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Electronics For You
August  2019   Issue Vol. 51  No. 8 

The Benefits and Challenges of the Internet as a Service for Cloud Computing
IaaS provides high performance computing on supercomputers, computer grids or computer clusters. This helps solve complex problems involving millions of variables or calculations. Examples include earthquake and protein folding simulations, climate and weather predictions, financial modelling and product design evaluation

Solving the Problems of Innovation through Collaboration
In an age of disruption, where time-to-market makes the difference between pioneers and laggards, innovation must happen on multiple fronts
“More than fifty per cent of searches will be voice based by 2020” — Sahil Chopra, founder and CEO, iCubesWire
Voice technology, speech recognition and deep learning have changed the face of search as we know it. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and Big Data technologies are sure to help leverage the penetration and adaptability of voice-based search. Sahil Chopra, founder and chief executive officer, iCubesWire, in a conversation with Deepshikha Shukla, shares how voice-based search can improve digital advertising and search engine optimisation
E-Mobility Driving the World Towards Cleaner Technology
By increasing e-mobility and improving the EV ride experience, solutions like PlugSurfing are paving the way to make a clean and efficient transport accessible to drivers across the world

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