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Electronics For You
February  2020   Issue Vol. 52  No. 2 

Investing In AR And VR: A Promising Tactic Or A Sheer Gamble For Your Business?
Various market reports suggest that exponential strides in extended reality (XR) technology in the coming years are going to teleport mankind into a world of unimaginable illusion. Yet, like any other technology in its infancy, a lot of issues still need to be resolved for wide-scale adoption

How To Build An Intelligent Home Using Raspberry Pi
The proposed Internet of Things (IoT)-based smart system includes such smart devices as smart fridge and smart alarms. Here, the smart fridge will automatically detect daily needs such as eggs and milk stored in it, and if any of it is about to finish, it will automatically send a message to the grocery store. Such smart devices and wireless sensor nodes (WSNs) are connected through a wireless module to a centralised server, Raspberry Pi. The smart fridge uses pressure and temperature sensors for gathering information and sending a message
Some Useful Tips And Tricks For Designing Drones
Choosing appropriate components is crucial to building a drone with desired specifications