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Electronics For You
September  2020   Issue Vol. 52  No. 9 

Ten Humanoid Robots Likely To Revolutionise The Robotics Industry
Creating a human-like or humanoid robot is difficult because it is quite a complex process. And yet, people continue to develop humanoid robots because these are used in numerous applications such as personal assistance, scientific research, entertainment, hospitals, etc. This article covers ten humanoid robots that would potentially revolutionise the robotics industry

Smart Education To Improve Skillsets Of Students
Smart education is playing an important role in the education sector. It has helped in improving the skillsets of students and made learning more interactive and engaging
Batteries For Powering Sustainable Development
Over the years, lithium-ion (li-ion) rechargeable batteries have become immensely popular, but their production process incurs large carbon footprints. Hence, there is an urgent need to find alternatives to these batteries
Going Into Renewable Energy Era With AI
The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) has helped utilities as well as other energy companies in forecasting renewable energy production and electricity demand. AI also helps in actively delivering infrastructure maintenance and predicting equipment failure. Thus with AI, there has been better integration of large-scale renewable energy systems
AI-Driven Cobots In Logistics And Beyond
With the advancements in technology, traditional robotic systems are now getting replaced by collaborative robots (cobots). Cobots are specifically designed to operate and simultaneously collaborate with human workers safely in the same workspace. These mainly cater to the manufacturing and logistics industries