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June  2016   Issue Vol. 48  No. 6 

Tech Focus
Virtual Reality Is Now For Real
A still-functional View-Master bought sometime in the 1950s rests among other memorabilia in the showcase at my uncle’s house. A third generation of kids still enjoys fixing the image reels, now old and porous, to have a look at national monuments or wildlife scenes.

Buyers Guide
How To Select The Right Wi-Fi And RF Modules
When it comes to throwing data over the air, there are many options. If you are confused about which wireless technology is best for your next project, then keep on reading.
The Man-Machine Miracle
The man-machine combination concept is an old one. Way back in 1908, Jean de la Hire introduced us to Nyctalope, which was probably the first real superhero and cyborg in his book titled L’Homme Qui Peut Vivre Dans L’eau (The Man Who Can Live in the Water).
Arduino For ATmega32
Arduino is very helpful for people who have little knowledge of programming or electronics. The user does not need to understand the hardware or the low level coding
of the AVR controller.
Download source code
XBee Interfacing With Raspberry Pi Model 2
XBee Pro (S2) module is an XBee ZB ZigBee Mesh
Protocol based wireless transceiver designed by Digi International with an excellent range of 1.6 kilometres (one mile) line of sight (for 50mW, U.FL connection) and 90 metres indoors.
Download source code
Design And Implementation Of self-test Using Verilog
A mechanism that allows a machine to test itself is called built-in self-test (or BIST). It can generate patterns based on a variety of algorithms, each focused on a particular type of circuitry or fault type.
Download source code
Programmable Power Supply With TL431
TL431 and LM431 are relatively low-noise, stable and low-cost shunt regulators.
Automatic Anchor Light
Federal and international regulations require boats to carry lights between sunset and sunrise and during conditions of restricted visibility. The number and colours of the lights vary with the size of the vessel.
LME49710 Based Audio Amplifier
Listening to music on a selfmade system is great. Goodquality audio amplifier circuits can be constructed with minimum components. Described here is an LME49710 based audio amplifier.
Wireless baby monitor
This wireless baby monitor circuit using FM is designed to operate at a frequency of 100MHz. Its range of transmission is more than 100 metres with a 75cm wire antenna.
Test & Measurement
Portable DMM Racing Forward,Benchtop DMM Holding On
Since their inception in the 1960s, digital multimeters (DMMs) have undergone many changes. With features like auto-ranging, infrared (IR) and surfacetemperature measurements integrated into a single device, the DMM is no longer a tool just for measuring circuit parameters.
Size, Power And Multiple Constellations Driving GNSS Solutions
In your smartphone you have a miniature GPS receiver, which has a long story behind it. When the first tracking system became operational in 1995, it was as big as a tablet.
An LED Can Even Be A single-watt sourc
Lighting control technology has seen very interesting advances in the last couple of years. This interview takes a look at what those changes are and what is driving the sector as a whole. Manjul Trehan, country head and director - sales, Lutron Electronics India and SAARC, speaks with Dilin Anand of EFY
Make In India
A Way To Boost Manufacturing And Employment Opportunities
Make in India is an admirable initiative! The SME sector is thankful to the current government for making manufacturing its focus for the first time since 1991, the year of manufacturing demise.
Industry News
Government working on plans to encourage growth of electronics manufacturing units
The government of India is working on a three-pronged approach to encourage the growth of electronics manufacturing units and make Make in India initiative a success.
. Contiki
. LTpowerCAD II
. IntegraXor Web SCADA

Contiki For Converting Embedded Into The IoT
We are in an era of rapidlydeveloping electronics of embedded systems, efficient processors, the Internet of Things (IoT) and miniature chips.
RIOT: Your Friend For The IoT
As a proud father would speak of his daughter, the developers of RIOT state, “RIOT powers the Internet of Things (IoT) like Linux powers the
TinyOS For Your Low-Power IoT Needs
The Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon has truly caught the imagination of techies and developers worldwide.
First Look
. Smartbook from Wacom
. Digital camera from Sony
. Ultrabook from Smartron
. Power bank from Xiaomi
. Smarteefi launches smart power strip
. Zebronics launches speakers
. High-end audio player from Cowon

Buyers’ Guide
Choosing The Right wireless printer For home
F or home use, at the most basic level, a printer should be able to print documents and photos without complicating the task.
Buyers’ Guide
Earphones: The Cheap, The Neat And The Visionary
Earphones are one of those rare categories where you can find products representing the most mundane of devices, as well as the most bleeding-edge jewels of technology.
GSM Based messaging Using Arduino
Today, GSM networks are widely-used, whether for making calls or sending SMSes. But some places need urgent messages like in colleges, railway stations, events, share market and so on, and this information should be in real-time.
Download source code
Accessing Wi-Fi On PC Without WLAN Using Android Smartphone
Your Android smartphone can act as a Wi-Fi adaptor for your old desktop PC or laptop that does not have Wi-Fi hardware.
Tech Focus
Virtual Reality Is The Next Big Thing - What To Look Forward To In 2016
Virtual reality (VR) is not exactly new, but it seems as though it is only just beginning to enter mainstream.
EMO: The Light That Reflects Your Emotions
In the beginning of the Universe there was nothing. The void space was dark and it harboured no warmth of light. Then came a flash of glowing light and roaring thunder that still reverberates across the visible universe.
Defence Electronics
Directed Energy Weapons: High-Power Microwaves
Parts 1 and 2 covered particle beam weapons and their technology, respectively. In this part we look at high-power microwaves (HPMs).
A thermal imager Is The best tool To Trace Any Kind Of thermal abnormality
In industries, an examination of temperature conditions using a thermal imager is expedient and the analysis of warming and cooling behaviour over defined time intervals is often required for optimisation purposes. Kalidas Bhangare, managing director, Testo India Pvt Ltd, speaks with Dilin Anand of EFY
Make In India
The Internet of Things Growth Path
The phenomenon of getting smartdevices to communicate with each other over the Internet, without human intervention, has led to the much-hyped term, the Internet of Things (IoT).
Useful Websites
. freevr.org
. developers.google.com
. learnsauce.com
. vrtalk.com
. unity3d.com

Virtual reality (VR) is an emerging trend in computer science. It is a simulation that replicates an object such that it can be explored and interacted with by a human. This month we present a few websites discussing VR
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