Electronics For You estyle
January  2019   Issue Vol. 51  No. 1 

eStyle is a consumer tech publication that aims at helping people benefit from technology. It provides them with information that makes their day-to-day life easier and efficient through the use of technology.

First Look: Some New Gadgets
• Tablet PC
• Car charger
• Earphones
• Personal robot
• Fitness tracker
• Solid-state drive
• GizMo ByTes
Buyers’ Guide: Picking Bluetooth-Powered Headphones within Rs. 4000
The technology world has already shown us the unlimited advantages of going wireless...
Wearables: When Technology and Fashion Blend
Until a few years ago, wearable devices—or simply wearables—were not considered wearable by the fashion-conscious, as these lacked panache...
Internet: Mi-Fi Devices: Dedicated Wi-Fi On The Go
Reliance Jio’s portable Wi-Fi hotspot (commonly known as JioFi) spiked the popularity of Mi-Fi (short for Mobile Wi-Fi) devices in India last year...