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Electronics For You
February  2020   Issue Vol. 52  No. 2 

Investing In AR And VR: A Promising Tactic Or A Sheer Gamble For Your Business?
Various market reports suggest that exponential strides in extended reality (XR) technology in the coming years are going to teleport mankind into a world of unimaginable illusion. Yet, like any other technology in its infancy, a lot of issues still need to be resolved for wide-scale adoption

“Whenever there is a mechanical movement that has to be counted or detected, a reed switch is applicable” — Kai Hold, marketing manager, PIC GmbH
Standard reed switches are small, have high reliability and a long life for demanding applications in automotive, industrial and all kinds of position control, position-sensing applications. Standard versions can be modified with terminals according to specific needs. Kai Hold, marketing manager, PIC GmbH, in a conversation with Deepshikha Shukla, explains how reed switches help in motion-sensing devices and their parts
“Solving thermal management issues is critical” — Chris Nash, product manager - PCB Materials, Indium Corp.
Selecting the right material, form and dimensions are key to producing a quality electronic product. Chris Nash, product manager for PCB Materials, Indium Corp., explains to Deepshikha Shukla how materials enable manufacturing of strong, reliable products that can endure inevitable physical shocks and thermal stresses associated with electronic devices, in applications ranging from Internet of Things (IoT) devices to next-generation, low-energy servers and automobile electronics
“Choosing the right material is critical to the success of the 3D print” — Benjamin Tan, vice president, Ultimaker Asia Pacific
3D printing has revolutionised the manufacturing sector through local and customised production. It remains one of the biggest technological trends. Benjamin Tan, vice president, Ultimaker Asia Pacific, discusses with Ayushee Sharma the various steps involved in getting the perfect 3D-printed product for an application while keeping in mind the environmental impact of such a process