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October  2019   Issue Vol. 8  No. 1 

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A Quick Look at Some of the Best Cloud Platforms for High Performance Computing Applications
Cloud platforms enable high performance computing without the need to purchase the required infrastructure. Cloud services are available on a ‘pay per use’ basis which is very economical. This article takes a look at cloud platforms like Neptune, BigML, Deep Cognition and Google Colaboratory, all of which can be used for high performance applications.

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Cloud Foundry: Making Applications Platform-independent
Cloud Foundry is an enterprise standard open source platform for developing and deploying cloud applications. This article gives readers an overview of it, discusses how it differs from Kubernetes and why it should be used.
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The Top Nine Open Source Cloud Management Platforms
A cloud management platform (CMP) is a comprehensive software suite with integrated tools that an enterprise can use to monitor and control cloud computing resources. There are many CMPs out there, both open source and proprietary. This article explores how cloud platforms work, their capabilities, as well as a selection of the top open source cloud platforms of the day.
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Demystifying Kubernetes
Kubernetes is a production grade open source system for automating deployment, scaling, and the management of containerised applications. This article is about managing containers with Kubernetes.
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“Our internship programme is based on three Es — education, exposure and experience”
With cloud adoption growing at a massive pace today, it is important for all developers to stay abreast of the latest technologies. Manoj Sharma, HR director, NetApp India, talks about how developers should upskill themselves with the skillsets in demand today, about open source opportunities, hiring, academic and internship programmes at NetApp, and a lot more with Ankita K.S. from the EFY Group.Excerpts follow…
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Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Work in Linux
Manipulating the mouse, keyboard and menus takes up a lot of our time, which could be saved by using keyboard shortcuts. These not only save time, but also make the computer user more efficient.
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Can Data Scientists be Replaced by Automation?
The advent of AI, automation and smart bots triggers the question: Is it possible that data scientists will become redundant in the future? Are they indispensable? The ideal approach appears to be automation complementing the work data scientists do. This would better utilise the tremendous data being generated throughout the world every day.
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The Benefits and Challenges of the Internet as a Service for Cloud Computing
IaaS provides high performance computing on supercomputers, computer grids or computer clusters. This helps solve complex problems involving millions of variables or calculations. Examples include earthquake and protein folding simulations, climate and weather predictions, financial modelling and product design evaluation.
For U & Me - Open Journey
“Open source is a challenge as well as a great opportunity”
Krishnakant Mane is an inspirational figure not just in the FOSS universe, but also beyond that. Undeterred by his visual impairment, he has gone on to blaze trails in the world of accessibility and OSS. He believes that, “Vision is more important than sight. And knowledge is more important than information.”
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Hybrid Cloud: New Edge for Cloud Providers
As the networking business moves from OEMs to software vendors, many networking functions are now being developed on software and deployed on commodity servers. This has given a boost to virtual network functions, which provide networking nodes functionalities such as routers and firewalls through software.
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A Bird’s Eye View of Big Data for Enterprises
Entrepreneurial decisions are made using data and business acumen. Big Data is today a tool that helps to maximise revenue and customer engagement. Open source tools like Hadoop, Apache Spark and Apache Storm are the popular choices when it comes to analysing Big Data. As the volume and variety of data in the world grows by the day, there is great scope for the discovery of trends as well as for innovation in data analysis and storage.
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The Use of R Packages for Big Data Analytics
R is a powerful statistical programming language for data science. It consists of powerful packages to deal with Big Data analytics, which is a complex process of examining large and varied data sets in order to reveal hidden, useful, novel and interesting trends and patterns. The R programming language comprises packages and environments for statistical computing with Big Data, making analytics easier.
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Benefits and Challenges Of Cloud-Based Testing
Testing as a Service (TaaS) enables running as many tests in parallel as needed. This helps perform cloud-based tests faster than those that are hosted on local hardware.
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Creating Custom Themes in Drupal 8
A theme in a website is a set of files that defines the overall look and the user experience of a website. It usually comprises all the graphical elements such as colours and window decorations that help the user to customise the website. Drupal provides the user with a bunch of basic themes for a website that are very generic. However, these default themes do not suit all types of users. So
there is a need to build themes that meet one’s requirements.
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Developing a Simple Web Application Using
This article guides readers on how to run and deploy their first Web application using Flutter.
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Loops in Emacs Lisp
This article in the Emacs series explores looping techniques that are available with Emacs Lisp.
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Creating a Chat Bot with Recast.AI
According to a Gartner report from February 2018, “25 per cent of customer service and support operations will integrate virtual customer assistant (VCA) or chatbot technology across engagement channels by 2020, up from less than 2 per cent in 2017.” In the light of this, readers will find this tutorial on how the open source Recast. AI bot-creating platform works, helpful.
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Tools that Accelerate a Newbie’s Understanding
of Machine Learning

The world of machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) is a fascinating one. Many newbies would like to dabble in this field but have some inhibitions. This article introduces readers to some of the best tools to kickstart their journey into the ML/ DL domain.
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Communication and Internet Technology: From IPv4 to IPv6
IPv6 can be compared with IPv4 in terms of two important parameters, namely, address space and IP header simplification. Internet access is guaranteed with IPv6, even with an exponential growth in Internet users, because there is provision for abundant address space.
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Best Practices for Architecting a Serverless

Serverless architecture is becoming an exciting option for many cloud architects, considering its unique benefits. Also known as Function-as-a-Service, serverless architecture enables developers to deploy their cloud applications without having to manage any servers. A few best practices that will help organisations benefit from this architecture are discussed in this article.
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Optical-Fibre Cable Testing Practices And Challenges
Testing evaluates the performance of fibre- ptic components, cable plants and systems. For every fibre-optic cable plant, testing for continuity and polarity, end-to-end insertion loss and then troubleshooting any problems is necessary.
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Copy an Entire GNU/Linux Installation and Make it Work
For various reasons, one may need to transfer an entire OS to a different system or an SSD.
This seemingly difficult task has been explained in a stepwise manner in this tutorial.
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Using Facial Recognition for a Robust, Real-time Attendance System
There is a growing need to use technology to mark the attendance of students in the classroom – a process that is both automatic as well as efficient. In recent years, the problem of attendance management has been addressed through the use of standard biometrics like fingerprint or iris scanners. However, most proposed technologies are not too reliable. One solution is the intelligent application of facial recognition techniques iteratively. This article discusses an automated attendance management system that uses facial recognition.

In this month’s column, we continue our discussion on the testing of machine learning applications, focusing our discussion on NLP.
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Bonita Studio CE: A Complete Free Software Solution for Business Process Management
Bonita Studio is the graphics design interface of Bonita Open Solution. With Bonita Studio, one can draw business processes step by step on the whiteboard, using the design and context palettes. The interface has a toolbar, with icons representing shortcuts to features, and functions available for process design and configuration.
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How Linux Kernel Live Patching Works
Servers, systems or HPCs are meant to run on a 24x7x365 basis but due to critical security updates or OS updates, they have to be restarted to apply the changes. Linux kernel live patching takes care of this issue and avoids restarts.

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