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Electronics For You
June  2019   Issue Vol. 51  No. 6 

The Changing Test And Measurement Market Of India
5G and vehicle electrification are the major technology trends that will reshape the industry. Customer centricity and continuous innovation will be high on radar of T&M companies

Bringing Offline Trucking Operations Online
Founded in 2015 by IIT-Kharagpur alumni, BlackBuck is devoted to making it easier for fleet operators to book a load so they can move at capacity, and give shippers of all sizes access to the right truck, at the right time, for the right price—at a click of a button
Large-Scale Face Detection by AI-Powered Streetlights
Inkers in collaboration with Hynetic’s smart streetlights has successfully deployed an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solution that works in real time. Intersection of the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI combined with distributed computing frameworks allow for a feature-rich implementation of a technology that is highly optimised for safety while ensuring significant energy savings. It aims to simplify AI adoption and remove current bottlenecks like scalability, data security and privacy, support for multiple AI application on the same hardware and cost of deployment
Innovation for Monitoring Ionospheric Disturbances
VLF SID monitor is a very-low-frequency (VLF) sudden-ionospheric-disturbance monitor. It is a radio receiver operating in the frequency range of 3kHz to 30kHz VLF band of the electromagnetic spectrum. Most broadcast receivers give out voice or music output, or digital data for modern-day communication receivers, whereas VLF SID monitors do not. These receive man-made or natural radio signals in VLF band. Here, there is no demodulation or extraction of data or voice contents—the receiver simply provides a calibrated DC voltage output as a function of input RF signal strength
Energy Monitoring for Optimising Output
A high natural resource depletion rate and increasing pollution levels are raising concerns, which need immediate attention. We cannot entirely cut down on our use of non-renewable resources. However, considering these cannot be replenished at the rate these are consumed—we have a long way to a complete transition to alternative resources of energy—we must minimise wastage of resources and ensure optimum utilisation of existing resources

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