Electronics For You estyle
December  2018   Issue Vol. 50  No. 12 

eStyle is a consumer tech publication that aims at helping people benefit from technology. It provides them with information that makes their day-to-day life easier and efficient through the use of technology.

First Look: Some New Gadgets
• Headset
• Fitness band
• Smartphone printer
• MicroSD card
• Bluetooth speaker
Do-It-Yourself: Learning Through Gaming: Apps to Make Learning Fun
Apps can make learning fun for kids and adults alike. Such apps are easy to understand, user friendly and have a seamless interface. The apps help achieve social, emotional, physical and intellectual development, and make learning effective for everyone
Buyers’ Guide: Choosing Cloud-Powered Plug-and-Play Home Security Cameras
Plug-and-play devices are quite handy for households. These save time, money and effort in installation, and get into action anytime and anywhere. Latest wireless security cameras have also joined the list of plug-and-play electronics. The rise of IP-based cameras with real-time feed has enabled modern nuclear families to ensure safety of their children, pets and homes