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Electronics For You
October  2019   Issue Vol. 51  No. 10 

AI And Robotics: Hype Or Reality?
Artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to a point where action, not talk, is needed. While there are fears and inflated expectations of what AI can do, much of it is hype and a far cry from what it can actually achieve today

RFID PCB Tags Creating and Protecting Value
RFID tags solve the challenges of barcodes by simultaneously reducing manual operations in the process
“Blockchain needs to be a part of a larger network” — Vivek Mahendra, enterprise architect and chief platform officer, CallHealth; and Parag Jain, founder, ThynkBlynk
NITI Aayog’s National Health Stack represents a holistic platform that supports a multitude of health verticals and their disparate branches. Vivek Mahendra, enterprise architect and chief platform officer, CallHealth, and Parag Jain, founder, ThynkBlynk, talk about how blockchain technology will work in healthcare, in conversation with Ayushee Sharma
Smart Water Management
Water-related data includes quality, pressure, level, dissolved oxygen and more. Data management is essential to keep track of this large amount of sensor and meter data collected in real time
The Future of Hiring
Organisations need to realise that redesigning jobs is essential to integrate traditional ones with new-age technologies