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January  2019   Issue Vol. 51  No. 1 

Market Survey
Design In India: In Demand
Increased digitisation of products results in enhanced demand for electronics. Implementation of advanced technologies...

StartUp Zone
Predictive Analytics for National GDP Tracking
Data analytics is being heavily used in almost all use cases, be it businesses or city-scale applications...
Everything You Wanted To Know About…
Tech Trends: The Future of Present Technologies
Technology runs our lives these days. This article provides a quick look at the scope of the present technologies a few years down the line
Everything You Wanted To Know About…
Internet Of Things: How The IoT has Evolved from M2M Communication
The IoT is a network of devices connected to ISPs or WAN/MAN through an M2M gateway
Automation: The Industries of Tomorrow Will be Run by The IIoT
The Industrial Internet of Things enhances manufacturing and industrial processes. Let us find out how
Design: Selecting The Right PCB Board Materials
Electronic devices, microwaves and other household devices rely on PCB technology to stay in working condition
Buyers’ Guide: Selecting The Right Power Supplies for Electronic Devices
A power supply converts AC voltage into regulated DC voltage. Read on to find out how to select the best power supply for an electronic device
Smart World
“A public private-partnership is imperative to… transform the mobility landscape of the country”
India’s metro cities suffer from congested traffic, stagnant bottlenecks and massive on-road delays, daily. Analytical insights on traffic patterns can help city runners plan routes and traffic management strategies better. Paromik Chakraborty of Electronics For You speaks with Prabhjeet Singh, head of cities, India and South Asia, Uber, about how their platform Uber Movement can improve the notorious urban traffic conditions
Smart World
Older PCs and Laptops a Source of Higher Opex for SMEs
Main barriers to migrating to new devices are the inability of legacy applications to run on newer operating systems and the lack of budget. Benefits of adopting modern device strategies outweigh the concerns
Smart World
Smart Technology to Reduce Adulteration in Dairy
CEERI’s cost-effective handheld tester can help dairy businesses stay more informed about the milk they provide
Smart World
Green Tech: “Turning to EV reduces the overall bill of material by 30 to 40 per cent”
India is making quick strides towards the promised electric vehicle (EV)-driven transportation ecosystem. According to a report by TechSci Research, India enjoyed a US$ 27 million two-wheeler EV market in 2017...
StartUp Zone
Pocket-Sized Device to Turn Utilities Smart
Depleting natural resources, such as fuel and water, have raised a lot of eyebrows...
StartUp Zone
Real-Time Cardiac Monitor The Size of a Band-Aid
Medical electronics need to be designed in a manner that these not only provide accurate health data but are also easy to use...
StartUp Zone
Self-Driving Car to Give You a Lift
Autonomous cars are finally on their way. Experts predict that within a span of five years, we will see self-driving vehicles...
Everything You Wanted To Know About…
Security: Data Protection Bill: India’s Cyber Black Cat Commando
Data protection is the process of safeguarding important information from corruption, compromise or loss. Its importance increases as the amount of data created and stored continues to grow at unprecedented rates
Everything You Wanted To Know About…
Healthcare: Living with Electronics: The Good and The Bad
Electronic devices have revolutionised our lives, in turn, making us totally dependent on these devices
tech focus: Exploring The Applications of Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials
In simple terms, nanotechnology is the part of science that deals with the control of matter with dimensions smaller than 100 nanometres, and can go down to atomic and molecular scales
Wireless: Wireless Technology for Safety and Security of The Deep Sea
This article discusses the wireless technologies for the safety and security of the deep sea, including ship-to-shore radios, GPS-tracking solutions and RFID transponders
“Security is not getting the attention it should”
The Internet of Things (IoT) has promised several good things for the future. Mohan Kumar Sundar, director, LyfeNet Solutions, throws light on the technology trends emerging in the world of the IoT, in a conversation with EFY Bureau
Handy Apps To Fly Drones And UAVs
Scan the QR codes to download the apps based on the operating system of your device
• Pix4Dcapture
• FreeFlight
• RealFlight Mobile
• DJI Go
• AirMap
Wearables: When Technology and Fashion Blend
Until a few years ago, wearable devices—or simply wearables—were not considered wearable by the fashion-conscious, as these lacked panache...
Wireless Control of Robotic Car Through MATLAB GUI
This project presents the implementation of a MATLAB graphical user interface (GUI)-based approach to wirelessly control the movement of a robotic car...
Download source code
Everything You Wanted To Know About…
Artificial Intelligence: The Latest in AI and its Applications
AI is becoming a disruptive force that is redefining the modern industry...
Everything You Wanted To Know About…
e-Commerce: How e-Commerce Websites Use Recommendation Systems to Generate Repeat Purchases
Improvements to recommendation systems is a low-hanging fruit that would not only ensure that customers have a high repeat rate but also improve customer experience
Everything You Wanted To Know About…
Sensors: Optical-Fibre Sensors Shaping The New Age of Connectivity
In this era of communication and connectivity, optical-fibre sensors find many applications, some of which are discussed in this article
Everything You Wanted To Know About…
Tech Trends: Around The World: Latest Trends and Innovations
In this article we take a look at the various technology trends and interesting solutions we came across while visiting different parts of the globe throughout the year
Test & Measurement: Things to Know About RF Power Measurement
This article talks about the essential characteristics, types and performance factors of power sensors and power meters in RF power measurement
“Connected cars must be tested thoroughly on all types of roads”
Connected cars are set to transform the automotive industry with a new wave of innovations and modern technologies. How are Indian auto players preparing for this transition? Are the roads ready for connected cars? Roop Singh, executive director, Advanced Technology Consulting Services, shares his views with Paromik Chakraborty of Electronics For You
“High-accuracy Mems sensors are driving automation for… Industry 4.0”
Micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) sensors enable advanced automation and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by advanced industrial sensing. Deepshikha Shukla of Electronics For You discusses the same with Vishal Goyal, senior technical marketing manager, Analog and MEMS Group, ASEAN-ANZ and India, STMicroelectronics (ST)
Software and Tools to Program Drones
• Dronecode
• DroneDeploy
• FlytBase
• DroneKit
• Pix4D
Buyers’ Guide: Picking Bluetooth-Powered Headphones within Rs. 4000
The technology world has already shown us the unlimited advantages of going wireless...
Home Automation System using a Wi-Fi Module
This home automation system can measure temperature, relative humidity, light intensity and control two electrical equipment on Cayenne IoT (Internet of Things) platform...
Download source code
Control Panel for Submersible Monoblock Pumpset
Presented here is a submersible pump starter circuit using electronic overload relay, solid-state relay and adjustable startup delay...
Download source code
Industry News: Industry Updates
• India can cut electricity consumption for lighting by 50 per cent with LEDs
• Duty-free handsets from SEZs are a threat to local manufacturing units
• Xiaomi to partner with component manufacturers for local production
• World’s first one-cell EV powertrain system to be manufactured in India
• Consistent fall in battery prices will drive growth in electric bus market
• AMTRON, Quantum partner for quantum dot solar cell manufacturing unit in Assam
• On The Move
• Snippets
• Calendar of Forthcoming Electronics Fairs/Exhibitions/Seminars/Events

“India’s economy is on the rise and the electronic components industry is growing”
To delve deep into changing industry trends that will ensure organisations retain a strong foothold in the dynamic electronics ecosystem, Rahul Chopra of EFY Group caught up with Dave Doherty, president and chief operating officer of Digi-Key Electronics, during the launch of the company’s IoT Studio at Electronica 2018 in Germany
Setting Up Qt on Raspberry Pi and Basic Application
This project describes the steps to get started with Qt software on Raspberry Pi operating system...
Tech News: Technology Updates
• Historical paintings recreated using deep learning and 3D printing
• System that provides solar- or wind-generated power on demand
• Using graphene to detect ALS, other neurodegenerative diseases
• New antenna evaluation method that could help boost 5G network capacity
• Shape-shifting origami could help antenna systems adapt on-the-fly
• World’s first AI-controlled wheelchair
• Finney, a cyber-protected, blockchain-enabled smartphone
First Look: Some New Gadgets
• Tablet PC
• Car charger
• Earphones
• Personal robot
• Fitness tracker
• Solid-state drive
• GizMo ByTes
Internet: Mi-Fi Devices: Dedicated Wi-Fi On The Go
Reliance Jio’s portable Wi-Fi hotspot (commonly known as JioFi) spiked the popularity of Mi-Fi (short for Mobile Wi-Fi) devices in India last year...
Multipurpose Configurable Audio Buffer for Headphones
This article presents a simple, low-cost stereo headphones buffer using two LM358 operational amplifiers (op-amps)...
Automatic Plants Watering System with Melody
Here is a circuit for automatic plants watering, which can be undertaken every morning without any human effort...
Adjustable AC Circuit Breaker
This circuit breaker employs a single operational amplifier (op-amp) and yet has a wide range and is user-friendly.
Warning System for Over-Height Vehicles
This circuit can be used to detect big over-height vehicle moving towards bridges, tunnel entrances and overhead structures, and warn the drivers...
Download source code
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• Miscellaneous
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April 2019
Issue Vol. 51 No. 4

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