, you need a battery for power supply. 9V PP3 is a popular battery and easily available in nearby general stores. So, we are going to make a DIY 9V battery adaptor for Arduino, as explained in this article. It works great for Arduino boards, development boards, evaluation boards, and more
Hot Water Utilisation Enhancer For Solar Water Heater
The circuit presented here is a simple device to enhance the utilisation of hot water from a solar water heater system. Normally, during day time, you get hot water continuously from the solar water heater due to the presence of sunlight. But in absence of sunlight, freshwater keeps getting added to the tank and cools the water, which is not desirable, especially in winter. This is not a good way of utilising hot water at home
Combat Drones And Headgears To Fight Covid-19
In the times of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become important to deploy new technologies and take proactive measures to tackle this situation. Many startups and companies have come up with a host of innovations such as robots and drones to help fight coronavirus and provide services and care to those quarantined or practicing social distancing
IoT Creating New Avenues For Data Analytics
An IoT solution is incomplete without in-built data analytics as a part of the user application layers. Customers look for an effortless way to know the insights from data collected by the IoT hardware using sensors. The greatest value lies in how businesses apply IoT, learn from the data captured, and improve efficiencies
Technology’s Increasing Role In Education And Skill Development
The introduction of new technologies and electronic gadgets has played an important role in transforming the education sector in numerous ways. When education is coupled with technology, students and teachers find it more interesting because sharing of knowledge becomes more engaging, easier, and hassle-free
Institute Accreditation For Short-Term Skill Development Programmes
To train trainers and assessors for short-term skill development programmes, an institute is accredited on two fronts—institute accreditation and course accreditation. The accreditation of the institute and the courses it intends to deliver have specified parameters. The institute may affiliate courses during the accreditation process, depending on the learning needs of trainers and assessors. Institute accreditation ensures that the institute has met the requirements as per the criteria given on the Skill India portal as well as in the guidelines
Antennas For Emerging 5G Communication
The introduction of 5G New Radio or 5GNR has helped in improving wireless communication and offering better mobile services. With 5G communication, deployment of smart antennas has become crucial for the optimisation of coverage, capacity, and mobility support for apps and services
IoT To Prevent Food Waste
Need for IoT is just not restricted to farms; it also plays a vital role in the entire supply chain. IoT systems have sensors that capture data during transit to keep track of parameters that affect food quality in real time
Many Ways IoT-Enabled Sensors Can Help In Logistics
The introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) in logistics industry can be beneficial not only for the companies but also for the consumers. Customers can track the shipment of their products and know the exact delivery date among other things
“IoT Is A Great Fuel For Digital Transformation” — Sreenath C. Lakshmanan, founder and CEO, i4DigitalValue
The Internet of Things (IoT) has become an important part of today’s digital era. It provides tons and tons of data that needs to be managed and is a great fuel for digital transformation. Sreenath C. Lakshmanan, founder and CEO, i4DigitalValue, discusses the need for IoT in the post-pandemic era at the India Technology Week
Dual Microphone Preamplifier For ADC, MCU And Arduino
Most microphones’ output signals are weak and cannot be directly connected to some other circuits. Also, some microphones require DC power supply or high impedance inputs. Here is a dual (stereo) preamplifier for microphones that can be used with a wide variety of circuits, including analogue-to-digital converters (ADC), microcontroller (MCU) kits and single-board computers such as Arduino
IR Based Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
This project is based on an infrared (IR) sensor, which detects the presence of hands and consequently activates the motor pump to dispense alcohol-based sanitiser. The circuit is economical, reliable, and can be easily constructed, as explained below
Smart Touch Panel For Home Automation
Traditional switches are outdated now. These switches have mechanical moving parts that get damaged on continuous use. Many old switchboards are getting replaced by modern touch switches that not only enhance the look of our homes but are easier and safer to use. These modern touch switches have extra functions and, as no moving parts are involved, these last longer than the traditional ones. Despite these advantages, touch switches are quite expensive
How AI Is Making Education Interesting And Better For Students
Artificial intelligence (AI) has been playing an important role in every field, including the education sector. AI-based platforms have helped students and teachers in getting a better learning experience. Most students find these quite interesting, exciting, and engaging. This article covers some common AI-based solutions in education and advantages of AI in the Indian education system
Things To Take Care Of For Network Testing
There are numerous parameters that must be analysed to quantitatively and qualitatively assess a given network’s performance at a time and deal with any bottlenecks that might exist. The goal is to increase network availability and minimise the time for data transfer
Buyers’ Guide: Interesting Gadgets With Cutting-Edge Features For Learning
In the last ten to fifteen years, technology has truly transformed the lives of people in several ways. The Internet and smartphones are of course the biggest innovations in the field of technology. In fact, these technologies have greatly transformed the educational sector too
Software and Apps
• Software For Education and Skill Development
• Mobile Apps For Education and Skill Development
Industry News: Industry Updates
• RIL plans global push with indigenous 5G technology
• Automotive power electronics market to reach $4.7 billion by 2025
• New guidelines to implement off-grid solar power plants scheme
• Government planning on import tax on lithium-ion cells
• Semiconductor manufacturing equipment market to reach $ 95.9 billion by 2025
Tech News: Technology Updates
• This website lets you virtually travel the world during lockdown
• Tiny audio clips replace wire-coil earbud speakers
• This new chip will let you stream music directly into your brain
• Facebook bots to combat bad behaviour
• This LED face mask lets you customise your messages
• Phishing attacks concealed in Google cloud services
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August 2020
Issue Vol. 52 No. 8

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