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July  2018   Issue Vol. 6  No. 10 

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Build Amazing iOS and Android Apps with NativeScript
This article explores NativeScript, which is an open source framework for building native apps using JavaScript. NativeScript also supports Angular, Vue.js and TypeScript. Developers can use it to build apps for Android or iOS platforms with the same code.

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Open Source Performance Testing and Audit Tools for Android Apps
Security and performance are key words in the world of mobile apps. There are numerous ways in which a mobile app that is launched without proper testing will flounder and ruin
the reputation of the enterprise that launches it, owing to the many threats lurking on the Internet. Performance testing and audits play an important role in the development life cycle of an app. There are many open source tools that can be used for performance audits, some of which are introduced briefly in this article.
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An Introduction to Open Source Platforms for
Developing Mobile Applications

The superabundance of mobile devices and operating systems makes mobile application development a challenging task. The ideal is to develop applications that work on all devices by using a single code base and yet give the apps a native feel. Let us briefly look at a few open source mobile app development platforms that help developers do so.
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Building Modern Apps Using Android Architecture Components
For those building an Android app, Android Architecture Components are worth checking out as they help to build robust, maintainable and testable apps.
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The Ionic Framework: A Front-end SDK for Speedy, Cross-Platform App Development
Ionic enables developers to build and deploy high calibre mobile apps for any platform using a single codebase. It is free and open source, and provides a stable, fast and reliable environment for developing mobile apps. Developers using Ionic can concentrate on the app’s behaviour rather than waste time in designing UI elements.
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DevOps Series Ansible Deployment of Consul
Consul supports multiple data centres, can be used as a key/value store, and can monitor cluster health. In this 17th article in the DevOps series, we discuss the Ansible deployment of Consul.
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Securing Network Ports with Firewalld
Firewalld provides dynamic monitoring and management of firewalls in RHEL 7. It supports firewall networks or zones that define the trust level of network settings and interfaces. Highly manageable and configurable, it also provides support for IPv4 and IPv6 firewall settings.
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A Quick Dive into Kata Containers 1.0
Kata Containers is a free and open source project aimed at building standard lightweight virtual machines (VMs). These VMs have the feel of containers and work like them, but have the security isolation of VMs. Kata Containers has community support but is looking for more contributors with varied expertise and skills.
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Enterprises are Embracing Open Source PaaS
Platform as a Service is today being used by a large number of enterprises. This article covers the characteristics, adoption patterns and architecture components of a PaaS platform. It also looks at why this service is so popular today.
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Automating User Authentication with Authconfig
Modern computer infrastructure tends to consist of many machines, with multiple services running on them. Keeping local user accounts in sync on all these machines and their services is a daunting task, even more so since passwords need to remain synced.
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A Comprehensive Guide to Programming in Ruby
This article gives readers Ruby in a nutshell, covering all aspects of how to program in it. Enthusiasts can then get started on it quickly.
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Useful Moodle Plugins for Programming Language Instructors
This article introduces the reader to the Moodle plugins, CodeRunner and Virtual Programming Lab (VPL).
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RethinkDB: A NoSQL Database for Real-Time Applications
Faster than conventional databases, RethinkDB works in realtime. This open source, distributed and document-oriented database is designed to store JSON documents in an operable format with sharding and replication.
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Hyperledger Iroha: A Blockchain Framework for Mobile Apps
This article is for open source enthusiasts with an interest in blockchain technology, and continues with the series on blockchain frameworks in Project Hyperledger. So let’s look at Hyperledger Iroha, see what makes it unique and learn how to get started with this framework.
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Using Framework7 to Build Hybrid Mobile Apps for Android and iOS
Mobile apps have become ubiquitous and multi-purpose, and hence we need tools that make it easier to build these apps. Framework7 is open source and enables the building of hybrid mobile apps with the native look and feel of the Android and iOS operating systems. The most important advantage of Framework7 is that developers can use it to build apps swiftly with Web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
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Flutter: The Fast Way to Develop Android and iOS Apps
Flutter is a mobile UI framework from Google that helps to build native Android and iOS applications with a single codebase. This article discusses its numerous advantages.
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The Best Open Source Platforms for Developing Blockchain Applications
Since the phenomenal rise in the value of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which uses a blockchain for accounting, there has been a tremendous interest in blockchain technology. A blockchain is a transparent distributed ledger which is revolutionising the financial services industry by empowering millions across the globe to authenticate and transact immediately, without the involvement of expensive intermediaries. This article introduces a few popular open source platforms that help in the quick and easy development of blockchain based applications.
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Open Source Automation Tools to Make Your Home Smart
In a smart home, the controlled objects are typically connected to a hub, which may be a wall-mounted unit, a tablet or even a smartphone. This article lists nine open source home automation tools you can choose from to make your home smart.
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Exploring Natural Language Processing
with an Introduction to NLTK

Natural language processing (NLP) is an area
of computer science and artificial intelligence that is related to the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages. It deals with how computers are programmed to fruitfully process large amounts of natural language
data in order to perform useful tasks. The National Language Tool Kit (NLTK) is a library that facilitates experimentation with data related to NLP.
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The What, Why and How of the GPL
Much of the world’s most important, commercially significant software is distributed under copyright licensing terms that give recipients freedom to copy, modify and redistribute the software known as Free and Open Source Software or FOSS. One could not send or receive e-mail, surf the World Wide Web, perform a Google search or take advantage of many of the other benefits offered by the Internet without free software. Businesses, however, must learn efficient ways to manage open source software without fear of legal risks.
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GNUKhata: Made-for-India Accounting Software
This article turns the spotlight on an inspiring FOSS project developed in India. GNUKhata is an accounting application that holds its own against popular proprietary variants, and can also be used by the visually impaired. The driving force behind the project is a visionary who lost his sight himself.

In this month’s column, we continue our discussion on the problem of content moderation using NLP techniques, focusing on detecting hate speech in social media content.

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