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Electronics For You
June  2019   Issue Vol. 51  No. 6 

The Changing Test And Measurement Market Of India
5G and vehicle electrification are the major technology trends that will reshape the industry. Customer centricity and continuous innovation will be high on radar of T&M companies

EMBEDDED: Greater Functionality Demands Higher Levels of Technology
Companies are trying to maintain their competitive edge by adding more functionality to their products. This is making systems that were previously relatively simple more complex and difficult to design. Designers are being challenged to deliver greater functionality in the same space or, often, in a smaller space. This raises the stakes when designers choose a suitable hardware platform for their next project
COMPUTING: Building a Cloud Strategy to Boost Digital Innovation
This article discusses why it is necessary to build an organisational cloud strategy and how to go about building one
DESIGN: How to Minimise Electromagnetic Interference and Improve Compatibility in Medical Devices
This article talks about methods to improve EMI and EMC in medical devices
TEST & MEASUREMENT: Testing and Monitoring of Fibre-Optic Networks
An optical network monitoring system accurately detects and locates fibre degradation, alerting operators and managers with the details of faults. Measurement at desired intervals allows network operators to assess long-term fibre performance and efficient asset management
TEST & MEASUREMENT: Optical-Fibre Cable Testing Practices and Challenges
Testing evaluates the performance of fibre-optic components, cable plants and systems. For every fibre-optic cable plant, testing for continuity and polarity, end-to-end insertion loss and then troubleshooting any problems is necessary
TECH FOCUS: Optical-Fibre Solutions for Future Data Centres
With continued expansion and growth in the data centre, a well-planned cabling infrastructure is critical for both present and future success. Fundamental concerns that a cabling infrastructure must address are reliability, manageability, scalability and flexibility. A structured cabling system provides a flexible cabling plan to address the commonly-performed tasks of moving, adding or changing the infrastructure as the network grows. A well-planned optical cable infrastructure will have to be operational through several iterations of system equipment solutions and multiple generations of protocol data-rate increases

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