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April  2019   Issue Vol. 7  No. 7 

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Things You Can Do to Protect the Privacy of Your Data
Almost every day, we hear of data breaches in some website or the other. Since the loss of oneís privacy can result in serious consequences, read on to learn how to protect it in a Linux environment, by taking a few simple steps.

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OpenVAS: A Powerful Vulnerability Scanner
Computer vulnerabilities can be very vexing and unnerving, especially when computer systems are used for production. Sysadmins can fall back on Open VAS or Open Vulnerability Assessment System to locate and understand these vulnerabilities. Open VAS is free and open source, and is a one stop solution for vulnerability assessment.
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Setting Up Kubernetes on Windows
Setting up a single instance of Docker and Kubernetes on a Windows machine can be done easily with this tutorial, which is aimed at open source enthusiasts. Those with some knowledge of container orchestration and Kubernetes will find the article helpful.
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OSS Tools That Can Safeguard Your Systems
Cyber security is an incredibly complex, volatile and delicate issue, with systems constantly under attack by an assortment of entities from around the world. Letís examine some open source software tools, both new and old, which keep our systems safe.
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Why You Should Choose for Application Development AngularJS
AngularJS, which has been designed for building single page websites is, according to some, what HTML would have been, had it been designed for building Web apps. It is a very powerful JavaScript framework. As this article suggests, there are many compelling and cogent reasons for selecting it as a platform to build Web apps.
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Creating Decentralised Applications with
Blockchain Technology using Open Source Tools

By virtue of being a distributed ledger in a P2P network, the blockchain is relatively more secure than data that is on a central server. It is made more secure by the use of powerful cryptography and algorithms. So decentralised applications based on blockchain technology provide excellent security for various types of data.
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The Capabilities of Tensor Virtual Machine, an Open Deep Learning Compiler Stack
The Tensor Virtual Machine stack began as a research project at the SAMPL (System, Architecture, Machine learning and Programming Language) group of the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, at the University of Washington in the US. This project is now driven by an open source community,and involves multiple industry and academic institutions.
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Why the BlockChain is So Secure
A blockchain has several built-in security features that make it attractive for purposes like land records, cryptocurrency transactions,
etc. The security of personal data is a human right. A blockchain could be one of the methods of ensuring this.
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GameShell: The Handheld Open Source Gaming Console
For those who are retro game afficionados, Clockwork GameShell is just the ticket. It is a hands-on DIY kit which converts into a portable gaming console. Priced at around US$ 160, it is a good buy for game enthusiasts. It can also be converted into a music player and so would make a good travel companion.
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The Best Private Search Engines For You To Try Out
Search engines are used to find products, services or information from the World Wide Web. But many search engines track users and their search keywords to target advertising towards them. Smart search engines sometimes take matters into their own hands and, guided by their analysis of the browsing history, even conceal results from the user. Hence, there is a need for private search engines. Letís take a look at some of the best ones.
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Gaining a Better Understanding of our Network
A network connects computers, mobile phones, peripherals and IoT devices, providing communication between them. It also facilitates communication between different networks and even with the Internet. So you must try and get to know it better.
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Troubleshooting Issues in Linux Applications
In order to address issues in applications, the author has listed what needs to be done whenever you install a third party application on RHEL systems. The steps are almost the same for other Linux flavours.
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Securing a LAMP Server in 2019
LAMP is an acronym for a stack typically consisting of the Linux operating system, the Apache HTTP Server, the MySQL relational database management system, and the PHP programming language. It is a platform mainly used to develop dynamic websites. Letís take a look at how we can secure a LAMP server today.
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Setting up the Hyperledger Sawtooth Development
Environment with Kubernetes

This article is aimed at open source enthusiasts with an interest in blockchain technologies and who have working knowledge of the Hyperledger Sawtooth project.
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Use Group Office to Collaborate with Colleagues
Group Office is an enterprise CRM and groupware tool, which is easy to use and is fully customisable. It is used to share projects, calendars, files and email online with co-workers and clients.
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An Instant Guide to Firewall Builder
Given the ever present threat of malware and intrusion attacks, the safety of systems depends on having reliable firewalls to protect them. This article offers an instant guide to Firewall Builder, which is regarded as a significant firewall configuration and management tool.
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Migration of Application Workloads to Containers using Docker and Kubernetes
Containers present an easy way of deploying traditional applications, cuttingedge microservices and Big Data apps anywhere. In enterprises in which a large number of Docker pods may be in use, Kubernetes is one of the best orchestration tools to choose. Migrating application workloads to containers has many advantages for enterprises, such as rofitability, scalability and security.
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A Sneak Peek at Zeek, the Flexible Network Security Monitor
Security is the most important parameter that people consider when selecting IT infrastructure. Read about Zeek Ė an open source, flexible network traffic analyser that was earlier known as Bro. It is efficient, highly stateful and comes with open interfaces. This article explores the scripting component of Zeek.
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Get Rid of Priority Inversion with PI-Futex
This article helps the reader understand the priority inversion problem of process scheduling at the user space level and provides solutions for it. Also discussed are priority inversion with a semaphore, avoiding priority inversion by using different CPU affinities for processes, and priority inheritance with PI-Futex.
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Emacs String Manipulation
s.el is an Emacs string manipulation library released under the GNU General Public License v3.0. It has been written by Magnar Sveen and the latest tagged release is v1.12.0. The source code is available at magnars/s.el. In this article, we shall explore the various string handling functions provided by the s.el library.
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A Containerised Development Environment for Hyperledger Fabric
This article is a complete primer on how to set up the Hyperledger Fabric development environment on a local machine using Vagrant on an Ubuntu image. It also covers how to deploy Fabric by using Docker Compose to launch Docker containers.
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How to Choose the Right CIAM Solution for Your Integration Architecture
The previous article on customer identity access management (CIAM) published in the March 2019 issue of OSFY covered the basics, as well as the importance of an enterprise solution in a digital enterprise integration architecture. This article looks at the features of two CIAM solutions.
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Blockchain Development Made Easy with Open Source Tools
The blockchain has become a full-fledged Internet technology, and its popularity has been enhanced by the runaway success of Bitcoin. Open source tools make it easy to deploy blockchains for individual needs. Letís see how.

Picking Bluetooth-Powered Headphones within Rs 4000
This article lists some popular choices for Bluetooth-powered headphones that are priced within Rs 4000, and will help you pick the right one for your home.

In this monthís column, we discuss the topic of natural language understanding in the context of dialogue systems.

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