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February  2019   Issue Vol. 51  No. 2 

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FIRST LOOK: Some New Gadgets
• Earbuds
• Broadband router
• Air purifier
• Power bank
• Feature phone
BUYERS' GUIDE: The Best Smart Plug for Your Home
We can all agree that home is where the heart is. Today, easy-to-use and helpful electronic gadgets make us feel more connected to our homes—metaphorically as well as literally. One of the starting points towards making a home smart is by using smart plugs and sockets. Smart plugs enable us to control and monitor our electrical home appliances remotely throughout the day. In this article we look at features that such smart plugs should offer for the best smart home experience, and the options available in the market
Save Electricity and Water with Smart Electronic Devices
LED bulbs and solar panels have reduced wastage and consumption of electricity. There are smart devices available in the market that help conserve the energy further and reduce electricity bills. Remote control of smart home devices adds another factor to the conservation of energy. Let us look at some such smart devices available in the market that can make a real difference to the planet and to your wallet