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Electronics For You
August  2019   Issue Vol. 51  No. 8 

The Benefits and Challenges of the Internet as a Service for Cloud Computing
IaaS provides high performance computing on supercomputers, computer grids or computer clusters. This helps solve complex problems involving millions of variables or calculations. Examples include earthquake and protein folding simulations, climate and weather predictions, financial modelling and product design evaluation

FIRST LOOK: Some New Gadgets
Wireless flight adaptor
Wireless charging pad
Wireless mouse
Portable charger
Wireless headset
BUYERS' GUIDE: Electric Cars Ready for Purchase in India
Electric vehicles (EVs) are getting popular in India every day, and many people have already taken the green route. Value proposition of EVs lies not only in massive reduction in carbon footprint but also in lower consumption of petrol, diesel, CNG and other fuels, which also amounts to higher financial savings at a personal level and a brighter future at the ecological scale. However, are EVs really that abundantly available in India? Where can buyers purchase them? What should they know about maintenance? We try to answer these questions in this article
SMART LIVING: Top Smartphone Tips of the Hour
Nowadays, cellular devices are no longer meant for calling only. Technology has gone through a herculean revolution in the last few years and changed our lives in various ways. Among many innovations, the smartphone has gained massive traction among people, with a huge insurgence of this device among masses
SAFETY: Fire Safety and Pollution Control while Cooking
Cooking releases several pollutants as well as particulate matter into the air. When such pollutants are exhausted from a kitchen, these can release smoke, grease and odours in outdoor air. Exposure to contaminated air may lead to such health problems as asthma, cough and respiratory tract infections

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