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July  2019   Issue Vol. 51  No. 7 

Strategic Electronics: Offering Quantum Jump in Opportunities
Electronics is at the heart of all modern warfare systems and, presently, the country is at the cusp of transforming the import bill in electronics that is fast competing to surpass the oil bill, presenting an opportunity for Indian companies

Electric Vehicle Charging as a Service in India
Safety is a major concern when it comes to powerful electric feeders (DC charging stations) or charging stations near petrol pumps or other flammables
Control Robotic Car with Voice
This project describes the implementation of a voice-controlled robotic car using Arduino...
Download source code
Monitor Devices Through Web Browser
The Internet of Things (IoT) is being widely used in industrial and commercial applications. This article describes how to monitor things or devices connected to WeMos D1 board, which acts as a Web server...
Download source code
Simulate Smartphone Screen Lock/Unlock Application
An Android phone allows itself to be locked/unlocked using a password, pattern on a grid of nine dots, fingerprint or facial recognition...
Download source code
Smart Manufacturing Moves from Autonomous to Intelligent
Traditional Big Data programs operate on a batch process that is completely inappropriate for a production line operating 24/7. However, thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things sensors, a new solution took care of this issue
Indigenous Laptops to Boost Electronics Hardware Manufacturing in India
With growing demand for electronic goods in India, imports are rising at a steep rate, annually...
“Much Of The Wealth Now Lies In Technology Product Creation”
India is betting high on encouraging startups to promote unconventional thinking in the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape. What often goes unnoticed is the paramount task of mentors guiding entrepreneurs towards this path from behind the curtains. Dr Omkar Rai, director general, Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), in an exclusive chat with Rahul Chopra and Baishakhi Dutta sheds light on the various services and offerings for entrepreneurs to utilise in India
FIRST LOOK: Some New Gadgets
•Smart car charger
•Wireless earbuds
•LED gaming keyboard
•Bluetooth speaker
•Power bank
•GizMo ByTes
“You can simplify the IoT for the industry to save and make money”
Unlimit is an independent unit of Reliance Group providing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for the Indian market. Launched in 2016, it has grown from a single employee to an organisation that promises a complete stack of IoT solutions thanks to a 500-plus partner network. Their chief executive officer, Juergen Hase, who was the first employee of Unlimit and coined the name of the firm, shares his thoughts on India’s IoT industry and its prospects, in a conversation with Rahul Chopra
“Replacing humans with robots is not a formula for calculating ROI”
Automation is the next big industrial trend that will drive factories and production units. Baishakhi Dutta speaks with Soni Saran Singh, executive director of NMTronics India Pvt Ltd, about the practical capex and opex of such technologies, trade-offs associated with investments and more
Home Automation: Engineering a Home with Eyes, Ears and Plenty of Smarts
Security and monitoring in the field of home automation continue to evolve. New electronic designs and solutions continue to accelerate this trend. Now that many homes are automated, smart and connected, designers of electronics need to continue to offer improvements on issues related to power, sensing, command and control, and communications
When Working with Emerging Technologies, Sanity is the Key!
Many believe that the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence or automation will solve their problems for good, only to find themselves in a differently flavoured soup post-implementation. Read on to find out why this happens
Large-Scale Convergence, A 5G Way
Large-scale convergence, or LSC, is not just about the convergence of different technologies. It is about developing a comprehensive framework that will enable delivering of services as per the requirement of various applications
Be Ahead in 5G with the Right T&M System
5G networks deliver faster and more reliable communications. These open the doors to exciting new connections to the Internet of Things (IoT) networks, autonomous driving, broadband fixed wireless and faster video viewing. However, delivering 5G involves end-to-end test, precision measurement and deep network visibility solutions to ensure smooth operation across the ecosystem
The Challenges in Testing Defence Equipment
Test and measurement (T&M) equipment suppliers are required to deliver high-performance measurement solutions to cope with the increase in complexity in military electronic systems. Greater complexity in military electronic systems requires more capable T&M equipment to test those systems
Navigation Systems Through Satellites and Radars
Global navigation satellite systems are not only becoming relevant for the economy, these are having a huge impact on the everyday lives of human beings
Machine Learning API Libraries That are Helping the IoT
In this article we learn how machine learning (ML) can make things better when it comes to a complex concept like the Internet of Things (IoT)
New Products
• Components
• Test & Measurement
• Audio Equipment
• Miscellaneous
Software and Apps
• Software for security
• Mobile apps for security
Make this Simple Graphical LCD Scope
This scope reads input signal and displays the output waveform on a graphical liquid crystal display (GLCD) having 128×64-pixel resolution...
Download source code
Build Non-Contact Type Digital Tachometer
A tachometer measures the rotation speed of motors and other machineries. There are various types of tachometers...
Download source code
“Constant analysis of information to generate real-time insights enhances the value of data”
Data analytics makes it easier for business users to interact, share and collaborate with data—which is the very essence of data literacy—regardless of where or how they work. Nish Patel, senior director, Qlik, discusses how data analytics can help optimise work and improve employee efficiency, in an interaction with Deepshikha Shukla
AI-Based Human Model Generator
There was a time when e-commerce seemed futuristic but today, online shopping is transforming the market
DIY: Apps to Make your Travel Hassle-Free
Why do people travel? It is simple! Travel is food for the soul
BUYERS' GUIDE: Secure Your Home with Smart Locks and Door Answering Machines
Have you ever been worried about an intruder when you were not at home? If yes, smart locks and door answering machines are the answer to your problem
Applications and Benefits of Emotion-Sensing Technology
Emotion-sensing technology brings to life a new design approach that will include more complicated tasks than simply creating a visual design. It will combine monitoring and analysis of behaviour patterns, measuring actions, and noting facial expressions, voice intonation and body language, among others
AI in Defence: The Warfare Revolution 3.0
With the emergence of artificial intelligence technology, the world is in a great dilemma. While AI brings many benefits to the society, there are also great risks involved, including ethical issues and destruction
Drone Swarm: A Kingmaker of New Technology?
Researchers are developing cyber solutions to defeat enemy drone swarm attacks. These solutions contain a multi-spectral sensor system that detects and characterises drone swarms. Using cyber electromagnetic activity, swarms are disabled so that life threat to native war fighters and citizens is avoided
How to Employ Organic Photovoltaic Solar Cells for Energy Conversion
In the last few years, performance of organic solar cells has significantly improved. Further improvements are needed for the further development of organic photovoltaic cells. This article reviews the basic working principle, commercialisation and the fate of organic solar cells. Importance of high power conversion efficiency models for organic solar cells and the future development in the field of nanotechnology are also discussed
Communication and Internet Technology: From IPv4 to IPv6 (Part 4 of 6)
IPv6 can be compared with IPv4 in terms of two important parameters, namely, address space and IP header simplification. A few people projected the death of the Internet due to increased traffic, yet with IPv6, Internet access is guaranteed, with exponential increase in Internet users over time with the provision of abundant address space
Novel Technologies for Environmental Monitoring and Control
Innovative and greener products are the need of the hour for monitoring the environment and tackling climate change. Miniaturised environmental sensors like gas, chemical and biosensors help in remote sensing of the environment
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Tech News: Technology Updates

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Make This Simple Tester for Operational Amplifiers
This is a simple tester with square-wave oscillator for single and dual operational amplifiers (op-amps).
Protect Yourself with This Noise Level Monitor
Presented here is an Arduino-based noise/sound level monitor that displays sound levels in decibels (dB) and corresponding voltage levels on an LCD...
Download source code
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Global Blockchain Technologies and Cloud Computing

Benefits of Cloud Technology to T&M

AI for Critical Applications

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October 2019
Issue Vol. 51 No. 10

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