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April  2023 4
PROJECT: Enabling Industrial Sensors For Edge Computing Using EdgeX
PROJECT: Automatic Water Tank Filling System
PROJECT: Automatic Camera Based Boom Barrier Better Than The IR Based
PROJECT: Your Own Supercomputer With Super Cool Tech
March  2023 6
PROJECT: Wi-Fi Analysing Smart Watch
PROJECT: Fully Non-Invasive Liquid Level Detector
PROJECT: UART Automatic Baud Rate Detector
PROJECT: Automatic Wash Basin Tap Using Arduino
COOL STUFF: How To Convert ChatGPT Into An Advanced Voice Assistant
PROJECT: ESP32 RTC Based Camera Using Motion Sensor
February  2023 4
PROJECT: Coal Mining Safety Robot To Monitor Environment And Stop Fires
PROJECT: A Python Based GUI For AM Modulation
PROJECT: World’s First Programmable Smart Watch With Fitness Tracking
PROJECT: ESP32 As Camera Webserver
January  2023 3
PROJECT: Thermal Management System For Electric Vehicles
PROJECT: Nuclear Bomb And Radiation Detection Device
PROJECT: Weather Station Using STM32 (Blue Pill) And ThingSpeak IoT