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April  2021   Issue Vol. 53  No. 4 

STRATEGY: Outsourcing Design And Manufacture? Here’s What Can Help
There are several phases in the design and manufacture of a product, all of which are important, as outlined here. But to start with, if you are looking to outsource design and manufacture, please provide all the specs you desire in the product right in the beginning

OPPORTUNITIES: IoT Driving Mega Growth For Semiconductors
IoT Analytics recently released an interesting study of the IoT semiconductor market, which claims that semiconductors are strongly outperforming other segments within the technology sector. And it is all thanks to IoT! We share key extracts of the report and of the interview we did with Satyajit Sinha—a key force behind this report
SMART WORLD: Change The Game With Transformative Innovation
All types of innovations have a place in business and economy. Having the right balance is important for all of them. The good thing here is, when you have cash and jobs released from efficiency innovation, you can turn those jobs and cash towards disruptive innovation
TRENDS: Decision Making Insights Of Self-Driving Cars
A lot of people are talking about autonomous vehicles, which use highly advanced and futuristic technologies. And although these come with sophisticated intelligence, their performance largely depends on decision making skills of humans on roads
INNOVATION: Can We Create Electronic Plants?
The manufacturing of analogue and digital organic electronic circuits and devices in living plants has been reported. The four key components of a circuit (an energy source, a conductor (wire), an electrical load, and at least one controller) have been achieved
THE FUTURE: Use Of OLED Technology Is Transforming Automotive Industry
Automotive lighting will soon be responsible for communicating with drivers and other road users such as passengers in other cars, motorcycle riders, and even pedestrians. The exterior lighting will become instrumental for ensuring safety. People and wild animals at the edge of the road will be briefly illuminated by automobile lighting systems
Touchless Doorbell For The Post-Covid World
This low-cost, simple, reliable, and effective circuit for a doorbell works without touching.
It can be quite useful in our post-Covid-19 world as it minimises the spread of virus through doorbells
Simple Shortwave Voice Transmitter
This simple shortwave transmitter is easy to construct and can be used to transmit speech on the lower shortwave (SW) band of 5MHz to 12MHz with appropriate choice of crystals. It is a good project for a beginner
Key Industry Trends That Can Shape The Future Of Your Business
Tech News: Technology Updates
• Contactless superconducting coils for better power transmission
• Covid-19 detection using bioelectronic substrate on skin
• Tiny drones that can operate in cramped spaces
• Small gadgets powered by the human body
• Smart OLED tattoo for TV and smartphone screens
MY STORY: “Discipline, To Me, Is Respect For The Other Person” — Vinod Sharma, Deki Electronics
A believer of the practices taught in Buddhism, Vinod Sharma as an individual is known for his discipline and dedication in the electronics industry. Studied mostly in military schools and Kendriya Vidyalayas, Sharma is the man behind Deki Electronics making more than four million capacitors a day. He is a loving father, a caring husband, a humble leader, an author, a consultant, and more. This is his story!
FUN STUFF: Home Automation And Security Using IoT Devices
Home sweet home—there’s nothing like it! Our homes can be made smarter using the Internet of Things (IoT)—a system in which computing devices are connected over a network using unique identifiers (UIDs), and which can transfer data without the need for any human-to-human or human-to-computer interactions. These IoT devices can be used to automate our homes also
FUN STUFF: Have Some Fun Doing These Useful Home IoT Projects With Raspberry Pi
IoT projects can be fun and a great learning experience for budding programmers. Due to the pandemic, most of us are still stuck at home. This can be a great opportunity to dive into some DIY projects to enhance our programming and tech skills. In this article, we look at a few useful IoT projects that are fun and can be done from the comfort of your home using a Raspberry Pi along with tools and gadgets that pretty much everyone owns
Voice Command Controlled Drone
With path-breaking progress in UAV technology, drones are now being readily adopted and deployed for several uses. But despite the advancement, many physically challenged people are unable to operate them due to certain limitations in maintaining drone stability in the air. Now they too can fly a drone with the help of voice commands. And the best part is that the voice commands can be given in English or any other language
Download source code
Truly Innovative Tech
Amongst numerous press releases of new products received by us, these are the ones we found worthy of the title Truly Innovative Tech
TEST & MEASUREMENT: Embedded Systems Testing To Ensure Successful Products
The primary motive of this article is to sensitise both hardware and software designers about the importance of designing testable products and how to enable low cost of testing
INNOVATION: Achieving Creativity With Artificial Neural Networks
One of the recent applications of neural networks has been in the field of art and music. Can creativity be accomplished through artificial neural networks (ANN)? ANNs are capable of some level of creativity, although not on par with the human faculty. What are the challenges of achieving music and art through algorithms? What are the various approaches? These are some of the questions we shall talk about in this article
Power Bank Based Linear Regulated DC Power Supply
This circuit uses power bank and DC-DC booster module not only for charging mobile devices but also to provide 1.2V to 37V DC power supply. The compact circuit can even be used during AC mains power failure
Simple Low-Cost White Noise Generator
White noise is widely used during the testing of preamplifiers, filters, power amplifiers, etc. So white noise generators are required at least for the audio signal range. These generators exist in the market but usually are quite expensive. Here is a simple and low-cost white noise generator made with a Zener diode and three popular high-gain transistors that can be made easily
SYSTEMS: Understanding Reliability In Bluetooth Technology
The highlights below discuss the intricacies of Bluetooth reliability in an in-depth manner and address the many connectivity obstacles for optimal use of this wireless communication technology. Effective data transmission and reception requires a careful grasp of packet delivery over different instances of time
Wireless Sensor Node(s) And Remote Data Receiver Using Arduino
Wireless sensor node is a sensor node with a wireless transmitter. It has one or more sensing elements with amplifier and signal conditioning circuit or a digital/smart sensor, a microcontroller unit, modulator and transmitter with antenna, and a battery. Powered by a battery or solar power it senses temperature, sunlight, soil moisture, or tremor, etc and transmits the signal to a remote receiver
Download source code
Arduino Based Wireless Visitors Counter
Information about the total number of persons present inside a building such as a hospital, shopping mall, or factory helps provide crucial information to the security/safety personnel during emergency situations. This article presents the implementation of an Arduino based wireless visitors counter
Download source code
Industry News: Industry Updates
• PLI will lead to production worth US$520 billion: Narendra Modi
• Cabinet approves PLI scheme for laptops, tablets, PCs, servers
• MeitY invites applications for second round of large-scale manufacturing
• Testing and integration of 5G software and hardware by October
• Agencies empaneled to boost adoption of energy-efficient products and services
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April 2021
Issue Vol. 53 No. 4

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