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February  2019   Issue Vol. 51  No. 2 

Market Survey
Is the Internet of Things the Future for Smart India
The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to bring the next industrial revolution, transform society and establish a new ecosystem to serve not just humans but humanity. In an IoT-enabled world, people will receive uniquely personalised services on demand, while societies will benefit from optimised resource use with minimal impact on the environment

GREEN TECH: Shaping a Renewable Tomorrow the Digital Way
Mankind has found a way to use digital technologies to optimise and improve the usage of renewable energy, by providing the necessary visibility of consumption of fuels to daily users and help them plan better
Smart Pendant to Monitor Child Immunity
India is valiantly fighting the curse of high numbers of neonatal deaths and maternal mortality rate (MMR). A study done by UNICEF in 2018 revealed that almost 25 per cent of the global neonatal deaths occur in India. While this number is reducing, it is still quite alarming. Moreover, children of all ages in villages and semi-urban areas are always at risk, as nearly 1.5 million children fall victim to diseases every year. All these cases can be prevented with proper immunisation and vaccination drives
Augmented Reality Anywhere using a Smartphone
Wherever our real world syncs with the digital, our lives become easier. For this reason, technopreneurs are designing augmented reality (AR)- and virtual reality (VR)-based solutions that can be used anywhere, be it at homes, offices, industries or medical facilities. Tesseract Inc.—led by Massachusettes Institute of Technology alumni Kshitij Marwah—has developed its own AR platform, called Holoboard, which utilises the user’s smartphone
A Single Button to Make Your Home Smart
People around the globe are readily accepting the concept of a smart home, recognising the convenience and comfort it brings to our daily lives. However, we require multiple smart devices to make our home smart from every angle, namely, security, temperature control, water monitoring, pet monitoring and so on. Keeping this in mind, US-based innovators at TraiTel Technologies have built a smart single-button device, the size of a ring box, called SiB
Drone that Can Fly on its Own
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are reaching new heights of advancements as underlying components and programs keep improving. Drones—one of the most popular forms of UAVs today—are being used in a variety of applications, including personal use, package delivery, professional photography and videography, and surveillance. Beijing-headquartered ZeroZero Robotics has taken drones a step further, by designing an autonomous drone called Hover 2
HEALTHCARE: Microchip Implants: Are You Ready for Them?
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), an agency of the United States Department of Defense, has developed cyborg insects that can transmit information from sensors implanted into the insect during the pupal stage. The insect’s motion is controlled from a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS), and it can be used to survey an environment or, say, detect explosives and poisonous gases. Similar high-value and path-breaking work using cutting-edge implantable technology is being done on humans, too
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: AI For Industries: Using Intelligence in Real Time
If AI is to be used in industrial applications, parallel computing with the shortest response times in real time is often required. This places new demands on embedded computer technology, such as computer-on-modules (COMs)
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: AI and the IoT: Leveraging Digital Disruption
This article discusses the combined applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, which are set to transform the modern industry and lead to a bright and promising future
INTERNET OF THINGS: A Guide to the Essential Protocols for the IoT
The IoT extends from a single constrained device to a whole range of cloud systems, all connected by a set of IoT protocols that allow devices and servers to talk to one another
Interesting Apps for the Internet Of Things
Scan the QR codes to download the apps based on the operating system of your device
FIRST LOOK: Some New Gadgets
• Earbuds
• Broadband router
• Air purifier
• Power bank
• Feature phone
Q&A: Things You Wanted to Know!

Erich Schlaffer, project leader - research and development, AT&S, Austria: “The new mobile communication standard needs reduced footprint for related designs”
What are the opportunities and challenges that leading PCB manufacturers should be ready for, with the arrival of 5G? To figure that out, Rahul Chopra of Electronics For You spoke with Erich Schlaffer, project leader - research and development, AT&S, Austria
Andreas Pauly, executive vice president - test and measurement, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, and Yatish Mohan, managing director, Rohde & Schwarz India: “Development and functionality of innovations will be spurred by superior testing”
Make in India initiative will lead manufacturers from across the globe to set up shop in India. This will need new test solutions. Andreas Pauly, executive vice president - test and measurement, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, and Yatish Mohan, managing director, Rohde & Schwarz India, share insights on the latest trends in the test and measurement (T&M) sector, in a conversation with Deepshikha Shukla of Electronics For You
Save Electricity and Water with Smart Electronic Devices
LED bulbs and solar panels have reduced wastage and consumption of electricity. There are smart devices available in the market that help conserve the energy further and reduce electricity bills. Remote control of smart home devices adds another factor to the conservation of energy. Let us look at some such smart devices available in the market that can make a real difference to the planet and to your wallet
Control up to 16 Appliances without using a Microcontroller
Generally, the total number of appliances that can be controlled without using a microcontroller (MCU) is limited to three or four. One possible solution to this limitation is described in this project. Using this circuit, you can control up to 16 electrical appliances using HT12E and HT12D in transmitter and receiver sections, respectively. The ICs convert BCD parallel data into serial data
DTMF-Based Food Dispenser for Aquarium
Presented here is an Arduino-based automatic fish feeding system for an aquarium. Feeding the fish is a daily task, which can become a problem if you are out of station for more than a day. This dispenser just needs to call a cellphone number followed by another number to perform a particular task, like turning on the motor to feed the fish in the aquarium. This project requires two cellphones, one for making the call and another for receiving it
Download source code
Automatic Fan Controller for an Active Heatsink
This circuit is based on a thermistor and an operational amplifier (op-amp) that drives a MOSFET to switch a cooling fan on and off in an active heatsink system. The design also includes an overload protection mechanism
Universal Dual-Channel Audio Signal Tracer and Tester
The circuit described here is a dual-channel audio signal tracer and tester. An audio signal tracer is a simple device to check the presence of audio signals in radio and other electronic circuitry, including audio filters, preamplifiers and audio amplifiers. You can also check the presence of noise in the audio system introduced by power supplies, electronic components and electrical cables. With this circuit you can test microphones, loudspeakers and headphones, especially during installation and troubleshooting of audio equipment
Industry News: Industry Updates
• Mobile component manufacturing value to cross Rs 700 billion by March: ICEA
• 35 capital goods exempted from basic customs duty
• Indian electric car market to reach US$ 707 million by 2025
Drones for Agriculture: Benefits and Concerns
Pre-programmed automated application of materials not only leads to a perfect nutrient balance for crops, it also significantly saves wastage of these elements
IoT-Based Data Logger using ThingSpeak and WeMos
This project is a data-logging system that displays temperature and humidity on ThingSpeak.com using WeMos D1 R2 board. You can add more data to the project—up to eight data per channel
Download source code
Tech News: Technology Updates
• Plant that can move itself to a preferred light source
• Fingernail sensors and AI can help monitor health and disease progression
• A wireless, battery-free, biodegradable blood flow sensor
• Researcher uses music to manage data networks
• Drones to tackle climate change
• New T-wave detector uses waves of the electronic sea in graphene
• An end-to-end imitation learning system for speed control of autonomous vehicles
Industrial Digital Thermometer
Presented here is a 4-digit thermometer based on ATmega16 microcontroller (MCU), which can measure temperature up to 1024°C
Download source code
Feedback: Your Suggestions

SMART PARKING: “It should be like the telecom landscape, where there is interoperability”
Smart parking solutions can help parking lot owners increase business revenues in many ways. Commuters can also avoid the tiring tales of finding a parking spot. Paromik Chakraborty of Electronics For You speaks with Udaya Bhaskar Rao Abburu, chief executive officer and managing director, iRAM Technologies, to understand the benefits and limitations of the smart parking technology
TEST & MEASUREMENT: T&M Criteria and Requirement for the Industrial IoT
Combining new technology with rapidly-developed software on newly-created hardware—where critical bugs concerning reliability, safety and performance are often overlooked—makes testing of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices difficult. However, advancements in technologies are making industries more effective and enabling machines to work smartly
Miscellaneous Tools Useful for Businesses
• GoEasyPOS software
• VT Final Accounts
• Queris CMMS
• Magic Projects
• Odoo
TECH FOCUS: The IoT Creating New Growth Opportunities for Businesses
The IoT has the power to transform the businesses of any industry. It can improve employee efficiency, deliver better customer experiences, and track supply chain, assets and operations. IoT networks connect people, processes and applications so that businesses can quickly adapt to changing conditions
DESIGN: Latest Trends and Technologies for High-Speed PCB Designs
Despite its critical nature in high-speed circuitry, PCB layout is often one of the last steps in the design process. This article aims to help designers be aware of the various considerations they need to address when designing board layouts for high-speed circuitry
BUYERS' GUIDE: The Best Smart Plug for Your Home
We can all agree that home is where the heart is. Today, easy-to-use and helpful electronic gadgets make us feel more connected to our homes—metaphorically as well as literally. One of the starting points towards making a home smart is by using smart plugs and sockets. Smart plugs enable us to control and monitor our electrical home appliances remotely throughout the day. In this article we look at features that such smart plugs should offer for the best smart home experience, and the options available in the market
Android Smartphone-Based Function Generator
Android smartphones are rapidly becoming popular in the education industry. Some can even be used as signal or function generators. Bulky signal generators available in the market are costly and complex to operate. Android smartphones can be used as signal generators to perform basic tasks. Android-based function generators are not as advanced as standalone function generators, but these are a good option for basic applications
New Products
• LDO regulator
• AC/DC converters
• Reverse conducting IGBT
• MEMS inertial sensors
• Operational amplifier
• Magnetic sensor ICs
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