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May  2022   Issue Vol. 10  No. 7 

The Role of DevOps in Digital Transformation
DevOps is an end-to-end approach that caters to all aspects of software development and operations. A cultural paradigm in the organisation, it brings development and operations together to achieve the dual objectives of stability and change. The crux of this approach is continuity and automation. This includes continuous integration, continuous deployment and continuous delivery. This article gives an overview of its role in digital transformation.

Demystifying Observability for Modern Applications
To come up with an effective solution to a problem, you need to have the relevant insights into it. Distributed systems are prone to unexpected failures and malfunctions, and observability helps us find out the reasons for these in order to arrive at an effective solution.
Are Low-Code Platforms Helpful for Professional Developers?
Over the years, low-code platforms have matured immensely, and are being used in varied domains of software development for better productivity and quality. This article explores the possibility of leveraging low-code platforms for complex product development by professional developers.
Why You Should Deploy Immutable Infrastructure on the Cloud
Even as DevOps and cloud adoption have increased significantly in recent years, the use of immutable infrastructure has also become pretty popular. This article outlines the core benefits of deploying immutable infrastructure on the cloud.
DevSecOps: A Philosophy that Puts Security First
DevOps has helped remove barriers between development and operations, to improve productivity as well as the reliability of software. However, it has fallen short on some aspects such as security, leading to the emergence of the DevSecOps philosophy. Find out more about it in this article.
Demystifying Observability for Modern Applications
To come up with an effective solution to a problem, you need to have the relevant insights into it. Distributed systems are prone to unexpected failures and malfunctions, and observability helps us find out the reasons for these in order to arrive at an effective solution.
Planning the DevOps Journey for an Enterprise
Large enterprises are looking to implement efficient site reliability engineering and a DevOps culture that is adaptable, agile and intelligent. But they need to strategise for that.
Open Source Tools for MLOps: An Overview
MLOps makes budgeting overall resources and computing easier. It also helps to automate end-to-end machine learning workflows and improve team collaboration. This article will introduce you to a few free and open source tools for MLOps.
DevOps and Agile Computing: Enabling a True Cultural Shift
In DevOps, two teams work together to provide better and fast delivery of software. The aim of Agile computing is to provide better collaboration in a small development team to maintain productivity. Let’s look at what it takes to implement a true cultural shift in an organisation.
“It’s time to contribute to open source”
Nilesh Vaghela is an AWS community hero and founder, ElectroMech Corporation, a cloud and open source company. According to him, contributing to open source is a rewarding act in itself. However, it needs commitment and there are many steps involved in the process, right from selecting a project to ensuring your contribution is noticed. In a conversation with Abbinaya Kuzhanthaivel of OSFY, he shares a few tips on how developers can help to improve India’s contributions to open source.
The Design Odyssey
Containerisation of Java Microservices
Frequent roll outs of microservices demand self-contained units that ensure safe and successful deployments. Containerisation offers an elegant solution. In this part 7 of the Design Odyssey, we will build and deploy the AddService of UMS as a Docker container.
AI Accelerators:A Long Way to Go
We are witnessing the AI revolution. In order to make smart decisions, the devices equipped with AI need lots and lots of data. And making sense of that data needs power and speed. This is where AI accelerators come into the picture.
Enter the Metaverse for Better or for Worse
If we told you that another universe is evolving in the digital space, where people can live just as in ours, would you believe it or write it off as fan fiction? It is time to take a serious look at the metaverse, which coexists—and even interoperates—with our real world, because it is poised to get bigger.
Developers-How To
Hamming Codes:The Error-Correcting Codes
When bits are transmitted or sent over the computer network, they can easily get corrupted due to interference and network problems, and lead to errors. Hamming codes are linear codes used to detect and correct the errors that can occur when data is moved from the sender to the receiver. Let’s take a look at their implementation in Python.
Developers-How To
Generating APIs Using Django Rest Framework with Insomnia
This article gives the fundamentals of generating APIs using Django Rest Framework with Insomnia. It’s aimed at absolute beginners.
Recommender Systems:An Overview of the Mathematics
This two-part series of articles explains and demonstrates how to implement a recommender system for an online retail store using Python. In this first part of the series, the focus is on the theory behind such a system. The implementation will be covered in the second part.
Data Visualisation in R: Graphs
In this tenth article in the R series, we will continue to explore data visualisation in R with the lattice and ggplot2 packages.
Developers-Let's Try
An Introduction to Teradata
Teradata is one of the most popular relational database management systems (RDBMS) appropriate for huge data warehousing applications. It is highly scalable and capable of handling large volumes of data. This article provides a basic understanding of Teradata architecture, and the types of spaces and tables it has.
Admin-How To
Manual Renewal of SSL Certificates: A Simple Guide
In the April 2022 issue of this magazine, we read about the different types of SSL certificates and their applications. This article explains how to manually renew an existing SSL certificate, so that it stays updated with the latest security requirements.
Admin-How To
Analyse Logs with Elasticsearch
We often need to search and analyse the logs of our Windows based computer or server to get an insight into the system or application. Such analysis gets easier if the logs are sent to Elasticsearch. This article is a step-by-step guide on how to integrate Winlogbeat and Sysmon with Elasticsearch.
Open Gurus-How To
Supervised Machine Learning for Car Evaluation Using KNIME
The KNIME (Konstanz Information Miner) analytics platform is perhaps the strongest and most comprehensive free platform for drag-and-drop analytics, machine learning, statistics, and ETL (extract, transform and load) models. This article introduces a supervised machine learning decision tree algorithm through the KNIME tool for a car evaluation data set.

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May 2022
Issue Vol. 10 No. 7

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