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June  2019   Issue Vol. 51  No. 6 

The Changing Test And Measurement Market Of India
5G and vehicle electrification are the major technology trends that will reshape the industry. Customer centricity and continuous innovation will be high on radar of T&M companies

City-Scale Surveillance Being Powered by AI
Implementation of surveillance and security sector technologies must be robust, reliable and address real customer challenges
Automation in Inventory Management
Machine learning can help manage inventory far more efficiently by constantly tracking existing stock in the warehouse, its expiration date and forecasting future demands
Bringing Offline Trucking Operations Online
Founded in 2015 by IIT-Kharagpur alumni, BlackBuck is devoted to making it easier for fleet operators to book a load so they can move at capacity, and give shippers of all sizes access to the right truck, at the right time, for the right price—at a click of a button
SAFETY: How to Prevent Electrical Faults
This article explains how by using a few basic devices, most electrical faults and, subsequently, mishaps can be avoided
COMMUNICATION: How Technology is Enabling Communication with Animals
Advances in the field of machine learning have led to improved speech recognition technology, and taking on animal speech represents an entirely new horizon for AI translation technology
AUTOMOTIVE: Decoding an Electric Vehicle
In an official document sent out by Ministry of Power on December 14, 2018, the government of India has outlined several key facts, figures and a plan to support the expansion of EVs in the country
Large-Scale Face Detection by AI-Powered Streetlights
Inkers in collaboration with Hynetic’s smart streetlights has successfully deployed an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solution that works in real time. Intersection of the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI combined with distributed computing frameworks allow for a feature-rich implementation of a technology that is highly optimised for safety while ensuring significant energy savings. It aims to simplify AI adoption and remove current bottlenecks like scalability, data security and privacy, support for multiple AI application on the same hardware and cost of deployment
Innovation for Monitoring Ionospheric Disturbances
VLF SID monitor is a very-low-frequency (VLF) sudden-ionospheric-disturbance monitor. It is a radio receiver operating in the frequency range of 3kHz to 30kHz VLF band of the electromagnetic spectrum. Most broadcast receivers give out voice or music output, or digital data for modern-day communication receivers, whereas VLF SID monitors do not. These receive man-made or natural radio signals in VLF band. Here, there is no demodulation or extraction of data or voice contents—the receiver simply provides a calibrated DC voltage output as a function of input RF signal strength
INTERNET: Communication and Internet Technology: More About Interconnecting Networks (Part 3 of 6)
Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is the standard that defines how to establish and maintain a network conversation via which application programs can exchange data. TCP works with Internet Protocol (IP), which defines how computers send packets of data to each other. Together, TCP and IP are the basic rules that define the Internet
CONSUMER ELECTRONICS: IFA Berlin Gearing Up to Showcase Society 5.0
IFA’s Global Press Conference gives a sneak peek at the world’s top tech show, IFA, a global platform for retailers, manufacturers, innovators, media and consumers
EMBEDDED: Greater Functionality Demands Higher Levels of Technology
Companies are trying to maintain their competitive edge by adding more functionality to their products. This is making systems that were previously relatively simple more complex and difficult to design. Designers are being challenged to deliver greater functionality in the same space or, often, in a smaller space. This raises the stakes when designers choose a suitable hardware platform for their next project
COMPUTING: Building a Cloud Strategy to Boost Digital Innovation
This article discusses why it is necessary to build an organisational cloud strategy and how to go about building one
DESIGN: How to Minimise Electromagnetic Interference and Improve Compatibility in Medical Devices
This article talks about methods to improve EMI and EMC in medical devices
TEST & MEASUREMENT: Testing and Monitoring of Fibre-Optic Networks
An optical network monitoring system accurately detects and locates fibre degradation, alerting operators and managers with the details of faults. Measurement at desired intervals allows network operators to assess long-term fibre performance and efficient asset management
TEST & MEASUREMENT: Optical-Fibre Cable Testing Practices and Challenges
Testing evaluates the performance of fibre-optic components, cable plants and systems. For every fibre-optic cable plant, testing for continuity and polarity, end-to-end insertion loss and then troubleshooting any problems is necessary
Software for Optical Communication
• Viavi FiberChekPRO
• OptiSystem
• RSoft OptSim
• cableScout
• KITS software
Mobile Apps for Optical Communication
Scan the QR codes to download the apps based on the operating system of your device
Hacking Bluetooth Headset to Control a Robot
In this project an old Bluetooth headset can be used, along with a cellphone to make a robot controller, without a microcontroller (MCU) or any programming. Communication between the robot car and the smartphone is done via Bluetooth. This is an excellent hacking project and is easy to build
Meter to Measure Short Distances
This Arduino-based distance meter can be used for measuring the distance between the sensor and object in the range of 2cm to 400cm using an ultrasonic sensor
Electronic Candle
Electronic or flameless candles are an alternative to traditional wick candles. These are used for home décor and do not carry the risk of fire as these have LEDs that glow instead of an open flame
Download source code
FIRST LOOK: Some New Gadgets
• Smart LED TV
• Wireless earbuds
• LED batten
• Multi-purpose tracker
• Bluetooth speaker
• Fitness band
Industry News: Industry Updates
• Indian institutes now developing home-grown chips in a big way
• TRAI to go after fibre enhancement to aid 5G rollout
• BSNL to deploy 5G corridor in India by 2020
Tech News: Technology Updates
• Student solves scientific puzzle that could improve solar panel efficiency and increase usage
• Advancement in driverless aircraft could direct the future of drones, flight
• Washable, wearable battery-like devices that could be woven directly into clothes
GREEN TECH: Impact of Solar Energy on Rural Development
The biggest change required is for governments to view mini-grids as complementary to traditional electric utilities, and not in conflict with them
Energy Monitoring for Optimising Output
A high natural resource depletion rate and increasing pollution levels are raising concerns, which need immediate attention. We cannot entirely cut down on our use of non-renewable resources. However, considering these cannot be replenished at the rate these are consumed—we have a long way to a complete transition to alternative resources of energy—we must minimise wastage of resources and ensure optimum utilisation of existing resources
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: AI for Ocean Exploration: Is an AI Colony Possible in the Deep-Sea?
Artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous robots are used to speed up the exploration and study of hard-to-reach deep-sea ecosystems. Improvements in AI and robotics in ocean exploration are likely to benefit researchers in multiple areas, especially those handling dangerous tasks. Several giants in the oil and gas industries are integrating AI for innovation and sustainable energy strategies, driving the pace of evolution in the field
TECH FOCUS: Optical-Fibre Solutions for Future Data Centres
With continued expansion and growth in the data centre, a well-planned cabling infrastructure is critical for both present and future success. Fundamental concerns that a cabling infrastructure must address are reliability, manageability, scalability and flexibility. A structured cabling system provides a flexible cabling plan to address the commonly-performed tasks of moving, adding or changing the infrastructure as the network grows. A well-planned optical cable infrastructure will have to be operational through several iterations of system equipment solutions and multiple generations of protocol data-rate increases
Wolfgang Eisenbarth, chairman, Standardization Group For Embedded Technologies (SGET): “By embracing open standards and open markets, SGET reduces barriers to competition”
As we gear up for the next wave of growth in the Internet of Things (IoT), importance of standardisation becomes more evident. Wolfgang Eisenbarth, chairman, Standardization Group For Embedded Technologies (SGET) shares with Rahul Chopra the advantages of standardised IoT elements and how organisations like SGET are bringing those advantages to industry players
Active Probe with High Input Impedance and Selectable Gain
A high input impedance AC and DC active probe is required to increase the input resistance and sensitivity of such measuring instruments as oscilloscopes and multimeters. Presented here is one such solution that consists of a single operational amplifier (op-amp) and selectable gain. The active probe protects inputs of the test equipment during testing and experimentation. The probe can easily connect to and disconnect from other equipment
CONSUMER ELECTRONICS: Why Convection Oven is Better than Microwave and OTG
With microwave technology, it has become extremely easy to take ice-cold food and warm it in a fraction of a minute. Even defrosting meat takes only a few minutes, and you are ready to cook your meal! Microwave and convection ovens both include turntables or mirrored walls to circulate the radiation evenly, effectively cooking the food in its own heat
Q&A: Things You Wanted to Know!

Feedback: Your Suggestions

LED Torchlight
Most commercial torchlights use three AA or AAA cells connected in series, which produces 4.5V to drive white LEDs using a current-limiting resistor. These flashlights do not drive the LEDs efficiently due to lack of a current-control circuit. Presented here is a circuit that drives high, bright white LEDs from a single dry cell
BUYERS' GUIDE: Cheaper Alternatives to GoPro Action Cameras
Gone are the days when only professional photographers had the best quality cameras to capture the most-cherished moments. Be it fun, adventure sports or that ideal vacation, we can now record it all with action cameras. Action cameras can be mounted anywhere owing to their small size and light weight. Most of them have an impressive video quality of up to 4K with a pretty good still-image quality. They can also work as dash cams or surveillance devices
Peter Shin, managing director, Koh Young SE Asia: “The SMT market is booming but operators do not have enough knowledge about inspection machines”
The continuing evolution of miniature packaging has led to ever-increasing PCB density and complexity. As manufacturing processes become progressively more complicated, there is a high probability of defects on finished PCB assemblies. Peter Shin, managing director, Koh Young SE Asia, in conversation with Baishakhi Dutta, shares how his organisation is making 3D inspection systems a viable technology for electronics manufacturing
Sharing Wi-Fi Data via Bluetooth
Tethering, or phone-as-modem (PAM), is the process of sharing of a mobile device’s Internet connection with another device, say, a cellphone or computer. Bluetooth tethering is one of the ways of sharing the wireless connection of an Android device with another device using Bluetooth. Say, you are using mobile data, and someone wants to use your data as well but you do not want to disclose the password. What would you do in that case? The answer is Bluetooth tethering, which is available on Android version 2.2 and above
Equipment Controller using MATLAB-Based GUI
In this project, a MATLAB platform to control up to four electrical equipment is presented. Controlling electrical equipment from a remote location using a control panel is employed in many applications. An important application is in a process plant where an operator in a control room, sitting in front of a computer terminal and running a human-machine interface (HMI) application program for process monitoring and controlling, can effectively send hard, real-time control commands/signals to multiple actuators present on the field
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September 2019
Issue Vol. 51 No. 9

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